Sunday, February 20, 2005

ch 19- set in motion

A normal day. I haven’t had one of those in a while. Just yesterday a Sunday we went to the hill. Anthony broke his arm at the bottom. he sped up and went off the jump he landed and rolled. And the arm didn’t go were its supposed to. But today was normal. The sun was shining but not too bright. The wind was there but not a gust of it at once. No rain or troubles bother the sky. it was one of those days were all you could say about the weather was" nice."

My regulars came in on their regular time. Bane told me the weather was nice. a butterfly flew in. one everyday. It was strange but I hardly noticed nowadays. I had a small lid of sugar and water. Set on the counter. away from prying eyes. The butterfly sat there, Drinking the sweet stuff. Bane sat and told me of his weekend. He had gone downtown to hear a reading of a wonderful book with no plot whatsoever. And not even a title and it sounded as he was telling me a fairy tale. For jack and Jill went up the hill but Bane didn’t come tumbling or broke his crown. He got the strange book signed by a nobody none the less... he also had found the most marvellous alley. filled with graffiti thru to the 3rd floor. And he would not have found it if he had not followed a cat. A small black one with a brown(not brownish or slightly brown. a brown strip!) stripe. this kitten had sat outside my balcony every other day. strange how these weird things kept attracting to me, then following my friends. but no time to point out anything I was having my coffee and talking to Anthony on the phone. he was doing all right . he had gotten a cast. it was a small one he hadn’t broken much. he said it was green and he had drawn graffiti on it(I haven’t witnessed those graffiti skills, for the safety of my eyes.). it looked cool. But that’s what he thought. Jason was on the phone in a minute. telling me how he had to rush to classes and he would stop for a coffee. Janice was talking...I think. the blue one, the butterfly it flew in a circle. near Janice’s head. for Janice was talking. and all draw near when one so great has something to say.

I only listened to every other word she said, something about a cat and a dog.
A man named Raphael like the chocolate but more.
he danced to the moon and kissed. And went back down to the earth just to meet his wife.
my mind was lost and not within Janice’s words.
but the beating of my heart the gracious wings of the butterfly.
It told me its secrets and dreams.
How it wanted to fly to the moon and back and fly in the night with the moths even if it was not allowed. And how it did like being a caterpillar and flight was compared to heaven. It was reading my mind it was taking notes on my eyes. I could see inside its body fragile parts working together. Just to make it’s heart beat and it’s wing flutter.

It flew out the door and away with the light breeze. Jason had indeed stopped for a coffee. He chatted and said hi. Only to grab his coffee and a treat smile and leave. Not everybody was busy like him. A lady had sat and talked on her phone. I only caught some seven words for my hearing an paying attention skills had been gone since I was 3. Blue and red no and the walls. Maybe another word or too... Candace had dropped in, always random times of the day. Wearing something she found or borrowed. Or cut up with scissors. She ordered a coffee and sat with Janice they had a small conversation laughing and whispering. Getting the jokes nobody else would for ages. While I drank a cup of the finest. Black sheep coffee with a hint of cinnamon. People walking in and out buying a shot or two of expresso then muttering off. their system had gone through another refill.

Am I getting to a point?
Can you guess it already?
Well there isn’t a point there shouldn’t be a point to each day should there?
Do we really live each day to fulfill one thing.
I heard the noise of change hitting the table. Was he really back? The little boy who spun his change. His hair had grown out a bit and he was wearing a hat. but he sat at the table spinning his change. It didn’t fall anymore just spun round in circles. He covered it with his hand and came to the counter. He gave me some change and pointed out one of the cookies. I gave him one and he sat down. Almost looking for a minute but eating it in two(minutes). His quarter spun and spun. Somebody walked in. their expression and movements suggested anger. The yell helped too. Hope this wasn’t a robbery.

It was a women and she walked to the boy. His change falling and clattering to a stop on the table. she took him by the wrist and he grabbed his change with the other. She dragged him out. the little boy frightened, shaking like my insides. What could I do. Nothing so I just watched. Janice had left ages ago. Apparently she has school or work. I didn’t know.

”What a pity, they got Mathew”
“Now who will go and look”
” why I think its your turn now.”
“Yes, I think it is.”
a stranger saw these two. They had beautiful eyes. That’s all he remembered.

((didn’t post yesterday...didn’t even post” imp sick go away” I guess it doesn’t matter it wastes space anyway this chapter is strange. and I really like it. Nothing much to say…uh… I finally got Photoshop from a friend(and my one and only reader) and I can successfully use the smudge tool. I’ve been making fire and things hairy all day.(Photoshop is hard) hmm that’s all for today. See you all one Monday…hmm couple more things actually: went to chapters and bout a billion books.including flight…, and eats, shoots and leaves. And when I finish reading the latter. my posts. might actually be readable. Toodaloo, goodnight, goodbye.


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Great great great story eva! its great! great great great! your a GREAT writer! great great great! it was just great....


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