Saturday, March 12, 2005

ch-27-wings a flight

(i just had a totally awesome night!!!! (in school..freaky eh) runnign around wiht buddie...all wearing balck and white. music night sucked. the night hto..the night wwas awesome.))
(kinda high....rant o shcool in very big sick and tired of them so i tokk em off and ran in my socks..people say I'm crazy.... bu t i know otherwise (: ))

tow lonley shapes took to the sky. never alone for always otgether. but lways in the ocnfines of their minds. a moth and a butterfly. the originators of hte tale. MUsic below them, dranw by the lights. but gone when htey saw her. and him. then the children.this was osmething not belonging to them, nothing htey could help. Bane saw them as wonderful things. Holly always had too. Thne the small one, Chase discovered them one day as well. Mathew never noticed. the butterfly shouldnt ebven be here. it was cold nad it was hte ngiht. yet the moth was free to fly.

"where hte hell did she go?" i was standing behind hte counter. serving drinks evry now and then. Chase had left me. Janice had one upstairs. she was a dancing queen.and me, th e one and only party girl. was sitting serviing coffee. i could hear the musci. i would begin to dance. then wlk away. but i couldnt so i danced in my mind nowing htat if my body felt the beat it would walk away with it.

a thought came ot me..what if Mathew was molesting her..he hadn't been here for a while who knows what thoughts are going through his mind. and he hadn't come back wiht Holly.... have i heard any recent reports?

Nah, MAtheew was inoccent. had a nice respect for girls..most of the time. i went back to my work...beisdes. Chase could probably kick his ass.

((i was writing on thursday. and this is what i wrote. iut is short becaus ei cant seme to finish oit kno.w hectic week coming up. have ot finish my portfolio(to get into a small art school) with the help of my talented art teacher..MAX.... also in the mornings i shall be doin gtrack and field (triple sooo mine.)(or so they say) so thats art 3 or 4 times a week...track in hte least judo is over. the good hting? faboulus march break is on friday(or is it htursday?)

Hey, 'babe' what are you doing over the march break?


At 9:23 p.m., March 14, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BLah haven't posted in a long time cause of the brain dead phase which i have been trapped in. once i recover i'll conitnuin posting. hehe srry bout it. LYE

At 7:42 p.m., March 15, 2005, Blogger Dustmonk said...

woah...I had to read that 3 times until i realized that you posted it...and not me. hehe i shall post somethiing small..soon...if i feel like it...which i wont.


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