Friday, January 28, 2005

ch 5..ugh hate first sentence

I could barley see the last rays as the hands of the sun went under neatht he blanket of trees. I decided to start lighting canles and carefully lit a match. I lit a long candle beside me with a holder and a long neck. I then went around the shop liting every little candle. At that point in time I felt almighty. I was lighting the stars in the sky.i lit all the candles and put on some incense. The air quickly left the room so I opened a window above the door.a customer came in. Gordo walked in leaning on his left foot with had a slight limp and walked over to my counter. He ordered a soda (which I carried oh course) and a small cookie. Ahh the cookies. The cookies and cakes that filled the galss cae in my beautiful counter came from a nother little shop. It sold all sorts of things and I always bought form them and sold I there. They usually bought my coffee as well (the staff at least) we had our business set. He went to a table at the back near the beanbag xchairs and sat down. Gordo didn’t have an age. I was sure of it. He was just some 18 year old sstuck in 8 year old body. He didn’t have parents or a house(I think at least) he always had money and nice enough clothes on though.

He begun to spin his change.

he placed a quarter between the thumb on his lleft hand an the index finger on his right. He moved his fingers nad the quarter begun to spin. It wmoved around the table in a circle and never stopped. Usulayy coins would stop after 5 or 6 seconds..his kept going. I walked away form my couneer and wlaked over to his table. I took a quarter form the small pile he had made.(it had 5 in it) and began to spin mine. It slowly spinned around his. Mine kept going on and on just like his. Gordo was another strange kid who only came here on the odd days. He slammed his hand down on the table grabbing the corner he had spun. He took the rest and ran of. Mine remained on the table spinning he closed the door and ran off. The coin stopped. I stayed the night with my customers. Nothing strange happened that night. Except a kid who drank a bunch of expressos. The guys leg was shaking.i cut him off and gave him a cookie. A non- sugar, caffeine free cookie. He went off after htat. Wether he went home or not. I od not know.i watched my last customer leave. And I went around the room blowing out all the candles. It was full of somoke once I was done. And I swam through it all to find my book and coat. And I trudged off to my apartment. I twasnt far at all. To tell the truth it was a a floor up.i walked up the stairs after I locked up and opened my apartment. I dumped my stuff in the kitchen. And collapsed on my bed. My apartment didn’t have actual walls. More like small wooden room deividers. I liked it this way, it was very open. I lay for what seemed like..well a whole 4 minutes. Arthur dent flew into my memory and I rembered my promise. Not too be unfaithful I crawled to my bookshelf. I didn’t find it so I traveled o the kitchen bookshelf. Nothing. I went into the fort area( no not a living room or a den! The fort area!) and found it in the bookshelf beside the..loveseat. not that any lovin has gone odwn on that loveseat for a logn time. But why not use proper words fro proper things. It lay beside the one with the dolphins. (so long and thanks for all the fish) I took it off the shelf and collapsedont o the small pale green couch. I read the first couple chapters until my phone rang.
“hello?” it was (insert guy friend name here)(umm….)
“yeah?” I answered in a tone which always lead to argument.
”yes master. “ I hung up and walked to my laptop. I loggd on nad beagn tpying aay at my IM(ahh screw just call it M S N !) I changed my display pic, I checked my email. Then he was on.
(you guess which is which...)
snowmen : heylo!
beanchika: whas so urgent?
snowmen: oh nothing I just wanted to sound important in fornt of (insert guy friends roommate name)(just a roommate!).
beanchicka: smart.
snowmen :hows life?
beannchika: okay I guess.
snowmen: you going back to school?
beanchika:…no comment
snowmen.: please! For me. Come study with me.
beanchika: what are taking ne way?
snowmen.:graphic design. And webdesign…. Ambition eh.
beanchika: I should have guessed. ..i cant leave my coffee shop!
snowmen: hire someone to help. Come to school with me. Come you could study…what would you study?
beanchicka: art…and literature I guess wwhatelse am I supposed to do? snowmen: do sumthing with computers. You’re a bigger computer geek than me!
beanchika: end of topic.
beanchika: goodbye. message end.

(if I was really sappy I would make..snowmen wirte sumthignall mushy bout love and then right after type “ message could not be sent” but im not like that, wso go away.cant think of the guys names…sorry.gordo was funhe does what me, and the ugy hwo sits beside me in science/math do all peroiod. We spin ou rlunch money. (paul…lol.) not that anybodys reading this…until I send it to y friends. But ouwld anybodyat lall like to review? I really do like reviews. That’s all for no.w nothing special went on tody, I went to see “in good company” for the second time. The movie sucks just as bad the second time. I went with ma friends. Bey random people. )

(to be truthfull i updted on saturday..but wrote it onfirday..also the frt area was a spelling mistake of fornt and i liked fort better....rule hte fort!)

(one more thing. the way i edit my posts is i type them up then put them in a word document. i then have to put them back into the blogger, that way all the empty lines used to space my story out dissapear. i have to recolor re space the whole thing.....might download somehting to help/...wahuhuhahahha))( <-- edit feb 8)

Thursday, January 27, 2005

ch 4 Jan (hahah jans view…..)

”alarm clock…alarm..clock..late...grr…” Jan lifted up her head and her eyes opened…the clock was blinking and she turned the volume dial, only to hear several long beeping noises.
She turned it off and lay down again..
“get up” she did as she had told herself to and got up with a yawn. her apartment was a mess but she managed to find some jeans and walked over to her tiny bathroom. She did her regular morning rituals, and only after finding her poor laptop on the table did she realise she had a meeting. Ahem, had been late to a meeting. Jan looked at the kitchen clock. too late now. She put on a coat and scarf and rushed down to (crap..insert chickas name here…) ‘s. she needed mocha and from across the street she could already see her chickas shadow sitting at a table reading.
Jan wasn’t a fan of reading, or at least reading actual books. She instead stuck he into the world of web comics and useless blogs. Which were all saved in a very big favourites folder on her computer
she also spyed with her little eye(which in fact weren’t so little) the closed sign. She would walk over there right now and blow down that door(with a huff, and a puff)... But opportunities failed her today as the closed sign changed to open. She waved at the sheep and walked in. she got her coffee and sat at her table. She did this every morning for a long time. she just sat and watched people walk by. Bane came in on time. His exact time. he always came in. and always at the this exact time. Jan had concluded studies on him, and the neighbour hood people. A very fat white lady would walk her dog in about 30 seconds. And on her way home she would convientaly bump into the mailman. Humph. Coincidence…. She took a sip of her coffee. A man drove by in a raggedy car.
“That’s a minute later than yesterday…your losing your touch, stranger” she could only speak in her mind. For outside her memory she only spoke riddles and short sentences
For a person who was late for almost every meeting ever held Jan had a very good clock on her shoulders. Surprisingly that was all there on her shoulders.. A very old clock.
Jan had to go she talked to her chicka, and flew out the door. A scarf round the shoulder. She hadn’t even noticed the stranger to walk in to sheep’s coffee, he wasn’t on her schedule.

(okie that twas fun....jan is a very strnage real life as well..but you know..diffrent.)
(btw, darien(hobo guy) is an old firend of mine who asked to bein one of my sotries..congrats red..your a bum. janice is ma firend..and i love that name....hehe if my friends read this..they would wirng my neck....)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

ch.3- the inside

Bane left shortly after, leaving the coffee shop deserted. Even the butterfly had left. Probably with bane. Holly had given me the place, the small coffee shop and all the little tables to match. She had to go, she told me to take care of the place. to be the head barista and I would get to own the cafe. Outside in fading letters the legal name stood as is
"black sheep coffee" but around the small town people just called it sheep’s coffee. we were on the outskirts of downtown and surrounded by small old houses and trees of every colour you could find. in a construction paper seemed like a old city and that’s what people thought. you could see these trees through the large window in the front. and beyond them the few scattered tables inside. on one of the walls was a large old couch accustomed with a nice green chair. in a small corner(beside the garage door) was a big pile of beanbags and the teenagers round here who came in for my coffee sat there and talked, occasionally they sat with me at the bar and we talked bout everything until closing time. what took up half the shop was the beautiful counter. It was wooden, laden with old red bricks. The wood/brick creation was in a wave format going round in the corner of the room. There was a place for people to eat and drink. They got to sit on the stools of course. Behind was a nice display of coffee beans (Himalayan of course) and all the regular coffee machines. in the summer I would decorate the room with small candles in every nook and tiny lights in the ceiling. it looked beautiful at night. And when the days grew hot there would be chairs outside and people would sit there. and the beautiful window would roll up into the cafe like a garage door and it was immediately a semi open cafe. But it’s an old fall day and all my incense and open feeling ness is inside waiting for another year. The candles still stood of course. they had to be there all year long. But the finishing touch was the sheep. There were tiny black sheep sprinkled here and there around the room. The mother of them all was on the glass garage door. It was a very large black sheep drinking out of a very large coffee mug. I laugh every time I see it.

(btw, black sheeps coffee? I don’t know where this came form..and the nickname is kinda crappy too…. Think of a better name..tell me…..(crap talking to people who aren’t there..poor unread blogs…)

damn charities! Give me a 10 minute call!then I say no…”please just one kid” no “ just 20 dollars” sorry no “you don’t have to send it right now..end of the month” NO! cant do this bye grrr….now hes going ot call back. Ill let my bro pick up….god dman screw you charities……okay.. all better.

(( okay i was deleting some windows on my overcrowded desktop when i clicked bakc on the page i was typing hte next post ( htis post) and then somewhow i pressed yes/ no and it deleted what i had on htis page. i had to retype this post is crappy due to overcrowed desktops and clicking wihtout was evry nice to..shame.)))
(and ill edit spelling in like a day or sumthing. nobodys here anywhy)

ch.2- cold day for a butafly

a butterfly flew into my small coffee shop (which has no name yet....) it was a cold day and I guess it deserved to be there. the man who let this sweet innocent thing in was the opposite. He looked as if he hadn’t eaten in a matter of days nor bathed. He stood in the entrance completely dazed, as if a bus was train was heading his way and he couldn’t move. Stuck on the tracks, destined to perish. and i looked at him with almost remembrance. I must have dropped a quarter in his hat at the subway.. but whose to know…. I went back to my counter and watched the butterfly sit on my coffee machine. He snapped back into realty as did i.he walked over and ordered a small coffee. I gave it to him and his eyes devoured it, following by his mouth his bag was sticking out of the torn coat he wore, whether his name was Darien or not it didn’t matter but it was written in faded letters on the bag, and I saw him as no crook. He stayed inside drinking his coffee. I could have watched this stranger all day..
" Miss, double black! " my mind searched for her face and her name but she wasn’t a regular. "Yes right away" I grabbed a cup ,filled it and put it on the counter. In my sweetest voice
" anything else Madame?" she looked at the glass case full of cakes, a thing she knew too well.
" thanks." she gave me my money and left quickly, letting a cold wind enter the café.

"what no apron?” said Jan exiting her silent appeal in the corner. I grabbed it off the chair and tied it round, I uttered the words to Jan, who was behind me
"happy?" Jan dropped another quarter into my small cup of tips, and gave me her honourable wink. I knew it was that one cause it was followed by the smile and laugh. As she left a piece of my mind with her, for she buttoned up her coat and threw her scarf over the shoulder. Bane on the other hand was well using his hands the butterfly had flown over to him and he was playing a sweet melody to it using nothing but his fingers. the butterfly seemed to dance and sing. if only it had a voice. Bane aught my eye and lay his fingers to rest the amused butterfly flew away and into the back room, she’ll be back. " barista, you wouldn’t mind grabbing me another, would you? " he always called me barista.. Never by my name (non existing name...) I grabbed his drink and put it on his table. Followed by my hand slipping into his pocket and getting out my money. " I thought we were friends," in which I took his coffee and balanced with his money. " Your choice coffee boy" he took the coffee. I knew he would.

((re edit- uh this one kinda sucked too.....too bad. i like the butterfly..dont hate the winged creature. ))((edit- feb 8)

ch.1- brain food cafe chika

I need something to do to keep myself awake I 'll start some hack story going along with it from the top of a head.

A little chicka sat in her cafe stirring her already frozen coffee. It was early in the morning and the ‘open’ sign was looking back at her.. She probably should open shop, but the book she was reading was all the more interesting. Her eyes narrowed in on her usual walking down the street. Bane with his book oh course and on the other end of her vision she saw Janice walking quickly, she needed mocha. so she put her book down and flipped the sign. one more day of hell. Janice walked in as she set the pot on. Jan grabbed the book of the table and started reading the back. Her usual self she lost the page and put the book back down as if nothing happened.
" boring" I looked at her, eyeing my favourite book.
" it's not boring, its intelectually correct."
Jan gave me a glare and grabbed her finished coffee. she dropped me some money and dropped a quarter into the tips glass. she sat at her usual table and did another eye related action as Bane walked in. he didn’t look up as he walked to his table. his eyes moving across the pages. "Yellow?" he looked up as I said the word and silently laughed.
how long have I put to waste Arthur dent and ford. Sitting on my shelf collecting dust. The other 4 lying around the apartment. That very moment I promised myself to go home and read the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Bane also reached for the book I was reading and read the back, he mumbled something resembling “interesting” then he put the book down and I swear he put it down on the exact page I was reading….(and that’s all I feel like writing this very moment. ill be to rename blog as well...doesn’t suite eh?)

(hah this first post..well i tkind of sucked. i hope you didnt nejoy it..cause if you did your jsut crazy. sorry bout hte whole hitchhiers guide to the galxy refrence...kinda messed p sorry..nom more weird books things.....uh by hte way this is jsut na edit..feb 8. ))