Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hey kids

Hey! I just wrote a huge outline of Butterfly Coffee. You know why? Because I am fixing it. None of those stupid plot holes anymore. changed some parts around. Etc. Still working on it to get it right. Also continuing the story a bit, I still have more to write. Anyway, If you haven't read butterlfly coffee yet, please ignore this completly.

Spoiler warning.
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Chase owns a coffee shop. It was given to her by Holly, an older friend of hers. Like a sister. They used to live together.

Janice her friend, who is also Holly's friend, is now her most regular customer. She likes to watch people.

Candace, a mysterious girl who shows up on Chase's doorstep. She is an old friend of Holly. Frankly one of her oldest friends.

Bane, a mysterious guy, he seems to have an effect on butterflies. Probably how he and Holly met. He was her best friend. Part of the mystical three. (Holly, Bane, Matt)

Jason, chases friend. he is smart and is controlled, also a gamer. Geek. He likes Janice later on in the story. He is roomates with Anthony.

Anthony, chases friend. He is more wreckless, but can be shy sometimes. He is also a geek. He is roomates with Jason.

Mathew, part of the mystical three, he was the one who tried to follow holly. But he failed. He came back to find chase. Him and candace don't like each other.

Holly, the most mysterious. She used to own sheeps coffee and is part of the mystical three. She passed on the shop and left. Her and chase used to hit poetry slam like things. Holly is a party girl. She is the stranger in the story that takes young Matt, and then comes to old matt's house.

Darren, the bum. Another kinda mysterious side character. He confused chase in the beggining of the story.
The kids. explaining ALL of their appearances.

Gordo: This is a mistake, I should have never given him a name. His real name should be matt.In the begining, before being taken away he is pretty much a normal boy. Except for his coin spinning. he reminds chase of matt.

The boy on the subway: This is the young bane before he was captured. It was a mistake to put the blue eyes comment. Maybe?

Girl who keeps bumping into bane and janice: The girl is always the young holly.

The boy holly is always with: This is bane. Always has been. Matt doesn't join holly and bane till later. He is mild tempered and wants to know what holly is talking about. He figures out that he is bane and goes searching for answers. Finally finding the old bane. They nickname the young bane "bay" to differentiate

Matt: Matt is the boy in the alley who talked to candace. Which is kinda funny because their old selves hate each other. Anyway, he is the boy in the beginning spinning his change. He got taken by Holly (the stranger) and made into the blue eyed boy he is now. He was found unconcieous by young bane and young holly and taken to chases. When he woke up his eyes weren't blue anymore. This is because the real holly has met up with matt.
Story outline. Key points and such.

Chase gets an introduction, as does the coffee shop. Janice and bane meet up at her place as usual and then leave.
Janice gets her view of the coffee shop.
A bum named darien keeps entering her shop. He puts change on her table and asks for a small coffee.
Matt, the little boy comes in spinning his change. Chase remarks on how much he reminds her of Matt.

The day ends and chase goes upstairs to try to type up her story. She doesn't get far at all. She has a weird dream. When she wakes up it's 6 months into the future (about) people are weird she questions the bum. Apparntly jason and anthony aren't roomates anymore. she wakes up and everything is normal. it wasn't a dream tho.

Young Matt comes in again the next day. Chase again remarks how much he reminds her of her old matt. The boy gets taken by the stranger (Holly in disguise) He never comes back to the shop. The boy and girl are sitting outside, but nobody notices.

She gets a weird note. She thinks its from darien, the bum. Later that day she goes to the park for a walk, where she meets bane. He is being weird. She figures out the note is from him.

Candace, late from a party sees a weird boy on the subway. Young bane. She goes to find holly, but finds chase instead. She stays a while.

Change of scene, anthony, jason, and chase are at their apartment playing nintendo. Nothin weird happens, just random playing.

Candace goes to another party, while that night chase tries to write again. A party is going on next door. She likes the idea.

Bane wants to go to black sheep, but doesn't, he bumps into young holly again. He has a flashback of him and holy at her rooftop party. Weird suicide holly thing happens.

The next day at sheeps. Janice is inside, bane comes in, (its raining) soon candace comes back soaking wet paint dripped all over her. She goes to take a shower. The boy and girl are across the street conversing. Bane and candace meet. It's a weird meeting as bane is holly's greatest friend, and candace is her oldest. But they never mingled. Bane thinks he knows her, but cnadace informs him they have never met. Of course holly talked about her.

Chase has another flashback dream. Except it's in the past. she floats threw the memory of them at a poetry slam like thing.

Jason, anthony, and chase, after an msn convo go snowboarding way up north. They go together, jason being controlled, anthony being nuts, and chase being speedy and getting nice air. Anthony breaks his arm. (end of the seasonish)

Normal day at sheeps coffee. Talking about janice and candace switching apartments. That night she calls them, they are being giddy and suggest a party...On the roof, in the middle of winter. Chase makes some calls and makes it happen. Janice goes home to her new apartment (candaces old one) She finds the boy and girl in the park. They converse about the kids not coming to the sheeps party.

Boy is in an alley following a cat, candace seems him from her apartment. They have a weird conversation. Candace discusses her thoughts with herr voices.

The party. They hang up posters and in the daytime they set up. They take all the remaining snow and crap off her roof. The dj sets up, all food was going to be sold downstairs in sheeps coffee. The party begins.

Janice candace and chase stay at sheeps serving food and coffee.

Bane is on the fire escape and meets up with young holly and young bane. bay (young bane) is upset and confronts bane.

Holly tellss bane to go get chase. Matt comes. Him and chase go upstairs to talk. Kinda an argument, kinda not.

*Mystical three chapter. Explaiing bane, matt, and holly. *

bane comes and gets chase, suprised to see matt. His pretty much best friend. get it? They meet the kids. They find a young bane, they explain that their is a young matt. Chase realises it was the boy in the shop. now they just have to find him, and the adult holly.

Candace view now. She is stuck behind the counter. Jason and Janice are off somewhere.
*************** party end.

Chase wakes up, upset she missed her party, she tells matt (who is still there) to leave. She starts realising the little kids and holly adn the stranger.
Janice starts talking about the kids, because she saw them talking to bane. But she didn't want bane to see her so she ran. Candace asks about the blue eyes, and says she thinks she saw one on the subway.(she did) Janice talks really fast. Candace asks where janice was, janice says with jason. (just walking around)

Another flashback about matts gf sara, and holly and chase. and braiding her hair.

The next day chase sits on the counter and braids the young holly's hair. Bay sits in teh corner upset. Janice avoids the place, because of the kids, she hangs with jason. Candace came but avoided matt who was in here more often with bane. He talks about how he saw sara today, alone crying. He sounds like an asshole (lol) he runs out and gets hit by a cyclist. The cyclist runs off, karma ne?
Chase brings down her laptop talking to candace and janice on msn. Candace is working, janice is busy (with jason?)

That night the boy and girl bring young matt unconcious to her house.

Also jason anthony and janice get drunk. They go home (to jason and anthony's apartment) very drunk.

That night matt has an intruder in his apartment, he throws a book at her, knocking her out. It was holly.

The young matt wakes up, chase gets confused his eyes aren't blue (wonders if their is a little chase running around lol) She tries to call bane, but he doesn't pick up. She calls candaces cell. Chase explains, candace decides to come over. She tells chase that janice is over at jasons. (ZOMG)
Bane arrives at her door (rather coincedental) looking for janice(erm...why?) He gets confussed, nobody told them they switched apartments. she informs him. She tells him chase is looking for him. Bane pets her cat, charlie :D

Matt finds out its holly and freaks out.

There is some more yet to come. Also, please excuse the roughness. this is a rough. :} Any comments? Anything forgetten?

That's all. Any opinons would be great, last chapter coming soon (I wrote it down in a notebook a long time ago....Wait! not last. just #32.