Monday, February 21, 2005

ch. 20 -2 little monkeys.

her feet were cold. She knew they were cold. there was a perfectly knowledgeable reason. The room was cold. And why was this room cold? It was cold, you see its winter. Her phone lay at her side like a trust sword. She dialled her Excalibur(swords?…please. shoot me). Candace’s voice pitched in after the 3rd ring. This wasn’t Candace’s phone
”Janice. Now.”
”he he hey chicka” Janice was on the other end her hair being juggling between her fingers… Candace making weird faces at her. they sounded like 14 year olds….. Giggly.
”you know what?”
”no I don’t know, what?”
”we should have.. a party”
”hasn’t been a part in years chicka..Watcha thinking?”
“One of holly’s parties. On the roof.” Chase was so stuck in lalaland right now she might never come out.
”uh… girl its minus thirty out. And it will stay that way for a long time! “(canadien winters. SIX months…jokes.)Candace was jumping on the bed that Janice was sitting on
“ 2 little monkeys jumping on the bed one fell of and broke his head…” Janice’s solo performance made me and Candace laugh…then join in. we all started singing. I finished the rhyme…the phone hung up.
”Ugh my life is run around coincidences…. strange ones. “Chase lay down. Where was the moth. or the butterfly? Why did they come in the winter. why did they come to her. The phone rang. Like a horror movie she crept towards it almost expecting the prank call
“ I’m in your house” no Janice’s voice instead.
”hey what happened?”
”Candace fell of the bed. amazingly…phone cord got pulled out.” Candace’s laughter could be heard
”you two. Are crazah…is she okay?”
”she’ll live”
”see you tomorrow Janice”

Need this party. She didn’t care. Black sheep coffee would break its curse, the part would go on. She made some calls. Got her old friend Mikey to do the music. She had some old friends to make food…. Two senses down. Three to go. Flyers. She hooked up her printer. Shiny thing.(hmm how should I solve this one…okay. chase has a laptop (birthday gift) and a desktop computer) chase rushed it…just a quick sketch out of the poster. Time and dates, The dj the food. They all did on Saturday. Saturday was a good night….she left her printer on through the night. Waking up to refill it.

Would this be all in the form a cheesy movie? Would she drop it from the sky in a helicopter. no the old fashioned way. handing out and hanging up posters. Holly could do it…chase could it too. She walked up and down alleys tapeing up her colourful posters everywhere, she saw the strange cat again. she followed it like a spy following a suspect. Cats don’t like to be followed if they see you they’ll stop. This one didn’t care. She stumbled into the alley. like Alice in wonderland. The colourful one. Bane was right, graffiti all the way to the 3rd floor. It was beautiful. She sat on one of the dumpsters staring at the buildings. she was like the caterpillar on her mushroom, but if she ate what was in her seat she would probably mutate into something…. This must have taken a while. Different artists loading on the paint. Climbing the fire escapes making art, risking their necks. Chase was thankful for people who didn’t complain. Cranky people who get very pissed off at a bit of colour.

I walked to the coffee shop. The town seeming all the more…colourful. What was the big event this time? He grabbed one of the many posters of the wall. Blue, blue seemed nice.
” Chase…?” still groggy. he only got half of what the poster said. So he read through it twice then rushed off towards sheep’s(I half plus one half = whole).
? Party!Holly would be proud”
”bane…I’m not a kid anymore. I can throw a party.”
bane looked down like her a little sister. And chase looked up at him like an annoying older person.
” Just be careful chicka.”

” a life full of coincidences, a life to live…” the rest was scratched off and I couldn’t make it out. I put it away, with banes other little notes.

((Chapter= screwed up…chase is cool. her life is coincidences…al playfully played out(like mine..) serendipity…))((she’s also pretty cool. Hmm…bane is older than chase. cause he is equal to holly. and holly is older than chase(bane and holly same age. older than chase) Janice is the same age as chase and the other dudes are in university or something……))
( cold day for a butafly……)
(banes little notes. mean nothing. bane is just. strange. Lets leave it at that.


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