Saturday, December 31, 2005

New year..06 here we come.

Ergh The last story instalmment was posted..In july? wtf!!!!
(So im writing one today..even though i have no fuckign clue what to write..)

Erp...2005 was a really...strange year. It was a year of firsts. (Yeah..that's all I'm saynig who knows who is reading this...)

And I totally forgot about this blog..I onlky remebered it yesterday...I totally forgot about my here's an update on life:

School: Well not doing to good...blah.
Trying out for not one art school but 2. Both which are absoulutly wonderful! One is more of a cyberarts type program while the other is a huge artschool. m going for visual arts.
Cyberarts is kinda cool, becuase withcin the school is a bunch of old friends who went there for a giftie program. (and a couple enemies...)

Right...Uhm I went snowboarding in quebec it was awesome. (Big mountain *drool*)
But I can't really speak french. so it was bleh.

Hmm I've been doign a lot of digital art..and I'm supposed to be doing work for my portfolios...such a bitch..

And all that other crap. SO butterfly coffee will be continued. Rawr!

(ALSO: found out that all of butterfly coffee is 17 701 words...about. Tis cool. But no nanowrimo that just put nanowrio in such perspective....)


At 9:49 p.m., January 09, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

About time, girly. Post more often. It amooses me so.


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