Sunday, May 01, 2005

I'm still here

(posted in both butterfly, and sheeps) (why those names? SHOOT ME)
jsut an update...but no story. hehehe

okay well um..the browser i use to view the internet won't let me
I'll be doign it via email.

I applied for " the ultimate blogger"
should be fun to watch, because i know i wont be chosen

hmm....okie I will write the story..becuase i cant ditch it.
but more usually I'll be working on sheepsco

also this blog...story....well...screw that...I''ll mbe writing more about
my life...because thats just hte thing to do nowadays, is it not?

i would like to mention something about where i live, and the fact that i
should carry a camera mroe often. i have see n some of the coolest things
around here over hte past three weeks.

3 toilets outside a mega rich mansion. all the smae model, with the same
white srectangular lid sitting beside it on very green grass.

1 pair of shoes that has stayed int he exact same spot, through rain and
more rain, for three weeks! in an un conspiceous spot beside a parking lot.
on nice green grass.

update on shoes: they have been moved to mow hte nice green grass. crap....

among other things i have seen.
more bloggind to come, i havent forgottne you, ..... i think.

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