Friday, April 01, 2005

lets put an end to this madness.

I have decided to kill of all of my charecters.
their deaths shall be posted one by one. death by death. ironic or non ronic they all shall die. I'll probably destroy the town too...

any suggestions would be nice as my mind is kinda non evil fro the moment.

hmm lets start with anthony and jason.

the two where found playing super smash brothers. when jason beat nathony fro the fifth hundred time. he was mad so he deced to throw his his controller at the screen. at which his hands went around jasons neck. the controller was still lopped around his foot, hit the tv and sent a nice shock up to nanthony killing him, and jason in the process.
(anthonies arm was broken but you cant still chooke with one hand.... )

I will do the rest some other time. and i might start a new story...btu knowing mhow lazy i am i'll only get up to 20ish posts. then stop.

well have a nice day. and I'll type up about the art school audition tommorow. (:

(going to a parrrrtah tonight. yayayay


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