Friday, March 04, 2005

ch 25- the magical three

Holly, mathew and Bane. the magical three.
One was the party girl, brave and with out doubt
second was the brave, the sport, the love.
and third, he was the intelligence. thee one to defiy

those htree. they where ther own party. they did evrything together. without one there were downcast, but not entrily. one day in the small town. the own that had grown magical the one full of people and energy. their power source left. holly had gone. sheep's left to another. Mathew hte brave set out to follow her. birng and end to the power struggle. Bane was forced to choose, the place he loved, or his friends he admired. he chose the later. and departed

they left thier disciple, chase all alone sititng in hte ruins of an energy deprived land. Bane was walking and he thougth to himself. we are leaving this town to find her. but why not rebuild her. we can make bettter. wiht light and coffee. alas this is my quest! he raced back , no worries over his head. to find chase srill alone. please rebuild her eempire. they did. sheep's was back. friends and light. the town was reguvinated. not to the maximum of ocurse. but chaase was young and coul d handle this energy.

until of ocurse that dreadful night. where the party was happening. and old times caught up. the young met the old. the 3 children of course. had ocm in contac wiht eyes saw allthe horros that would become. bane had seen his minuatre. his mind had cracked and allt he good he had cause was breaking apart. chase the disciple saw him again, mathew the brave. but in ehr mind she new she had seen his small blue eyes. and holly, where was she? she could see Bane and what he had become. she had seen chase, all of her friends. nand only her blue eyes remained.

holly was nowhere. the 3 where there. Holly and mathew, and bane of course. but bane was special. his child nad mind, resided in one place.while mathews child was gone. his old self resided. and hollys natural self was nowhere.but her blue eyes nd child from where indeed there.

this was the story of the 3. where they are now, at this moment.
MAthew the brave. his coins all gone. no more blue eyes. taken away by a stanger
And bane, with both if him on one oplace. blue eyes and not blue eyes. confused and broken.
holly and her blue ees., sat very sad. ehr true self was somewhere. somwhere else.

((wowowowowow weird post! its in fantasy story mode.... the story of the magical three. i don know hwy its like this it jsut cameout. this explains the little kid thing....kind of.))
((im at school right now. sittin gon a mac. updatng my beatifulll blog. the one i needed time with but this came out in a creative outburst. haev fun..byeebyebyee))))


At 10:55 a.m., March 05, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is so luk some random book i read from b4 (i read lol) i have to go to stupid math classes now(stupid asain parents) and they wont' let me go to alycia's party cause they scared of something might happened so gay. mehh but i'll figure out somtin to get out of the house. this chapter was pretty cooleo. got new processer? which one? ahhhhhhhh shiny hahaha . well g2g now LYE 4 ever wherever

At 5:24 p.m., March 05, 2005, Blogger Dustmonk said...

i dont know which one..but ist faster....your paretns are just amazing, (sarcastic) i mean..come on! its a party... see ya later. lyj


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