Wednesday, February 23, 2005

ch.21 - one walk,big diffrence.

(ugh last chapter pissed me off just conversations. hate typing people talking…))(((continue chapter 21) ((yey chapter 21! That’s 21 story posts! Me feel proud)(and \ nothing has happened yet…. (:

its weird, when your driving and you see something completely incredible. And you reach over for a camera but its not there. Then you curse yourself. If things where there when opportunities called for the world would either have a lot more murders. or a lot less. But not to worry about human population. There it was. An actual snowman in a tree. I wonder, how did it get up there? In the tiny tree, on the ends of a branch. Did it simply climb, or get a hand up. It was probably hiding from small dogs, but then again a tree wouldn’t be the smartest decision. I snapped back into it. I was in a car of course.

Janice’s view:
”ugh, chase was being all weird. I as telling her about Raphael” she played with the word, rolling it over her tongue.” and she totally spaced. I was talking and she was just totally out of it. Sometimes I wonder what’s inside her head.” I was cross-legged on my bed. Candace was sitting on the floor. Laid back position # 3042-f.
” she’s crazah. Just drop it.”
I didn’t want to ‘just drop it’ she was being totally bitchy. “Whatever”
They sat and talked laughing like little girls.
“Hello?” Candace picked up Janice’s phone while I tried to wrestle it form her.
”Its for you” and she carefully handed it to me, like a butler. Then she started jumping on the bed, like what butlers probabaly do when nobody is home..
”Get off!” Holding the phone in one hand trying to whack Candace off….
”2 little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and broke her head! “
laughter. the room was filled in laughter. Over on chase’s end I could hear her laughing. Then we started to sing. ”Oh shit” Candace was on the floor, the phone hang up. The cord around her feet.
Then she started to laugh
”you okay babe?”
”I’ll live” i called back chase. A party? Here? It would be strange. They didn’t hold parties at sheep’s anymore. Not since holly left.

”I’ll be back” she grabbed her coat, and walked to the door. Leaving Candace sitting their by herself. Until of course, she found the computer. Janice walked through town. She would find them. The boy and the girl. The other boy, he had gone. He had been caught. But they where still our there. There, they were on the swing set. She walked towards them

”look its her again”
”yes, yes I remember”
the boy said his small voice echoing in the silence. Janice had made the mistake of finding these kids. The allure of them pulling her ever so close almost to the point of no return. She soon found out about them.

”They are having a party, at sheep’s. And I don’t want any of you or your freaky friends there!” she didn’t yell but the tone of her voice was defiantly harsh.

”he he, I think she is talking about our friends.”
”yes our friends. Janice you’ll will learn soon enough not to make fun of those smaller of you.”
He said at first a giggle. but he turned against her.
”bye-bye now.”
Said the girl. Always remaining calm. Her eyes looking at Janice. Her hair swept behind her as she and the boy walked away, giggling. Her hair, it was in small loose dreads.

the silence was stalled by the single click of Janice’s thoughts, and the soft walking of two children in the distance.

( Janice’s mind has clicked, Has yours?)

((has it? Well I didn’t know about the boy and the girl. and their little secret. And like how it came out…because once again it was another random thing to do. All will be revealed in the end. Short post today? Sorry I had homework. I saw a snowman in a tree today. I really did…it was the most magical thing ever…ii need to draw a picture of that. ))(also where I mention laid back sitting position #… that goes out to questionable content…a webcomic! oh and I can’t find where they say it. but I swear they do. and If they don’t it was put somewhere…but is I still like the webcomic…so goodnight…and toodalooo.


At 7:30 a.m., February 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

arggg my brain didn' click. boo its to early its like 5 rite now i just randmoly got up uggh w.e todays day 3(: LYE

At 6:22 p.m., February 23, 2005, Blogger Dustmonk said...

*click* hehe all wiell be tol d int he end.... 5! what are you doing up at 5.

At 7:47 p.m., February 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

meh i'll read everything all over again it i'll probally come to me. haha mr.Lakstigala after skool lol coincidences make life funny lol. today was really nice after skool (got to do it more often, when i'm not tired). LYE (:

At 7:49 p.m., February 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe reading it over i'm getting confused again/ LOL i was voluntering so i didn't c u on msn probally. well cya i'll keep reading it till i get it. :)


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