Friday, February 04, 2005

ch 8.5 but..the butterfly?

You didn’t see it, but that butterfly was sitting in my night table. Sitting on the note. While my fingers played a marathon on the keys of my laptop.

ch 8 back to normal?/ starbucks is everywhere

"She is so hidden beneath the words she speaks its as if she wasn’t there" it was about me. I know it was. And I was stuck in its words. He left it there. Darren. It was slipped in through the mail slot. Jan was still sitting at her table starring across the street. She was on her second mocha and her mood was relaxed. the paper neatly tucked into my pants and I continued to wipe the counter. Another customer walked in coming straight to the counter.
"Hmm lets see" she was one of those old ladies, you know the ones trying to be young and hip. What she was doing far from the city I do not know.

"Ok I would like a… grandee, with room, ristretto , cinnamon, skim milk dry, no whip americano" she said with pure ease and amazingly fast.
" Yo this isn’t star bucks." I looked at her, almost insulted. I took a large cup two shots of espresso, milk, a touch of cinnamon , and of course Himalayan coffee. you know the good stuff. I put a lid on it and pushed it in front of her.
"The next best next thing hon." Her gaze was un recordable. Open mouthed and wide-awake now she looked at the cup in front of her. Fumbled some change into my hand and took the cup. she left, was a shame I would have loved to see her drink it.
” that was completely awesome! You are no longer a noob!” she had the joy of a five year old sometimes. Or maybe it was the espresso talking.
” I was never a noob.” And I knew that for a fact.
" Hey Jan want to take over for like an hour?" Janice looked at me,
"yeah just don’t kill my customers." I dropped the apron in her hands after walking round the counter.
"You know how to work It." I grabbed my coat and walked out the door.

Ahh free at last. I walked towards the park the wind meeting me head on and dancing with my hair. My feet led me towards the little stream in the middle of the park. Few people where jogging and a man was walking his dog. I sat by the edge on a bench and watched the water dart between rocks. The butterfly came and danced in he wind. As it left another presence entered my dreamscape.
"A view of the kings meant for the past, and yet lies in the eyes of the future" it was him"bane." (NOT who you where expecting eh) he sat on the bench to the right of me" how nice of you to come see the butterflies" one landed near me on a twig looking at me, or so I believed. He waved his fingers, those magical things and the butterflies drew nearer.
"Why can you play the music of their wings, they draw near to you I know it"
"they only come to those who can see their eyes, I see them looking at me into my mind" bane got up and walked slowly towards the main pathI wasn’t going to chase after him, I had said my peace. I guess he had said his too.

I left to go back to my coffee shop hoping it hadn’t burned down yet. Janice was sitting on the non burnt down counter (phew) talking to a customer, a guy it seemed. Regular Janice. The starbucks girl was sitting at the tables. Drinking MY coffee. Funny how they come back so quickly. " Keep working for me, ill be upstairs. " Janice stopped talking to the guy, she looked at me then nodded.

I on the other hand was already gone trudging up the stairs. Push of a button and music was to be heard, and I began to clean the place up. About halfway through I found the note from Darren in my pants. Except I noticed the initials on the side. B, rather to be known as “an” initial. It was not from the bum. It was from Bane. I put it on the night table and took up my spot on the couch taking out my laptop I began to write my story. The one that had been in my mind for so long. it started with a house, a house made of ginger....

((hello once more. Uh what to say. Okay the un-nameable girl is well a writer… and she used to write stuff for her friends but then stopped. It took me ten minutes to find out how to order from starbucks in roper form. I found this little booklet (20 page. ouch) about how to order coffee from starbucks. So I worked what that and got that nice shiny order.))

(Nothing much to say, almost valentines day which is kind of nice, it’s the weekend and I probably wont write anything…so I’ll update Monday. Bye.)

((p.s.. haha janice " noooob" something she would say...))

ch 7 the morning, she comes.

She sat on her chair pushing back her messy bangs back into place. It was all clockwork to her never noticing just a reflex when the hair tickled her cheeks. The party ended after a while people left she got a few small gifts. People popped in all day wishing her a happy birthday. She didn’t care if this was the "future" what would she do if she went back?. So the whole day she served people and was wished happy birthday. She could have been looking around for stuff…no,she should haveJ

ason had stopped by (guy with snowmen IM name) and she had a chat with him he stayed for a while sitting on the counter greeting customers. He mentioned school but this she didn’t notice it slipping in between the layers and layers of conversation.
"See ya Jase' say hi to Anthony"
"Anthony? I haven’t seen him for a long time" Jason looked at her his eyebrows raised. And you knew he was telling her to back away from the subject.
"He moved out?"
"you were there! Don’t be an idiot!" he shouted at her and walked out"sorry" she whispered. The future of her past self seemed dark as the yelling echoed in her mind.
"Anthony moved out?" she thought inside. He was fun.

closing up the shop she trudged upstairs. The apartment seeming too weird in its present state, she opened the skylight and crawled onto the roof. one thing that never seemed weird was the night sky. She lay down the warm summer air filling her lungs. It was a clear night and she could see stars in full. Lying there she thought about a lot of stuff. What else was there to do? She stopped thinking at some point and that’s when life was good. She eventually crawled aback into the apartment and collapsed on her bed. Sleep, was good.

" Hey candy cane wake up" it was Janice looking down at her
"shop was supposed to open an hour ago! Where’s my mocha!" Janice looked at her. coffee deprived she would have killed somebody.
"I’m getting up...." Jan sat on the couch as she changed into some jeans.... then she noticed.
The book, the book she was reading was on her table normally this wouldn’t surprise anybody. Read book put bookmark inside put book on table. (Except those weird people who stuff it under the pillow…) The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy....
"What day is it today?" mumbling as she walked into the kitchen
"the day I was deprived of coffee!" said Jan getting into a knot of grumpiness...two mochas to untie her. Instead she looked on the wall. A calendar was was the proper day, the proper time…and it was the present.
"Never mind" and more mumbling followed suite

she and Janice walked down stairs Janice like a small dog waiting to get outside. She walked over to the coffee machines and turned them on.
"It will be a minute" she said sitting on the counter, then tucking her legs in turning around and faced the table Janice was sitting at.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

should have been the beggining......

uhh does naybody care waht she looks like? the image in my head of her is still in my mind and i dont feel like revealing it all at thismoment...once in a hwile hsell mention somehting.... i guesss. i still havent thouhgt of a name for her and im really sorry. or have thought of those guys name( guy nad his roomate) there close friends of hers.hmmm.. what shall i naem htem....wht shall i name htis mysterious chika? okay..ill write the next part tommorow....
by hte way...more snowball fights..wiht actual snow!( none of htat ice crap...)

uh yeah...jsut fo rthose out of the kow...the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy series is what SHE keeps talking baout. its 5 sci fi books set in sort of a series. it all starts off iwht arthur dents huse...gettitng torn down to put in a bypass...but not to wrry..for ford perfect tells him some wonderful news..the earth is being torn down for an interstellar bypass
yeha it keeps going like that..they are very funny books..i suggest you read at least hte first one to cure sanity.. douglas admas who worte hte books alwasy write lots oftwists..there good boooks..they really are.

ch 6 happy birthday

I fell asleep soon into the first couple chapters, it wasn’t worth the sleep deprivation. I had a dream, you know one of those cool ones with the all the colors and the shapes. It was that guy, that Darien guy. He was standing on the tracks and I was behind him. And not so much that I was behind him, but he was in front of me was protecting me from whatever that train would hold. The butterfly flew past me… it was blue. I almost saw the driver of the train, if not for blob of black that surrounded me. I woke up soon after and I couldn’t get that thought out of my head...damn bums invading my head.. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a few things. Grabbing my laptop and and book I headed for downstairs. Only to be met halfway up by Jan.
" Come down now!"
"hmm?" I looked at her face it was tanned a bit and she had a cut on her cheek, when did this happen?


((grr....just noticed..change of time thing. I/ her. Just roll with it..))
"What the...” her birthday wasn’t for a couple months. she played long with the whole surprised face and walked through the crowd to find Bane.. "What is this? "
"A party. a pretty cool one too. You like? "
"My birthday isn't for months!"
" 12 to be exact. "She ignored bane and headed for the door. Winter had passed and it was well in to the summer. Darien was sitting outside.
"Its Daren" the first word he had spoken to me, as if he had read my mind
"What day is it! "
He simply answered with a smile. "I know you know, you bout a coffee yesterday, and the cold, and the butterfly!" she was screaming now.
he got up, "happy birthday" she would have slapped him she would have. But she had some control left and Janice had come outside anyway. "yo! the party is inside! " with that Jan grabbed her friends arm and pulled her inside.

(anybody else just love the changing thing? (I/ her) well id didn’t realize so there.)
(Way to leave it off eh? well candy knows what’s going on. but she’s the only one who knows(if she rembers) not much to report, I spent all saturday paper macheing with pieces of newspaper and starch! (Not enough layers though) I umm I couldn’t walk on Sunday, nor feel my head, nor stomach… my stomach. it all ended nicely lay down for a while got better went to an awesome..(not that awesome) party! Uh I told people to read this. apparently the message didn’t get through... well one more thing... REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!! thanks :)