Friday, February 11, 2005

ch 13-summer nights, cold days.

“Black sheep coffee”, the words taunted him from across the street. He kept walking. No coffee today. He was tired, and his caffeine intake was low. He needed coffee. But from any other place than sheep’s.
"Why don’t you go?" his conscience bugged at him. A butterfly flew , almost drunk, in front of him.” what do you want?" he asked it, it flew in circle in front of him.
" do yourself a favour, find somebody who cares." he was grumpy. The butterfly looked at him. Flying up and down and flew away.
'go find holly,"

holly, she liked butterflies. They always were around her. She turned the town magical. The town was hooked on her coffee, she said it was Himalayan. but she added something to make it wonderful. There were parties back then too. Almost every night. In the summer on the roof, and in the front, the smell of incense and coffee danced with the fresh smell of a summer night. And she stood in the middle of it all. Bane always came he would sit and talk in the corner with people who cared to listen.

cold wind shook his frame as he hurried for a place to hide from the cold approaching hands of winter. he ducked into gas station. the heavy smell of gas washed away as he found the coffee machine. it wouldn’t be sheep's but it was coffee non the less. bane pushed a button and bought the coffee. Along with a pack of Skittles(the good stuff) a girl bumped into him on his way out. she was short but probably older than she looked. Long red hair, mid back. she looked up at him.
"sorry" and walked on. she had beautiful eyes.

(I had a day off form school today, walked back and forth thorough a mall a billion times with my friend...(the one and only Janice) it was a shame nobody else came but it was cool. bought Amped(sadly. the first one) for xbox(xbox…the good one)...because im not going snowboarding any more(nobody to drive me) shame isn’t it? that’s all for now... I’ll think something up to write on Monday))

(p.s. weird girl who bumped into bane...she’s important)

Thursday, February 10, 2005


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ch 12 - gingerbread

I don’t know how to start this chapter. I don’t have any ideas for the story right now. Candace can hate Janice...or love her. they can be friends or enimies..or nobody to each other at all. I want something magical to happen, but nothing comes to mind. I introduced a moth. My truly favourite winged insect. it might do something. who knows. well here goes an attempt at a chapter.

Chapter 12- gingerbread

maybe I can change the future, so that one day ill have my own fairytale. Ill live in a gingerbread house, and there will be no parents, or children...not even a witch. and on that day, when people come. They tear my house. And build a larger one. thats the day that past meets future..Somehting even I cant change....

chase turned it off. She heard music across the alley. ‘A party' these kids hadn't thrown a party for years. I walked to my balcony opening the doors, the music blasting now. I looked across the way. I could see through a couple windows…they were dancing. They were lights. It looked fun. Somebody was sitting on their fire escape.. Looking at he stars.
I looked at him.
He looked back.
he smiled.
and I walked back into my apartment. I went downstairs and grabbed an ancient coffee machine. I plugged it in up stairs. surprising how I didn’t have a coffee machine in my aprtment..but the whole shop was downstairs...who needs it. soon enough I had coffee in my hands, topped with whipped cream. my music and there’s was blasting in my apartment. I was on my laptop sitting in the middle of the place. I sorted through everything. Checked a billion places on the web. and talked to people. the night rocked. Candace had already left. She was downtown again, probably at another party. That chick was crazy.

you know how, when your on he subway and you can look out the windows only to see darkness, and the reflection of your face. sometimes you can see a line of wire running down the wall across form as well. I watched them the lights go by. Then the postered walls come by as the next stop pulled up.
somebody sat to my right. A teenager. She sat and looked out the window. Her eyes darted to the reflection of me. I sat up and looked forward. Death will come eventually, but Candace risked it. she looked at her (curiosity killed the cat?) Her arms where covered in ink. Not tattoos or anything. Blue pen, black as well. Weird designs going up and down her left arm. also her right. Might guess she could use both hands. She looked close at the patterns it was very random but beautiful.
" that’s really nice" she said and looked at her.
" Its nothing..." she mumbled. She got off at the next stop.
Candace was alone again starring out he window that never changed except the flicker of light. She wondered, is her life like that, never changing except the flicker of light....the train stopped? Another flicker of light?. No a black out.

(( this is a nice chapter I guess I like the whole…”flicker of light?” no a blackout….. take that anyway you want. we had a valentines dance at school…it was fun…very fun.. Hmm…I have no school tomorrow…, which is good. If I didn’t have to finish a huge project over the weekend…..hmm not much of a rant today…you’ll live….goodbye.))
((by thw wya..anybdoy want to tell me whatt time thing torotno tis..always have ot change the blogger time thing....sigh noboyd is on the ohter end of this story..... but i odnt care...)

ch11- game night

"0wn3d!" a yell erupted from Anthony. His controller thrown in the air." I win" me and Jason looked at him.
” Restart, you won by default. Jason went for the kill, and I went for his kill he got pushed off the edge then you pushed us both.... not fair" I looked at him trying to confse him
" your fault"
Anthony chose retry and chose Link as his character. I chose fox, I knew all his combo’s. And Jason picked samus.
" Foxes ship" I picked it before the others could complain. So there we where, me’chase’, Jason and Anthony sitting in their apartment. Tricked out by finding their old Nintendo 64. But bummed cause we only found "super smash brothers" the game wasn’t bad and Nintendo still rocked. Their x box was sitting in the corner in a marvellous heap of played games and at lest 3 late rentals(also wires and controllers...all that jazz). I bashed a box open and got a fan...yippee.(fans suck..flap flap..whatsthat supposed ot do?) Jason was over on the other side of the screen waiting for us to kill each other. But plans failed, cause Anthony attacked him full on. I blasted them both. Super smash brothers really was a sad game..kill each other over and over again using weird characters form various shows and games. we took turns that night beating it. We got all secret characters, Twas fun.
Anthony got out some chips, soon enough the floor was covered in crumbs. Most of it ended up in my hair.
"don’t you guys have school tomorrow?" I said lying on my back looking at my 2 centimeter character blast a ball of energy at Jason’s 2 centimeter character.
" Surprised you know what that is" Jason laughed. they always joked about me and my non-school ways. I didn’t drop out… I just didn’t come back after last year. I had started some arts course. or was it writing... I should have been in computers… or technology… but it didn’t work out that way.
"We know… that’s why there’s no booze tonight" they laughed once more and Jason fell of the edge of the level. Which just caused more laughing.
" Can I grab a beer then?" I said almost getting up
”now that wouldn’t be fair" I sat down, Anthony was a bummer sometimes. Jason took a break, a nice relaxing one in the washroom. And Anthony started making himself... lunch? Or was it a midnight snack now. I walked to their small balcony, looking at the stars. Anthony joined me soon after, a big sandwich joined him. On a plate too...classy.
"Amazing isn’t it?... big balls of gas...and they don’t even smell" the joke wasn't funny...childish too. But I laughed. You have to hear this guys voice to understand.

((ok.. .gaming night inspired= I still have my Nintendo 64..Apparently though I lost super smash brothers... very sad about it. I can probably buy it for ten bucks though. Too lazy to really write. but I hoped you enjoyed anyway. This was a while ago...early fall? haha goodnight)(screw its 10:00 party! ) (By the way. for all you uneducated fools super smash brothers is a game where characters such as” Mario brothers, samus, Link, Fox, pikachu, donkey Kong… e.t.c. Battle it out on various levels. Multiplayer. the single s level is battling bosses on their level until you reach the final boss. Beat him and get a secret character (depending)… it’s a pretty good game. And I find it I’ll probably play it for a couple hours on end.) (but I will never buy the new one for...eww…game cube…cause the original rocks!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

ch 10 -another day, another regular.

What is a full chapter? Right now it was 3 words. Chase sat on her bed, Candace was collapsed on the couch.. "Maybe I could…" not even a sentence, something they repeated at help groups over and over again. She typed up tons of sentences that night. She ended up saving chapter 1 as, "maybe I can" and maybe she could type up the rest, tomorrow. Her laptop to the side she looked up at her ceiling. For only a second ago her eyes had not tricked her, she saw somehting moving up there. It fluttered down. It was a moth. Winged insects seemed to follow her, after all * moths are just woolly butterflies. ( *property of 9th elsewhere. see rant at bottom) the moth flew in front of her face attracted to the light. She turned it off and cold only see the moth sit on the windowsill. Candace was in he kitchen.

She was eating something, chewing.
"wha? Breakfast?" I looked at her eating an apple.
"Hope it was okay" she said taking another bite sitting at the table. She had been at a party, probably was drinking, walked, danced, she was tired as hell last night. Yet there she sat fully dressed looking perfectly fine.
"Yeah...its fine" I got up and pulled on some jeans. I walked into the kitchen hugging my laptop placing it on the counter.
" Store should have opened..."I looked at the imprint of watch on my hand, must fallen off in the night. I returned to the kitchen clock
" half hour ago I’ll be downstairs” took my coat and the laptop and walked down stairs. Coffee machine ‘on’ then I gracefully unlocked the door and changed the sign
"another day, another regular"

Janice walked in she was late today as well, good for that or I would have another person crawling through my window. I got her mocha ready for her. Topping it off with some whipped cream. She looked at it with delight. a silent thank you.

Candace clambered down stairs and sat on the counter in front of chase. "Hey babe"

(( okay chapter 10- not much to say. cept that" moths are just woolly butterflies" is from 9 th elsewhere a beautiful webcomic. ))((uh yay sorry for all the changes of person. she/ I…you can figure it out right?))
almost valentines day... sihg i wish i had the life of candace..waking up not tired from a big party..... also chase's sotry..
"maybe i could" the second one does say maybe i can because she changed it..still thinking botu that story....wahuhuhahah))

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

editing day.

I'm editing alt e ages today. not literay wise or aanyhting...they are okay rihgt now i guess.(no htere not..but ill let it be for now) im adding names to the chapters..that actually suite. also numbering them...ill be here with the update soon enough.

ch 9 - blue eyes.

Candy sat in the small subway seats rearranging the dress she wore. The red of the seats( hahaha recognize. nice shiny Torontonian(actual word) subway seats) and white walls echoed her dress. If echo could of course be used to mean the same way a man feels after he is hung, limp and numb, and its as if life was still twitching through it. It was lacy and silk and was long and touched the ground of the subway car. It was a dark red and grey, the fabric was old. It was a beautiful ancient dress. A guy sitting a couple seats back looked at the dress in awe… as if he’s never seen a girl wear a dress, or even a girl for that matter...

The car stopped and she got out, she had only guessed, at least it was the right stop.. candy walked up in the dress. It wasn't a gown, it didn’t flow miraculously to the ground making it seem like she was floating.. It was thin and nice. She walked towards the us loop and caught a bus heading home,. Candace sat in the back her hair-undone, itching the back of her neck.

A boy and his mother were sitting up front. The boy highly amused by a toy. his laugh stretched to the moon, and then back dancing among the stars.. he looked back at me. His eyes were blue. and not an normal child blue. But the blue you only see when you dreaming, or when you have too much to drink. He looked deep inside me. Until his mother turned him round .

You know that feeling you get after a party, where you head is still spinning and you can hear every song they played? In her mind it was on fast forward. Billions of beats and rhythms flooded her internal system. The party was beautiful. Everybody dressed in these dresses and old suits and wonky ties. They danced and danced. And she would have been thinking about his perfectly like she had for subway ride. But the boy and his thoughts had pierced her mind

She got off. And walked far, past all the places she recognized past the places she didn’t. She came to the place. "Black sheep coffee" holly’s place. If holly was still here at least. Holly never stayed for long, but when she opened the shop up she stayed. For a long time. She had changed the town. Things that never should have where. Things that never could have…happened. It was late. Few people walked the streets. Strays had begun to scavenge the streets already and the moon could be seen far above her. She could do nothing else. She found the door at the front leading to her stairs.
she walked around to the fire escape. She had her dress and a backpack. . Looking at the black creature before her she started doubting holly’s place. She climbed up unto a garbage can after rolling up her beautiful dress., and started clambering up the steps. She remembered hanging out on this thing, hearing it creak. Waiting for the wind to blow just to hear the noise it made. She walked up towards holly's. she reached the window and lightly tapped the window, seeing lights on.
Not Holly.
a young girl answered the tap on her window. "Who the hell?"
"holly? Is she here...." Candace looked at her. She looked like a real idiot. like a ghost. The dress was blowing in the light breeze and she looked pail in the moonlight.
"Holly is long gone.... do all her old friends do...this? "She motioned towards the fire escape… probably the dress too.
"only the desperate ones"
"okay... uh... come on in. " Candace clambered in. dropping her bag at the window.
"yo, could I change? "
"Uh...bathroom....right there… have fun." she slipped of her shoes and walked towards the room,
” thanks"
a pair of jeans walked out of the washroom. They were of course attached to legs and a body. Wearing a weird red shirt and a black one underneath. "Names Candace, you?" she would have taken her hand out and shaken, but that was too...sensible. Sensible people had no place walking through fire escapes"my name, oh people just call me (There should be a phone call here or something right? so we don’t hear her name right? ) Chase." (Nope wrong)
"yeah they came up with it...whole ‘catch me if you can’ angle...never mind"

why was she being nice to hits person who crawled through her window? She could be anybody. a killer ,a stalker…. Holly’s archrival. Better yet an evil super villain zombie after her brain…. but, somehow she knew it was right. Maybe it was the whole karma thing she had given up. Maybe because she knew holly. (That was 'chase' thinking by the way)

"do you own the coffee shop now?"
"yeah, yeah I do." she sat down on the couch. Candice sitting on the chair.
That was the basis of their conversation, the rest was the usual who are you where do you work. the regular. Then it started getting personal, history. All that. Soon enough a bond was formed they knew each other. They knew holly. But neither of them knew one thing.. where exactly holly went.

((uh that part of the story. was complete..crap. I don’t know how it got in there im very tired right now and that’s probably why its written so crappy. Candace is a raver person (dont know the first thing bout that...yay) uhh Candace is my best friend had to fit her in somewhere. (hah why im putting peoples name in? i have no clue....) hehe my dad broke his knee....while skiing. on the last run. at the very bottom. how fun? uh had to mention that because...well i just did. hmm lets talk about what happened today(lets not) I had judo( look it up- martial art) and some evil dude threw me during a match holding both my arms flat on ma back.....slimy bastard.. Um...yay thts it.... goodbye. (by the way..just because Candace is coming form a Toronto style subway a town I have nt even mentioned another small town I haven’t mentioned yet..dosent mean they are in Toronto. I hate the look of Toronto and the outskirts of it…Toronto has some pretty cool places and culture though so it balances out….)((cant belive I actually took the time to edit that...going to sleep now…so tired…)

((one last thing...hehehehe chase. a bit of her name. so many name ideas kinda going itno my her nicknaem is chase, note lets make that her gamng tag..lets maker her a gamer...i like games..wahuuhauha...lack of lsleep is making me physco....GOODNIGHT)