Friday, February 18, 2005

ch.18- hitting the edge

((the snowbaoarding chapter....))

”ya suck!” we all yell form the ever going ski lift, as a poor skier falls on their face. We start laughing. While the other 3 people (6 people chair) whimper in fear. Their skis dangling below them.
“ So you didn’t buy the new board,” Jason sounded upset.
“Don’t have the cash eh” (eh….eh… Canadien…) Anthony raised the bar.
“last stop mates” he glided off and to the begging of our run. Deep breathe.
“Welcome back winter” I pushed him aside and I did up my miraculous bindings. They were Flow bindings( hehe for you non snowboarders: flow bindings are in which you don’t have to do it up all the time. You slip your foot in. click. And you’re set.))((I want…)) Anthony had click bindings as well while Jason struggled with his old ones.
”oh come on”
he got up
” lets go” I set off the top was just moguls so I caught of air. The speed that took me away past the fla and too the next steep part. I stopped and looked back. Anthony had just about started and I watched him jump off a bump. He sped up. Jason started s well but went around then straight down the hill. We met up
“ let’s go” we hit the slope, me being speed and air. Anthony being completely crazah catching everything speeding down the hill past me sometimes even. And Jason, he had the control. He can do anything if he really tried. His carve was the best of the 3 of us.
“that was awesome!” cried Jason we went back up again. The night was successful. For one or two runs we hooked up with some riders. The whole 7 of us going down at once. Plowing out the skiers and noobs. I sat down the hill and watched Anthony speeding down. He went over the edge and landed smoothly. That was the end of smoothness. He hit the next bump on his edge and went flying. He landed up the hill form me ,closer now. His hat and goggles a few meters back. I crawled up
“ that was completely and totally amazing” he mumbled
”yeah…” and crawled up for his hat and goggles.

Jason passed us going for the lift.
“see yas tony” I boarded off leaving him sitting there. I carved and hit the edge, controlled it and caught up to Jason boarding the lift.
” you want to jump?” jump...what did he mean
” off the lift there’s snow, and there’s a low part coming up” I looked at him. smiling. and lifted the bar.” after you” he looked a the upcoming pile. The lift stopped. Coincidences. I loved them. We jumped off . into the snow. We landed. Jason with a grunt. He let out a yell.” that was awesome. I looked up..a good 2 meters. (metric system.) we boarded down Jason looping around me. He was like a leaf dancing on water. He didn’t have to try. He just glided on the snow. He carved below me, so did I around him. Now I was playing his game. Anthony caught up to us after a few runs. We boarded together again.

“ last run” the tired liftie looked at us. "have fun guys” the last run. We stood at the top. We tried going boarding when the season was in session. Especially together. As the occasion formed hardly.
“see you at the bottom, don’t wipe out. Head for the parking lot.” Jason went off first. He was hitting jumps now. He was concentrating. I loved when he did this. It was amazing watching him. “how long has he snowboarded?”
“ I don’t know, never asked eh, Anthony” not pro nouncing the h…Antoni. He went off.

I rember my first day snowboarding. I was younger, much younger. They gave me a board form the rentals shop. I had a teacher. He taught us how to glide and put our bindings on. He made us go down the hill on our edge. a lot of times. Then we learned how to carve. Everybody got it. Except me. I came after the lesson was finished. And practiced I got it. I came to the next lesson, carving.

I went off. I hit everything. People always say” last run...don’t try so hard. your tired just relax.” I need to savor my till next time. I gaive it my all on my last run.

(not much to say today…still sick. But its okay. Hmm my friends shit got stolen today when she playing volleyball. Now im pissed. We all think we know who the crook is too. We cant do much. They didn’t even know each other.. I hope they catch that chick… redhanded. do something. Hmm i haven’t snowboarded in a while..i just want to go…soo badly. See ya tommorow.))

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


((this is hte winter. candace bought a small place in chases town. she got kicked out of her roomates apartment. she also dosnet party as much after being drugged.....(ugh..drug videos in shcool today) Bane...has nothing to say right now.

snowmen: getting a new snowoard this year?
beanchicka: i probably should....
chase could see her snowboard lying against hte wall of her bedroom. it was peeled and cut and had lasted for a long time bt this was its end.
snowmen:you better, you one is like a saftey hazard
beanchicka:anthonys on, add him?

thumtack was added to the conversation.

thumtack:hey guys
beanchicka: yo where did you go again?
thumtack: rember? thing.
snowmen: excuses excuses....
thumtack:not saying anything.
beanchicka: you going snowboarding with us when you get back?
thumtack: when i get home? no need to do thw write up.
snomen: come on! we havent gone together all season.
thumtack: fine.

i wasnt buying a new board. bnut telling him i wa, that was fun. i ouldnt afford it right now so i didnt . i drove to my mountain(which actaully isnt)board strapped onto the roof. anthony was singing in the back. and jason had taken his own car.
"To die unsung would really bring you down"
"woah htis is helmet....they are long gone. "
" helmet are the lords young lass."
"lords? to who? themselves..."
" plur babe, plur. "
"Die young is far too boring these days" and more singing in his long waly voice.
anthony, tlaking like osme raver. plur: peace love unity respect. sumting like that.
a car passed us, boards loaded on top . like fifty of them. anthony opened his window and yelled. one of those long ones"wooooooo" only to be replied by an equally long one. males.

"calm down. ha, watch them speed.htye zoomed ahead. "
"speed up! where going..slooooowwwww"
i heard the sirens..did htose guys just get hte day light...amazing. we watched all 4 windows roll down as we passd by. the guys in side whining.
" woah, that was..unlucky."
" meh it happens."
"damn all know evrything"
me and anthony talkes the rest of the wya. uhg drving up for son long , sucked. hated all htose poeple with kmountains in their backyards evrysince.

((ill write snowboarding tired and sick and have tons of work i hsould be doing. crappy posts all week. i should bnt be writing while im sick?? offense wiht the asian crack. most of my frineds are asian , and my only past time of being hte one white chikk in the group is to mkae fun of them as often as possible. helmet- lords? no not really. but htye arent bad.))((and nooooo editing...too much weird convos to ever do that...))
((Im convos...font next one...ugh))

ch 16- Dominoe effect

Why is it that people have no clue what destruction lies in their future. What they have done in the past is like a domino slowly catching up to them pulling life away at every step they take… and even when our paths cross and those two last black bricks set each other up. One of those days, they’ll fall. And by then the destruction builds up a furry of life and death released among those I used to love. and here I sit my box of toys. Dominoes lying where there used to be boys. And all because a simple wish to love another…..and…

she paused at ‘and’, she had made the thing up after her original piece, just an extra. But she couldn’t finish the sentence. People clapped and shouted, she sat down. This wasn’t some weird poetry reading, this was a retelling of life and death… holly and her crew where they’re at a small place nearby. Chase walked off the stage and sat back down.
” that was a good one chicka” people looked at her. they really did like it.
” Nah I thought it was kind of clichéd…you know…life death…”
“it don’t matter, you hear, cause were all in the same rat hole.” Emotions and words were tossed back and forth across there table. Holly rifled through her purse.
”found it!”she stumbled on to the stage half drunk. Her hair was down and was in loose dreads. her black attire looked more punk chick if you people chose to use labels.

with every word you weave your heart connects to mine and when the knot is tied closing up all loose ends we can live in harmony. You can read my mind and you dwell further in making yourself at home in my physci. And with the thoughts I find inside I mould a picture out of clay to find the thing you most desire. Surprised to see my clay face imprinted in your mind. The stitches are tightening. pulling our knot. Soon we shall mould, become one. And our thoughts will unite. Making something no clay can recreate. Don’t read my mind. It’s already yours.

Holly walked off stage and headed for the back. Chase went after her while the crowds cheered. I held her hair in the cramped stall.
” that was really good, it filled up the room” holly puked. She must have felt like shit, even if the rest of the world felt her vibes. Holly walked out of the washroom chase at her arm. ((Screw it no more mysterious crap…too much of that shit..)) holly walked back to the table, getting props form those sitting down.
“That was awesome.” the paper was crumpled in holly’s hand. She dropped in into her bag . I took it. It was like uncovering secret cave that hasn’t been walked upon for many years. I unravelled it. Just to see a taste of holly’s writing. Nothing was there. Not a single word. ((Mysterious crap? screw…holly just mad it up…so there..((actually I made it up so there))

((( ugh see my post about not typing?, well I really felt like it…uh this post is supposed to a long time ago. Holly and chase are writers and like to go to little readings.))((still sick and feel like shit…was being mean to people all day)))
((rename chapter 16- the biggest excuse to write angsty little poems in paragfrapph form" ..hmm thats better.....)))

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

goime me time

im sorry...stillno readers...but whatever) no post today...proobably no post tommorw either. i need to get back down to the basics of this story. from now one..bane will walkinot coffee day. and no more acwerdness..the littel boy and girl shalll till be "mysterious" candacew ill tlak more....or leave altogehter(cruelty ) and for goodness sakes holly hshall have more istroy..more flashbacks..yee-ha...

im sick today, myy friend thinks its lve sick but the pund of mucus down my throat disagrees wwiht her. school sucked(hmm sound familiar) my teachers dont think im living up to my full potential..its science class! and your making us draw a cartoon! so what if i didnt draw the piccasso.(a piccasso..the piccaso...all the smae)

by the way,i have a devianrt account.... if anybody..cough cough...asks ill give you a link. ive been drawing on my ocmputer more often nowadays.

im need sleep. i need to get way from my classmates. and i need to live life as if school and problems didnt exist and i could just walk around doing wahtever the hell i want!

PLEASE ignore..that...all of it..rember im sick and grumpy and have been very mean today/.....byebye

also...finding time and effort to edit right now is difficult. please make due.

Monday, February 14, 2005

ch 15- freezing rain

((I am typing this on a Mac, at school during lunch. This is because its absolutely freezing outside. And while I do enjoy the occasional cold weather freezing rain is not to my taste. I hate Macs, they do not like me either. The keyboards are small and there is no right click. Ok forget this. On to chapter 15)

Janice walked to sheep’s coffee. She walked in drenched. She was soaked and in tact but shivering. Chase got her a coffee and she sat down at her table. She drank at a convenient pace the warmth drowning her in calm full serenity. (calmful serenity? Sick. don’t ask)) the lady walking her dog was dressed in a large raincoat. She probably thought that it would hide her massive-ness((again. sick)). It didn’t. The man in his car didn’t come. It wouldn’t matter the car probably turned to rust overnight. Two children walked down the street. One with long hair, and the other a boy. Commotion was a thunder today, just nothing that was drastic. People, walking, going, moving. She saw bane stand across the street. He looked at the large sheep on the window. He looked like he was in a tragedy. He had a black coat on and an umbrella to match. His coat was wet, as if he had just opened his umbrella moments ago. Chase wasn’t looking she was underneath the counter.
He walked across the street ((I want him to be run over…I really do…but. that’s just evil.)(And I like Bane)) and stepped into “Black sheep coffee” he didn’t have a book, or his laptop. Bane approached the counter.
“hey, barista, the usual if you don’t mind.”
Chase looked up at him. “Of course”
it would seem like things would be back to normal, but they weren’t. It was rough between them and for no reason at all. She got his coffee and put it in front of him. He paid her, for once and sat down at his table. Janice was still watching the window.
“do you think we should tell them?”
“Now why we do that?”The girl took the little boys
hand and giggled
as the rain poured down. They continued walking.

The door opened and several people walked into sheep’s, the one standing out was Candace. The face paint on her face had started to drip down as the water poured. It was on her clothes now. Her hair was wet an looked horrible and the multi colors covering her already strange clothes, made it look like a rainbow in blender.((setting?. maybe crush….))
“ Candace, you want to maybe go upstairs and I don’t know. take a shower.” Candace looked at her getting the joke but not giving up to it.
”oh I think its okay.” my expression change,. I wasn’t laughing.
” Go. Now”
she walked silently upstairs as I served coffee to my waiting customers. Soon after a thud and steps hear d above, Candace walked down, hair wet clothes changed.
“Coffee?” Chase prepared hers and Candace sat across form Bane.
“ I know you” bane looked at her
.” That’s, not possible.”

(Wow! Crappy chapter. I don’t like it either. Cant think right now…I might put something up after school. Please ignore the last bit bout candace a nd stuff.... The last sentence is okay, but the rest officially sucks. ((I didn’t forget but toay is valentines day. Um..happy valentines day to my one and only(occasionally…3) reader/s. Happy birthday as well! Big waste of tape eh….

Sunday, February 13, 2005

ch 14- rooftop party

((note my fingers are restless, i nee to type osmething, it woont be much, because i need to do a very overdue projet for tommorow. ))

chapter 14- rooftop party

"please come you'll like it!" Holly hooked onto banes arm while they were walkign back towards sheeps.
" you know i have to work tommorow. and not osmehitng cool klike ou, a small cubicle wiht people popping in whenver" bane looked at her . serious face.
"screw work, come or youll find dead things in your bed tommorow." she looekd at him with the innocen of a 3 yesr old. but you all know htat 3 year olds are not innocent. "dead things?"

people poured into blakc sheep coffee, they flowed out on the roof. lights where strung upp. holly's friend were baarbecuing, drinks food evrything was handed out. music was playing, deafing neighbourhood houses. people where dancing evrybody was alive. holly went around and eventually ended up sitting on the edge of the bulding. she leaned forward her hands holding hte edge. bane sat beside her. he grabbed her wrist. "wouldnt want to lower the population" she looked at him and looked down. the mental picture of her head bashing into the concrete. people yelling screaming. or would htey still be dancing?

the remains of chases mini party still lay on the floor in the middle of her apartment. her laptop closed and a cup of coffee emptied. some of it in the rug. she stood up annd wlaked to the washroom. wihc eventually turned into a run. coffee...goes throuhg fast. nothing caught her eye as she passed the window. for nothing was there. but little did she know, that something was. a small boy and a small girl. beatiful eyes.

((tommorows valentines day... why they knwo it as a holiday? i dont know. they dont give us a day off from there. i wrote this piece up on a usnday,im sick, dont feel well. walked around downtown ffro a couple hoursin hte freezing cold. looking ofr a comic book shop and a pice of cake. finnally bought megatkyo volume 3. visit the site, another ownderful webcomic(manga, computers) got my pice of cake...tiramisu, i used to like untill i inhaled like 2 punds of the powder on top. my fingers need to type for some reaosn. i have been playing solitaire..for a couple hours...not even playing anymore..jsut clickeing.....and winning. have to go back to my english project. see ya tommorow.))
((kiinda typing..completley sucks. thats why i edit evry post. todya i cnat. im sorry. read it..and ask whatever. ill edit in like a go back to it if you like.))