Friday, March 04, 2005

ch 25- the magical three

Holly, mathew and Bane. the magical three.
One was the party girl, brave and with out doubt
second was the brave, the sport, the love.
and third, he was the intelligence. thee one to defiy

those htree. they where ther own party. they did evrything together. without one there were downcast, but not entrily. one day in the small town. the own that had grown magical the one full of people and energy. their power source left. holly had gone. sheep's left to another. Mathew hte brave set out to follow her. birng and end to the power struggle. Bane was forced to choose, the place he loved, or his friends he admired. he chose the later. and departed

they left thier disciple, chase all alone sititng in hte ruins of an energy deprived land. Bane was walking and he thougth to himself. we are leaving this town to find her. but why not rebuild her. we can make bettter. wiht light and coffee. alas this is my quest! he raced back , no worries over his head. to find chase srill alone. please rebuild her eempire. they did. sheep's was back. friends and light. the town was reguvinated. not to the maximum of ocurse. but chaase was young and coul d handle this energy.

until of ocurse that dreadful night. where the party was happening. and old times caught up. the young met the old. the 3 children of course. had ocm in contac wiht eyes saw allthe horros that would become. bane had seen his minuatre. his mind had cracked and allt he good he had cause was breaking apart. chase the disciple saw him again, mathew the brave. but in ehr mind she new she had seen his small blue eyes. and holly, where was she? she could see Bane and what he had become. she had seen chase, all of her friends. nand only her blue eyes remained.

holly was nowhere. the 3 where there. Holly and mathew, and bane of course. but bane was special. his child nad mind, resided in one place.while mathews child was gone. his old self resided. and hollys natural self was nowhere.but her blue eyes nd child from where indeed there.

this was the story of the 3. where they are now, at this moment.
MAthew the brave. his coins all gone. no more blue eyes. taken away by a stanger
And bane, with both if him on one oplace. blue eyes and not blue eyes. confused and broken.
holly and her blue ees., sat very sad. ehr true self was somewhere. somwhere else.

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ch. 24-the night sets in.

I was sitting on the counter, Candace passing me drinks. We where the hit of the town. We where stars. The whole on fire feeling..
”Next” and I was giggling.
”Small coffee. And an old friend?” (Lame line eh)
”whu?” I was still happy, but my mood slowly caved in as I saw the words coming out of his mouth,
”Mat?!” Candace looked at him. She knew him too. I saw it in her eyes.he walked around the counter. Aiming for a hug. I stood back.

”what took so long?” this time it was Candace talking she didn’t like him it seemed.

“Holly, she’s not coming back. I don’t have her hidden in my pocket. Don’t bitch on me.”
”Mat, I cant believe you’re here, come we need to talk. “ I grabbed his arm heading for the stairs.
”can you keep it steady” I was asking Candace.
”yeah fine… whatever”
I dragged him upstairs, the real stairs to my apartment, not the ones to the roof, and the party

”hey chase I didn’t know we were so personal” he was putting on the Mr. macho attitude. But he wouldn’t get far.
” forget it Mathew.” I walked in, him at my heels.

”Why are you back?” I went right into the 3rd degree. ”
you left for how long again, let me remind you a couple years is a long time!” I was angry with him. Why?
” I had to leave, I left to follow Holly. I couldn’t find her. I talked to bane back then. He didn’t know anything either”
” leave Bane out of this”
”he left too remember? And as I remember you didn’t feel so bad about it then
”shut up. Bane…me... Different back then! You 3 left me. The magical three left me all alone. At least Bane came back.”
”I came back, I’m here aren’t I.”
”but why right now, why not before.?”
”I couldn’t, I don’t know why. I cant explain.”
” you should have stayed.” I was angry, I was confused. My good mood crushed by mat, by holly. bane in my mind was the overwhelming force. He did come back, why? He was there.
” come here chase”
he wanted a hug I didn’t walk towards him. I sat myself down at the table in the kitchen. He sat opposite. And very slowly. And elegantly. He took a quarter and in between his fingers. He began to spin it.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

ch 23 - party beanth the escape

Party, party, party, party, party.
You could tell what was on my mind. It was Saturday morning. It was very cold and very wind and Describing the scene on the roof would be chaotic, but I will try.

We were hanging up decorations. We included: Candace, Janice, Jason, Anthony tried to help….with one hand. A bunch of my other friends where there too. Mikey, the honorary music guru( otherwise known as dj) set up a tent! Yeah he got a cool tent with floppy things on the sides so he could be nice and warm. Amps where set up ins strategic spots( no just as a far as we could carry them. and as long as the wires could stretch) I put up shiny lanterns around the perimeter of the roof. Food was sold downstairs, free food was dumped on a table upstairs.(but for now I was inside) BANE!!! Where was he? I asked around. Nope, nobody had seen him. Fine his loss. I poked my self with a pin trying to tacky up the lanterns..yeah, he was really missing all the fun,

” thanks people…for whatever you did. now..go do whatever the hell you want, partay is tonight!” people yelled and cheered. I looked at the roof. It had really transformed. I climbed down the firescape as everybody walked down the main stairs.

Bane was sitting at the last piece of the black monster.
”Helping would have been nice”
”I liked sitting here” he told me, innocent eyes and face looking back at me.
”So you coming?” I asked, I knew the answer, at least I hope I did…
”of course, I wouldn’t miss it” he said it, but did he meant it. I hoped so.

I knew I would never take over Holly, Holly and him were inseparable holly being energetic and bane being her relaxant(no, not that) me and bane where friends… but not like them two.

”Holly would have come, I sneaked up stairs and saw it. It looked beautiful”
”thanks, if only we knew where holly went.” Bane looked to the sky. But he wasn’t a believer in anything like that, he knew she wasn’t dead. Holly was a survivor. And somewhere out there she was causing havoc and butterflies. Parties, healing another town of boredom. Then leaving them too.

Dancing had begun, music was roaring,. Mikey was doing a good job. Food was opened. The smell of it filled the night air. People came up to her and gave her hugs on the success of it. It was beautiful. The night was not cold. People danced in jackets then stripped them away into a big pile. These people really knew how to party. Dancing remained all night. People where going at it completely different. Not little groups dancing together,(*ahem* our school dance (: complete stranger to stranger(keep imagining Zion scene in the matrix. I loved that scene. They where all so…energated(not a word)) people came inform downstairs then up some stairs and too the roof. Me and Janice sat behind the counter, with help form Candace serving coffee. People filled up a jar of money..Hehe all for us. I had opened the garage door… a thing I would never do in the winter but the time called for it. There was two heaters try tying desperately to heat the room, but it didn’t really matter. Their efforts where futile. Coffee did the better job.

Banes view… Bane is a cool guy

Holly was there al right… chase looked like her. Holly had long orange hair, tangles anyway she wanted. Different whenever she wanted. Chase's Hair was…black. It was cool. She had some real cool blood in her form anywhere and everywhere. but nobody decided to care. Her hair was fully down, and it was beautiful.

The fire escape loomed before me, and I climbed down. Escaping sight but I could still hear the music. The little girl…I bumped into her once. She was standing in font of me at the end of the escape. A little boy stood below me. He looked up. And starred.
“This is him” the boy looked at me.
I was ‘him’?
”No, but yes you don’t understand! “
”This is what becomes of me, I know it’s true. Tell me!”
”no this isn’t right!” the girl was almost in tears. Her calm outlook had shattered.
”This is him. This is me! This is Bane!”

I was completely confused. It seems I had interrupted something. I stood still. these kids where… not kids. The girl knew something. The boy knew me. Did I know him?

”Its not like that! “
”then what is this. Stop hiding this from me. You have been leading this on too long!”
”you are already him! You are a child! He was never this. “ she was flustered. Her eyes where a strange colour but you could sense that they where red underneath. She was almost…almost angry.
”Tell me your name! Stop hiding it from me!” the girl looked at him. She was in a place completely elsewhere. Her eyes had grown larger. She looked at him, she turned.
”my name, is Holly”

((confused? Meet little boy and little girl. Beautiful eyes. Her name is Holly, and the boy’s Is Bane. and what of the third boy? Mathew? Well, he is still to be left in the dark.))

((finally! Got the joke! The” why did the chicken cross the road! We all know the answer isto get to the other side. two meanings to the answer. “other side of the ROAD” and “ THE other side” ( death…angels…chickens with 2 pairs of wings) (:

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