Thursday, September 15, 2005

Randomness. wrong blog...

Girls just wanna play
need to see your handle
just wanna test you

can you open my bottle cap
can you turn on the tv
can you pass remote control

can you play it all night long
dance real slow hands on hips

down to your knees
kill the floor
we're all japanese

show me temples rivers
little beer god bars.

can you paint a wonderland
showe me a coaster
when i scream hold my hand

WTF is this? ALTHOUGH not word for word...I THINK there was stuff after that last one too....I was thinking it up...but doing it to a slow version of the discovery channel song. ( you an me baby aint nothign but mammels... )
...cept not that part.
And why this blog? its the one i reached first.

I was going to type up something yesterday but we went out for dinner.
and school started up again. so I guess i can start what i said i would on Word doodles. FOR the moment i have a new boyfriend. nothign lasting, but he is cool.

did i say that? to word doodles this hsould go....