Friday, March 04, 2005

ch. 24-the night sets in.

I was sitting on the counter, Candace passing me drinks. We where the hit of the town. We where stars. The whole on fire feeling..
”Next” and I was giggling.
”Small coffee. And an old friend?” (Lame line eh)
”whu?” I was still happy, but my mood slowly caved in as I saw the words coming out of his mouth,
”Mat?!” Candace looked at him. She knew him too. I saw it in her eyes.he walked around the counter. Aiming for a hug. I stood back.

”what took so long?” this time it was Candace talking she didn’t like him it seemed.

“Holly, she’s not coming back. I don’t have her hidden in my pocket. Don’t bitch on me.”
”Mat, I cant believe you’re here, come we need to talk. “ I grabbed his arm heading for the stairs.
”can you keep it steady” I was asking Candace.
”yeah fine… whatever”
I dragged him upstairs, the real stairs to my apartment, not the ones to the roof, and the party

”hey chase I didn’t know we were so personal” he was putting on the Mr. macho attitude. But he wouldn’t get far.
” forget it Mathew.” I walked in, him at my heels.

”Why are you back?” I went right into the 3rd degree. ”
you left for how long again, let me remind you a couple years is a long time!” I was angry with him. Why?
” I had to leave, I left to follow Holly. I couldn’t find her. I talked to bane back then. He didn’t know anything either”
” leave Bane out of this”
”he left too remember? And as I remember you didn’t feel so bad about it then
”shut up. Bane…me... Different back then! You 3 left me. The magical three left me all alone. At least Bane came back.”
”I came back, I’m here aren’t I.”
”but why right now, why not before.?”
”I couldn’t, I don’t know why. I cant explain.”
” you should have stayed.” I was angry, I was confused. My good mood crushed by mat, by holly. bane in my mind was the overwhelming force. He did come back, why? He was there.
” come here chase”
he wanted a hug I didn’t walk towards him. I sat myself down at the table in the kitchen. He sat opposite. And very slowly. And elegantly. He took a quarter and in between his fingers. He began to spin it.

((sheesh a crappy post… sorries. I cant really write this week, that’s why all the missed posts. Let me think about the story for a bit I don’t want to write anything off balance))


At 8:25 a.m., March 04, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow seems like a friendship was torn up. i'm really tired its in the morning rite now. give the blog some time no pressure lol. make it good. (: I'm actually reading this in the library and lonely guy is kinda starring at me same with kung fu guy he is humming some random tune and threating me rite now, o how i luv my friends lol. last nite i was kinda bored my mom made me do so much math crap awww great kung fu guy is reading this kung fu guy says "raaaaaaaaaaah" no clue. meh missed u to bad i wasn't on msn last nite, stupid asain parents. haha mr.gordon i can't get over that lol. I drew in the note book but stupid pen leeked through. well i wont' pressure on the blog (my bad from b4) lol and yeah have a nice day and i'll c u at ur loker. LYE 4 ever wherever

At 8:35 p.m., March 04, 2005, Blogger Dustmonk said...

not your prob about blog, dont worry about it. hehe lonly guy..kung fu guy..oh how the mighty have falllen....


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