Saturday, March 12, 2005

ch-27-wings a flight

(i just had a totally awesome night!!!! (in school..freaky eh) runnign around wiht buddie...all wearing balck and white. music night sucked. the night hto..the night wwas awesome.))
(kinda high....rant o shcool in very big sick and tired of them so i tokk em off and ran in my socks..people say I'm crazy.... bu t i know otherwise (: ))

tow lonley shapes took to the sky. never alone for always otgether. but lways in the ocnfines of their minds. a moth and a butterfly. the originators of hte tale. MUsic below them, dranw by the lights. but gone when htey saw her. and him. then the children.this was osmething not belonging to them, nothing htey could help. Bane saw them as wonderful things. Holly always had too. Thne the small one, Chase discovered them one day as well. Mathew never noticed. the butterfly shouldnt ebven be here. it was cold nad it was hte ngiht. yet the moth was free to fly.

"where hte hell did she go?" i was standing behind hte counter. serving drinks evry now and then. Chase had left me. Janice had one upstairs. she was a dancing queen.and me, th e one and only party girl. was sitting serviing coffee. i could hear the musci. i would begin to dance. then wlk away. but i couldnt so i danced in my mind nowing htat if my body felt the beat it would walk away with it.

a thought came ot me..what if Mathew was molesting her..he hadn't been here for a while who knows what thoughts are going through his mind. and he hadn't come back wiht Holly.... have i heard any recent reports?

Nah, MAtheew was inoccent. had a nice respect for girls..most of the time. i went back to my work...beisdes. Chase could probably kick his ass.

((i was writing on thursday. and this is what i wrote. iut is short becaus ei cant seme to finish oit kno.w hectic week coming up. have ot finish my portfolio(to get into a small art school) with the help of my talented art teacher..MAX.... also in the mornings i shall be doin gtrack and field (triple sooo mine.)(or so they say) so thats art 3 or 4 times a week...track in hte least judo is over. the good hting? faboulus march break is on friday(or is it htursday?)

Hey, 'babe' what are you doing over the march break?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

ch 26- dreams are just.

(finnaly posting this chapter!) (instead of doin gdrug project.....(:
(and no editing. My typing got somewhat better....Live with it. )

"Bane what if this is all a dream. Wake up form htis illusion. Rember Holly? she there.In reality. jssut... wake up. " the little gril was os calm. her eyes where drawn elsewhere and hte voice wasnt coming form her, but somebody inside.
" This is no illusion. You, go get mathew. he is upstairs already. get the girl too. meet us here; soon."
the boy, the mini-me he had the same face. same power. his eyes where leswhere. so calm . it was creepy.
" Holly, i rember her. She wouldnt wake up before her illusion finished." he mumbled and walked up the fireescape. his hand on the rail like an old firend. he had climbed theses same stairs over and over again: they stll scared him.

"Mat, chase. downstairs." he walked into the apartemnt. they looked at him. both in awe.
"lets go they are waiting" mathew was looking at BAne. they hadn't seen each other, in what; 2/3 years?

"Bane, who are 'they' ?" but she got her jacket none the less.
" mat, gety your coat" chase demande, and he did. they wwalked down the fireescape in silence. two out of 3 where there. Chase was the whole one. while BAne and amthew...just 2 parts of a fraction ( chase is a loner..holly mat and abne are all together..heeh get it?)

"they are here."
"good" and those blue eyes looked isnside of him. into bane. they where one person. technically.

" hello chase. and mathew,its nice to see you, grown up." a smile capured the girls face but only long enoguh for them to notice. then it crept aaway.

"Hello holly. she caught me you know. sitting at sheeps. i am sorry. i failed."

Bane and chase were having their share of confusion. Matt new?

"MAtt how did you..." bane wa looking at him a werd look on his face like he jsut saw a murder, a bloddy murder.

"your the littel boy. the one who spun change but how?" chase was being calm. why was BAne the only confused one. he was tryign to understnd, but ouldnt. he was the smart one. he should know.

"yes, that was me. kind of. but i dont rember much anymore. "

" Holly, Bane...and Mat"she said "... and the stranger" she concluded.

chase uinderstood for the most part. but if they where all tchildren(with blue eyes) tehn where wa dhte aduly holly? why where there both BAnes. the scheeme of events that they had explaiend reasoned htat only one could exist a one time.child, and adult. the aparty was over. hte kids had gone. the teens had left her roof in a mess. the food was all eaten. the musci was packed into a truck the wind still blue. peopl ewwhere still up walking around.
"I missed my party."

((its a bad post, but a post nontheles..clears thigns up for you? cant type much right now, brain not working. ))

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

another side story. sorry

bunnies rabbits and hares.

I will not start talking about how they are different. To me they are all fuzzy hopping creatures that have been exploited to a point of pure disgust. A rabbit laying eggs… handing them out… That whole hare family thing on a hill…. I will also not mention the many acts of cruelty or harshness towards these creatures, or the fact that they are skinned and eaten. Instead I will type up a quaint tale of a rabbit. But not a real one. One of those big custom wearing rabbits whose supposed to be cheery but is really some guy trying to get money.

Rabbit guy

“hey look it’s the Easter bunny!” and another little brat has noticed my costume. My hand reaches out of the a large hand for a second and another tick on the inside of the rabbits suit.
“ hey Mr. Easter bunny!”
“ hey you! Are you ready for Easter?" I’m good at voices, I really am. I could have gone to some actor thing. be in some cartoon. But nooo this work was physical…talking hugging. Acting like an idiot all day.
“ yeah I’m ready!!!” and the little creature plants a hug on the giant rabbit suit.
“bye bye bunny!’ and the little kid walks away happy with his mother. I scratch another number into the column under hugs. The crying column only had one. That one kid, he walked up an gave me a hug. He wasn’t happy that day. And he started to cry. I promised myself by the end of this month that I would make kids cry!(cruel) I would be an evil rabbit, get fired and finally get a job. All this talking and deciding was ruined with another child. This time a small girl.

“ hi Easter bunny. D o you like my hair?” I was happy; I was smiling she couldn’t see my smile but I was smiling. Why was it my grumpy mood had been destroyed so easily? Her hair was in braids. With pink bows.
“ yes its very cute” I put on another voice.
“Thank you. I like your ears. They are looong” I laughed and gave her a hug.
“happy Easter”

the day ended, a day of hugs and voices. And I came into the employee change room, and took of thee rabbit gear. Nobody asks me about their hair, or compliments my ears. I make people cry, but not with a suit. I never gave a hug as big as what I did each day on the hour. For now, I like being a bunny.

((another side story. i need ot think baout butterfly coffee. so sorry for leaving hte cliffhanger. the above is well about some guy in a bunny suit. ityped t up instead of going outside for lunch(cold) and i was goign on ch 26 when...i realized i couldnt write that chapter then. so i started typing about bunnies and rabbits..and hares. for no reason whatsover. my mind has been completly braindead for a long itme. i need to pull out a work im really proud off. not for this. not for my blog. i need to do somehting i can be proud of, soemthing that iwll give me a mark. cause my marsk arenet nearly as nice as they should/ could be. i have some work ahead of me tonight.