Wednesday, March 09, 2005

another side story. sorry

bunnies rabbits and hares.

I will not start talking about how they are different. To me they are all fuzzy hopping creatures that have been exploited to a point of pure disgust. A rabbit laying eggs… handing them out… That whole hare family thing on a hill…. I will also not mention the many acts of cruelty or harshness towards these creatures, or the fact that they are skinned and eaten. Instead I will type up a quaint tale of a rabbit. But not a real one. One of those big custom wearing rabbits whose supposed to be cheery but is really some guy trying to get money.

Rabbit guy

“hey look it’s the Easter bunny!” and another little brat has noticed my costume. My hand reaches out of the a large hand for a second and another tick on the inside of the rabbits suit.
“ hey Mr. Easter bunny!”
“ hey you! Are you ready for Easter?" I’m good at voices, I really am. I could have gone to some actor thing. be in some cartoon. But nooo this work was physical…talking hugging. Acting like an idiot all day.
“ yeah I’m ready!!!” and the little creature plants a hug on the giant rabbit suit.
“bye bye bunny!’ and the little kid walks away happy with his mother. I scratch another number into the column under hugs. The crying column only had one. That one kid, he walked up an gave me a hug. He wasn’t happy that day. And he started to cry. I promised myself by the end of this month that I would make kids cry!(cruel) I would be an evil rabbit, get fired and finally get a job. All this talking and deciding was ruined with another child. This time a small girl.

“ hi Easter bunny. D o you like my hair?” I was happy; I was smiling she couldn’t see my smile but I was smiling. Why was it my grumpy mood had been destroyed so easily? Her hair was in braids. With pink bows.
“ yes its very cute” I put on another voice.
“Thank you. I like your ears. They are looong” I laughed and gave her a hug.
“happy Easter”

the day ended, a day of hugs and voices. And I came into the employee change room, and took of thee rabbit gear. Nobody asks me about their hair, or compliments my ears. I make people cry, but not with a suit. I never gave a hug as big as what I did each day on the hour. For now, I like being a bunny.

((another side story. i need ot think baout butterfly coffee. so sorry for leaving hte cliffhanger. the above is well about some guy in a bunny suit. ityped t up instead of going outside for lunch(cold) and i was goign on ch 26 when...i realized i couldnt write that chapter then. so i started typing about bunnies and rabbits..and hares. for no reason whatsover. my mind has been completly braindead for a long itme. i need to pull out a work im really proud off. not for this. not for my blog. i need to do somehting i can be proud of, soemthing that iwll give me a mark. cause my marsk arenet nearly as nice as they should/ could be. i have some work ahead of me tonight.


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