Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hey again.

If you haven't already, please read this:

Hey! Readers??
What started as a write everday type thing turned serious. Not serious enough for me to go back and fix all those damn mistakes. (I love them) But serious enough for me to stop slapping shit down.

Seriously, I've been going back and pulling out all these plot holes, and inviting them back. Suprisingly I have some fun stuff to pull from. I'm just having a hard time writing it. Remeber that cut to the future? Still have to figure that out.
Besides re- reading the ENTIRE thing. Forgetting stuff this is so old.

I'm a diffrent person nowadays. Really, I've been thinking real thoughts. The stuff I wrote in the past was a great start, but it's nothing compared to what I think I can do. Hahaha, man this sounds lame.

So...If you read Butterfly Coffee, PLEASE leave a comment telling me. I need some support in all of this. Just a comment saying "Hey! I do read this! Keep going!" Would be all the help in the world.
And if not? Won't stop me from writing this thing. One day it will be found.

I hope.


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