Monday, January 09, 2006


Chapter 33. small mysteries.

“Bane?” Candace let him in watching him pet her cat like he’d been here before.Technically he had, but not in ages.
”I’m leaving actually, Chase needs me… she called around and I’m the only one who would answer my phone.”She smiled and slipped her coat on. Full of change and bits of crap found on the street.
”Can I come?” Bane was such a puppy, he wasn’t going to tell her why he came here, but he was defiantly going to follow her
”Uhm… it’s about the kids. And minature Matt.” Candace looked at him uneasily, chase would kill her if she wasn't there soon.
”Mhmm another mystery, I’m in.” They had a silent walk down to sheeps coffee. It was a perfect mission getting there, no scary cars, no scary people. No bad omens whatsoever. Till the end of the world came.
”Locked? How does she expect us to help her if we can’t get to her. “
”keys doll, keys.” Of course Bane would have keys


”I’m gonna crash here Sooo Jason take the couch” Her drunken smile led her to jasons bed and flopped down on the bed.
”Hey, my bed’s big enough…”
”Couch.” Janice was drunk, but not stupid. ”and don’t touch my boobies while I sleep”

Their apartment was cheap, in other words small. It had a kitchen, and a living room, and one large bedroom that the guys shared. They had gotten the rent by telling the landlord they where a gay couple, she told them nothing loud and gave them keys.

It was really some shit about single apartments, not to make an idiot of their landlord. So, we have dear, drunk, Anthony, very drunk in fact because he is actually a sad, sad geek. With no sense of direction anymore, he flops down on Jason’s bed. Now occupied by a short Asian girl named Janice. Who is also drunk, and asleep. Jason not knowing any of this, but of course he has taken the tiny couch in their living room. Hilarity ensues, laugh if you like.

“Chase doll, I found Bane!” Candace is here, didn’t I lock the door?

”In all fairness I found Candace. “ He calls. It would have been better if it was Matt.
”Up here, lock the door behind you” I say the kids looking at me funny.

”Candace won’t like it here. She doesn’t understand.” The mini Holly looked up at me.
”She’s right for once, Candace and Janice don’t understand.” The mini Bane backed her up. ”Shut up” They where so strange.

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