Friday, February 25, 2005

ch 22- take me away, take me home.

Candace finally gets her own VIEW

”take me away, to a land of blue skies and green grass. With trees and birds, with harmony and peace.” I was singing something strange, as the voices in my head began to argue,
” go to the party! You must you should!"
”but what about Hooollly?” the whiney one.
” if holly knew she would forgive you” sensible? I didn’t even know anymore. Where was the evil side of me?
” right here babe, go to the party, forget the girl, the other one too. Free food remember? It’s a party…like any other. Dance laugh leave.
“ your always on target aren’t you?” I spoke allowed. I had problems, but the voices weren’t going to bother her now. Janice hadn’t shown up yet. She had left ages ago, who knows where. I was sitting in her room on the internet. Stuff was thrown around in her tiny apartment. I took my coat, it was lying on the kitchen table among other thing’s. It was a forest of crap growing out the table. Nobody knew its original colour anymore, what was it now…couple months she had moved here and it looked like this place had been owned by her for years. you can almost see the art of her childhood spread among the walls but nothing was under the fading green. And with that, I left. Walking back home? Ahh of course my apartment, I was the true new resident.

I lived downtown before, with my roommate. I borrowed some of her cds one night for a party, came home totally out of it. no cds I n hand. Those cds never came back. And she apparently liked them a lot. So I got kicked out. Beautiful eh? So much for the “nice Canadian gig” so I crashed at chases…for a long time. Then got an apartment…but Janice liked the apartment. so we switched. She lives closer to her work. or is it school? I don’t know. And I live. well I don’t really care.
Coming home to somebody waiting would be nice. Instead, My cat looked at me with sudden eyes.
”You expecting food?” I opened the can peeling the lid back, plopping ‘chicken dinner’ in her bowl…ugh ants again. How the hell did they get up here? This was the 3rd floor! (Apparently all people in my story like to live on low floors.)

My cat was happy. was I happy? Yeah! pretty much my mood was still saturated by Janice’s futile attempts at a mini party. “ mini “ meaning me and her.
A picture was forming in my mind, not a fantasy that little boy with blue eyes. not something perverted or anything(ahem) What had it been? A couple months? Before the new year, so last year(technically).
He was standing below her window. What the hell, she looked down. Yeah that was him, except his mother wasn’t with him this time. what a coincidence…? He was looking at the graffiti on the walls, his blue eyes in awe.
My feet made little noise on the metal of the fire escape as I stepped out and looked down. It was late, why was he here?

“ Its late, go home” I yell to him. The night air is cool and fills my lungs and all he does is giggle. Was he giggling at me? Why all theses questions? Where were the voices in my head? Damn you little bastards buggers, always there when I don’t need you. And at my time of need you fly away. I should just fire them and hire a new staff.

“its late, go home” he said to me. Repeating my words.

“I am as close to home as I will ever get”
I shout down. Am I having a conversation with a boy who goes up to my hip? More questions.

“ so am I “

and he walked out of the alley. Strange kid. Strange day. Chase is having a party, that’s what Janice said. I wish holly could come. Where the hell was she?
“Ask one more question and, You will be banished form eating sweet things” back so soon Mr. Evil voice? He he another question. I hacked away at my own computer. Ignoring the death threats coming form my brain.

Blue eyes (through boys eyes)

”its beautiful” he whispers. The tall grey walls on either side masked by layers of spray paint. he sat for a long time. ”
silly cat why did you lead me to this marvellous thing?” he asks sweetly and in a whisper to the cat, with a stripe.

”it’s late go home” he was being watched?

He looked up a girl. Form the bus. Ahh yes. She had a nice mind. Filled with horror to the very depths. but kindness in the darkest cave.

”Its late go home” I echoed her voice.

“I am as close to home as I will ever get” once more., by this time the kitten had slinked off. His time to leave.

”so am I” and the little boy walked off.

((wow late post… ashamed of myself. Hope you like this one. By the way, after “ apparently all the characters like to live on low floors) I stopped and that was ad ay ago. then after that it was lunch and I was in the computer lab(on a Mac)(ugh) and typed it up. nothing much to say except: I walked home, and it was snowing. I ate ice cream and listened to music. I looked over at the bus passing by, and I saw a friends face looking g back. life is cool, live it out to every coincidence.

no Josh..i will not join a cult.


At 10:50 p.m., February 25, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEHEH good good this is getting to be very mysterious and mind boggling. lol cool don't join a cult haha my parents didn't kill me lol. 3rd floor roks ahaha. LYE l8er. I think vince is feeling better i'm going to call him tommorow

At 11:02 a.m., February 26, 2005, Blogger Dustmonk said...

3rd floor, the place where everything happens.


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