Tuesday, April 12, 2005

NEW template, new life.

okay, new template. new site.


were butterfly coffee is being written, again. see this is all due to the act that i hate most of my story, and how it flows all weird and how bits nad cool pices are nto being carried through (bum, going ot futre, notes form bane, stuff like that) so i will be typing it again to make it all make more sense...does naybody miss the black template? well I don't I kind of like this one...its green.

ive been workking for two hours on fixing up this site and its sister site sheeps coffee.

ch. 30 will be up soon.

then work will begin on sheeps....

Sunday, April 10, 2005

ch 29. sara, she was... nice

(should be doing homework...someboydy smite me.)
(no edit....shoot me....if you cant read it..the better.))

Holly was sitting on the counter, a feight we had all inherited. her hair was unbraiaded excpet for the few small strands that i was doing at the front.Loose strands of hair tickled her face. with evry giggle another strand let loose. eventually causing more giggles. Buisness was slow today. janice was sitting in a bena bag chair wiht a bunch of guys, wther or not they where her friends- knowing jance, complete strangers. THey laughed like we did, so all was well. I held the threee hairs of Hollys braid with my right hand, picking up my cup wiht my left. with a triumphent yell inside i manged to actually get coffee into my mouth , and not on the shirt i was wearing. Oh it was a nice shirt, Jancie had bought it for me. It had one of those quirky sayings oni , that you could only buy off the web, which she probabaly did. i finished the braid, and started another. Mathew had walked in, but not with the usual straight hand glide folled by his feet, head raised high. and there was no sing song of "hello chickas" the bell clattered and he lifted his hand up and stopped it.

"Mat? " me and Holly ask in unison. she swivels her legs over the edge of the counter first, followed by me. her legs are longer than mine, by a lot.

he walks towards us, Hollyy jumps down off the counter. like an actress she coutns the secoonds itll her next line. these type of thngs had to be timed perfectly, or the audiecnc wouldn't clap.
one, two, three. "mat, hon whats wrong? " he stood tere. slightly looking up at me in the eyes. and a subconcies thougth emerged "look at Holly"
hooly leaned in and gave him a hug. He held an odl sweater in his hand. clenched tight. oh, now i knew. It was Sara (dedicated to ma nickname..that stayed for what? a month or so...) so she had dumped him. I saw it in ehr for weeks, but i didnt know she would actually do it. she sat him down and mouthed the words "coffee, now!"she picked hte only two words i understood in mouth-a-nese. the special language between her and Candace(and janice too) i suppose a beer would be better, who drowned away their sorrows wiht coffee? (dont answer that)
I raced upstairs..I had some beer lying around right? i checked my fridge...how old was this shit? i found a cople stasehd behind a cerel box on my counter. it didnt look old..and didnt smell that funny. so i brought it downstairs.


the teens in the corner, along wiht janice gained intrest to our conversation as they heard hte clattering of hte beer bottles on the tables.
i looked at htem, sending evil minons of Chase at them,
" none for you, too short" shouldn't have added the last bit. they could all easly rest their elbows on my head.

I found more beer under the counter, stumbled onto Hollys secret stacsh i guess.

Sara was nice. She was a musician...what was it she played... the flute. a real nimble girl, play her too high...and you get a headache.

(flashback...ogn time ago.....crap have so much work to do..somebody polease just shoot me. or tie me up to something, and make me study. find a nice pice of candy and dangle it infront of me. (money will be nice too...) or jsut take away my comptuter..make me sad..make me type my essay. OR find somebodies secret stash of beer...and give me some.

goodbye, ill be back to type usmthing.....never....