Friday, March 18, 2005


well..i havent posted in a bout aweek. i left the story hanging.. i havent editied my posts..i should at least apoligise.

well elts see..i have bene doing track in the morning s.. its winter now you know...rainy cold tho. which includes walking tos hcool early s hell running through hte halls only to go back to the gym for more " physical fitness" (torture)

this puts no reason for me no to type uup my blog.. i mena my legs dont work my hands are fine. i am tired..i have forgetton about my poor blog.

so i give you..3 posts a week. ill get back to the stoy as soona s i post a little thing about snails...ill get back in to the groovw. ads for know? its march break. i have nothign to do. no friends to visit.. my legs hurt cant leave hte house and i m catering to two scik people. ( well.. one sick and one wiht a broken knee)
(same diffrence)
(thats an ozxymoron..i know)
(morons are cool)
(im a moron f0r the moment.)

never going shopping with my frineds again..that was absoulute hell. htey begin wihth ditching me..ot play in spirit i decide to chase em..end up n hte mall. go around twice..find htem in the food courst. the same food court we went to at least 5 times !

does complaing give me an edginess? well i dont ccare. ill probably ty to never do this again. cause it tires me out and makes me feel Evil.

((oh and for some odd reason.. my ribs hurt.. 5 or so on each side. hurts to cough and laugh and bend ...jsut hurts.))

(( forget hte above..cause only Josh is reading this...))
(which is kinda sad..cause i have two internet able best firends....))
(( : )))