Tuesday, July 19, 2005

ch 31 : good read for a bloody nose

*** my computer was wiped clear of everything (almost) and a the moment I don't have microsoft word ***

(this would be matt)

somebody, is in my apartment.
somebody, a stranger.
thats bad. I should get up.

his bedroom door opened and a dark shape walked in


I'm just sitting here. is that a chick? I cant hit her.


matts hand creeped to find sumthign heavy to throw at the person. who meanwhile just
stood there, arms at their side. his hand found a book. large print, lots of pages.
(harry potter 6? hehe nope )

"lets hope this hits him " he thought and whipped it at the dark shape in his

they didnt move t the sight of the book. A slight crack was heard dark liquid formed in the middle of her face, as the hood slipped down. she fell back and whispered.
" i do enjoy, a good read "


"holy shit" and chase kept repeating it over and over.
holly and bay just stood there staring at awe. and slowly his eyes closed
" what does this mean? why arent his eyes blue? WHAT HAPPENED! "
at which moment the two stepped back, scared. and chase found a chair to sit on.
and wondered why at all this was important.
bane, matt holly.
was their a little chase running around?
his eyes where a muddy brown like the older matts eyes.
not blue anymore.

" I'm calling bane. if he wakes up handle it." she grabbed her cellphone and met the breeze wiht open arms.
sitting on the stairs of the firescape she dialed banes number. and after a couple
rings, she got his annoying ass answering machine
" hello?

oh sorry, I'm not here, leave a message "

"argh! "

janice didnt pick up either, but who cared janice didnt like the kids.
Candace might know, she was the one who saw matt first.
with his... mother?
why does this keep getting more complex

(( becuase the writer is just making it up as it goes ))

" candace pick up your damn phone"
'ring '
" holy shit I know you are there "
'ring '
"hello? " answered a cheery candace. which should really scare anybody who knew
her. and only the devil knew what time it was.

"matfoundnoblueeyesnobodypicksuptheirphonestupidfuckingnight..." and chase trailed
off soundind like a mouse who might have had a wee too much sugar.

"SHUT UP AND SLOW DOWN " now that is the candace we know ( and love... )
" well holly and bay found matt"
"ohh the one I saw? "
" yeah, yeah. well we lay him down and then his eyes opened, and they weren't blue
anymore. "
"woah....wow....uhm" she almost dropped her phone but instead lay down on her couch
" I know! and it scared the shit out of me, and bane didn't answer his phone, and
janice didn't either " and chase moved her feet back and forth fiddling waiting for the world to blow up, or at least restart.

" oh janice! Janice went home with jason " and she mumbled it like a little girl
stuck in 5th grade

"HOLY SHIT I"LL KILL HER " this night just keeps getting worse and worse

" calm down, I'm sure they didn't... Anthony was with them!" which just led to worse

"crap, could you come over? check out the little kids " chase looked back through
to her living room, she would hate if the cops showed up to three little kids, one
unconious- maybe she could offer them coffee...

" go to your apartment, alone, in the middle of the night?" she was putting on an
innocence i could smell from here.

"stop being so freaking lazy! your not scared of the dark miss party pants " these
lame insults where starting to take a toll on chase

"poo. fine. Give me 15 minutes"
chase pushed the end button and collapsed on the stairs.

candaces doorbell was broken. was. but it rang anyway. creepy.
"the doorbell? who the hell? " she walked over to the peephole and saw a familiar face.
" bane!" and opened the door. candaces cat had awoken and waltzed over to him. he bent down and scratched the fat cat behind the ears.
" why hello charlie, haven't seen you in a long time"

" shit shit shit shit " matt crawled to the end of his bed and looked at the stranger.
" holy shit"
he brushed the hair out of her face. and wiped up the blood using one of the many
shirts thrown to the floor.
" holly. "
and he jsut sat there and wiped the blood from her broken nose
"I'm sorry "

(( OHKIE your writer is crazy.
and i like typing swear words
and maybe mkaing this up first then typing would have been smarter.

oh...uhm...do you see the name thing? how their is a matt, and a candace, and candace avoids ( hates) matt?
( to all the people in my real world )
oh and shoudn't chase be " chaise ?"
well woops.

wow that was some horrible writing. i am so sorry.
i jsut wanted to move butterfly along.

chapter 32 > whenever the hell i feel like it.


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