Tuesday, April 05, 2005

ch 28 - maybe i don't

Maybe i didn't want wake up. maybe i was destined to stay inside my dreams. If i got out of this bed. and opened my eyes. i would have ot face holly. and Mathew, and the two Banes.

If i got out of this bed i would have to figure it all out. i would serve coffee to people whoa re grumpy, making hteir moods slighlty above the level of grumpness until they of couurse get to work. i fell asleep through my own party. the big one. the big thing.

BUt i didn't care. that was the first sign of something. something definantly not me.
th efamiliar rattle of a coin slowing down as it was spun. this wan't part of the dream. this was part of that retchid thing called' reality.'

"yeah babe."
"get out."

chair puleld asied.e footsteps.door closing. that was easy. (inswert completly cliched line) 'too easy'

i figured in the corner of my mind(right near hell)) that doing nothing would accomplishnothing. and when your accomplishments add up to anything..well that really kinda sucks.

i found chang eon the table. well at least matt wasn't a dream. his child. he wsa so much like his original. (these are the names i started to call them. the whole situation was probably a dream. i was probably crazy. but htis at least calmed me down a bit.)

I always told myself, that i belive in magic. the butterflies. they where magical. i belived in them. but swhen it really came out, i was a wuss.

they both turned coins. it wa squite musing. i guess matts didn't stay up as long.

It was a cool day.and, yeah janice had been saying something. soemthing impportant to her. i was watching the butterfly. yeah it was saying somethig important to me. the day had passed. and i hadn't noticed at all. the little boy. yes him with the blue eyes. he had walked in. and he had played wiht the coins, like that day long ago. But something disturbed his play. the tranger who camei n and grabbed him by hte wrist. the two children sitting across the street.

no wait, the children weren't there, whre they?
Oh and mathew had gone.
and hte stranger..she was..could she be?

"I'm telling you, those brats where there. Not the first one i saw. i told oyu right? the one on the bus?" she stopped to take a bite of the red sugar thing that had entranced her. " Those two, i told htem not to come. I speciffically told them not to come. And I stodd there, and i told them to go away. leave Chase alone, and you know hwat htey say? the nerve of them too..." she took another bite. now preleasing her agner to it. eventualy get a sugar rush form it..her words whre acelerating at an incredible speed(i can use big words!)
"No Janice. what did they say? " candace was sitting across form aher. corosslegged format drinking a gingerale. twisting off hte tab of the can. she was more intrested it in than janice . for the simple fact htat she had no idea what janice was saying.

"well the girl. she looked at me with theose pathetic blue eyes and tells me that she is helping chase, and Bane. And! she knew my name! she completly knew it. evil stalker. the boy wa lit up too. haha the girl wasn't keepiing him too informed. " she took another bite and then a sip of candaces pop. the tab fell in. scary part: candace was actually sad about that.

"ok ok..so I'm about to get iup in htis kid's face. did i mention how cool her hair was?"janice suddenly switched sides. hmm her mood swings where enhanicing. sugar rush." I mea n it was reallly coool. it looked like htat month htat Holly had her hair in theose little dreads. so it looked jsut like that. which got me evbven more aangry. some little kid ripping of holly!" the thought acoured to candace..when had janice and candace been good friends?

"so then fire escape starts shaking. And i see bane. and if he saw me he would kill me. so i left the blue eyed freaks to argue."

"rember...how you where serving drinks with me. and then chase went upstaris. then you left wwith whatever. and i was made ot serve drinks ionstead of dancing all night? "
janice was speechless.
"well..... who did you leave with? " a totalyl un- candace question. and jancie was ready wiht an answer.
"I left with jason. Chases friend. we walked around, that's it." a totaly un-janice thing.

the day ended up in well, a totally un people kinda day. but, the day hasn't ended yet.

((( i like dtyping janices whole word blurb.cuase she's uspposed to be all HIGH...a thing which i am not. This post kinda sucked bu tthe story is sitting at hte top of a hole and i need to get it away fromt hat hole, over the hill it faces and back on to a steady lsope of typing. see you all...off to fdo my english.))

(( also.. i idn't eit it..it looks so ugly..the typing is really horrible. I worte this at such a bad quality that i don' t wish to post it..but i have to because the one i had instead of this sucks.))


At 5:53 p.m., April 05, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting post, another mind-puzzling one. at least its another post to read, yeah i dont' have a clue where the story is going or maybe i'm just incredlby stupid. well got trak tommorw hahah triple jump lol cant do that 4 beans. LYE


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