Monday, June 13, 2005

ch 30 cats run from showers

ch 30 cats run from showers

I sat on the counter, legs crossed, pretending to braid holly's hair.
Technically the smaller holly was sitting before me, but I imagined the
taller holly, the founder of sheep's.
she kept giggling as she sat in front of me, her hair in my fingers. I
really haven't done this in a while.
I wasn't even close to these kids. Bay and holly, bane and the boy
decided on calling each other differently fro a while. The boy is bay. And
the more Manish(full man? Hell no) is Bane. And the third one I didn't
get to know.
Janice had avoided sheeps altogether cause of the two little "brats" and Candace came near every so often but avoided mat like a cat avoids a shower.

Now that I think of it, Janice hangs with Jason now, and Candace with them.
They totally ditched bane and me, who was here on a regular day basis.
which just makes me remember Anthony. Who is probably sitting at home and
playing his little online, worldwide shooters.(which I cant cause my
internet is down down down) he was a geek, he deserved it.
I guess, kind of sort of And bane was being fun again. He left me little notes everywhere. Under the coffee machine he left me:

"where the sacred smell of coffee past lies."

But, the only thing that bothered me, was that after the party, where butterflies were on the roof( mostly moths whatever) they didn't come back.
not a single one had come to sheeps. Had they all died of the cold?
" yo doll"
"hey hun"
matt strode in bag on his shoulders doing little twirls.
The one customer ignored it. She twirled her coffee and focused on the boys
across the street. Or the road kill, you never now the psychos in here
"Guess who little ol me saw today? "
"god almighty? "
" Noooottt reeealllll" he was humming and twirling acting like a school girl
in love
"so your dreams came true, Paris Hilton gave you her number?"
"Paris? That slut -just no. I saw Sara!" he twinkled her
name. Can"t describe what twinkling a name is, just think about it.
(not bathroom humour)(more like fairy dust. )
"She has an UGLY boyfriend, who is way more of an ass than moi,
she's about to dump him! AND I know him!"
"Hum? " which was along the lines of "what?"
"It's and old friend of mine, and he has a girlfriend!
He"s two-timing! He is pure scum! What she deserves!"

He was so happy he sat on my counter and started singing, which made my
customer leave. He leaned over and kissed my cheek, then on the other side
then a light kiss in the middle.
Which meant nothing; we had been friends to long.

"I am free from eternal depression cause of her" his happiness
was radiating., just not on me.
"Brilliant" I pushed him off the counter, and wiped it down.
Twirling like a doll he ran out of the shop.
A biker hit him. Not the big Harley rig either, just some guy. I ran out cause he was stuck to the
ground, the biker nearby.
"You ok?" which was stupid to ask. So I leaned down and figured
he was still alive. I looked at the guy.
" You okay? " but of course neither answered, men.
" Hey do I know you?"
He got up giving me a nod (no) , then giving a hand to Mat. He grasped his
hand but only enough to sit on the curb. While he got on his bike, the
handlebars a little twisted and biked off, speed of a cat, after a shower.

"I know him"
"sure babe, whatever, now lets grab some coffee."
"Whatever you want", I picked him up and he dusted me off, he gave me a stiff
hug and we walked back inside. We sat on the counter drinking, talking
"I'll be right back" my plans to capture my laptop where
foiled by customers.
I whipped my apron at him.
" serve coffee, take money, not difficult"

"sure babe, whatever"
stairs tow by two, my door was open. What a surprise. It was resting on my
couch, power cords beside it. Then I walked downstairs with it in my arms,
almost dropping it . trice.
" you okay?"
I had used the same phrase, twice. within 10 minutes, for two diffrent sittuations. hum.
it's not like he hadn't served coffee before I just didnt want him to scare people. He threw a cup in the air and caught it.
"fine babe"
I set up my laptop, away form anything pour able, hot, or electrically
unsafe. Which was everywhere. Plugged in and strange sounds later. Tapping.
Clicking. And tadah MSN!
Janice was on. Candace was on. Anthony was busy. (which meant he was on)
bane was set to lunch. And Jason was on.

Ctchme : chase here, hullo
tanjan : hey hun
ctchme : where you’ve been? Your table misses you
tanjan : busy
ctchme: with Jason?
tanjan: :p

ctchme : yo candy
candy : mhmhm here
ctchme : English
candy: hullo
ctchme : coffee?
candy : later babe, I’m busy
ctchme : doing?
candy : typing up a paper… on cotton
ctchme : hehe socks
candy : C O T T O N
ctchme : then panties?
candy: ...

I'm working and you are relaxing on msn?" I closed the
"not msn uhm... i'm typing" pulling up a notepad "tahdah "

he tied the apron round and over and a not in the back.
"bye bye" and started typing in on my account.
"MATT " and i slapped him round the forehead. (once my hands where out)
I slithered out and went back to coffee

matt had gone home, I didn't know where that was, but it was out
there. my cereal looked at me while it whirled around in my milk .
he he my milk, my cereal my apartment. I was my own person, it makes me feel
Two knocks.
I looked at my window, then at my door. Outside, up my steps was
a small girl, who had long hair. And a small boy, bay. And mat, unconscious,
the small one.
" crap, where did you find him? Get in here. "
They carried him in. and we wrapped him up in blankets, then tossed him on my couch.
we sat at my table, drinking. Don't think of me that way, it was juice.

they had really blue eyes. Not like baby blue, but turquoise. It scared me
to think that people paid armloads of money to get colored contacs that
exact shade. And they had them...naturally? I didnt even know.
They talked together in whispers, leaving me out.I didnt care. Matt moved, I walked over, moderate pace. His eyes had opened.
except, they weren't blue.

Candace had walked home and fell on the fist soft thing she could find,
this being her couch. Her cat stayed away.

Janice was walking down a street with two young men wondering how she would
get home.

"Her looked beautiful, even in the streetlights, the sentence Jason would be
whispering to nobody tonight.

Anthony looked at his fingers, waving them around. 5? Or does the thumb not
count.tequila was guilty.

a bum staggered, and fell back into his spot. He would never wake.

Bane, his thoughts where strange, strange indeed.

And across the world, in the daytime, a family of four thought it would be
fun to give a cat a shower.

"im back with a very strange chapter. more soon k?
and in the summmer!!! "

and after spending twenty minutes scratching out small html codes from this thing ( all " and ' ) i tryed posting regularly and it worked, no problems! yeah!


At 9:38 PM, June 13, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol its so random and wierd and personally no matter how long u and a friend have been together u never kised them on the lips, thats for realtionships or one nite stands, anyways nice post but confusing

At 10:35 PM, June 17, 2005, Blogger Dustmonk said...

thats not true!
being high, and nowing sumbody for a long time makes all the diffrence. It's liek when they cheke ckiss in brasil, greece or spain



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