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Hey kids

Hey! I just wrote a huge outline of Butterfly Coffee. You know why? Because I am fixing it. None of those stupid plot holes anymore. changed some parts around. Etc. Still working on it to get it right. Also continuing the story a bit, I still have more to write. Anyway, If you haven't read butterlfly coffee yet, please ignore this completly.

Spoiler warning.
Highlight to view.

Chase owns a coffee shop. It was given to her by Holly, an older friend of hers. Like a sister. They used to live together.

Janice her friend, who is also Holly's friend, is now her most regular customer. She likes to watch people.

Candace, a mysterious girl who shows up on Chase's doorstep. She is an old friend of Holly. Frankly one of her oldest friends.

Bane, a mysterious guy, he seems to have an effect on butterflies. Probably how he and Holly met. He was her best friend. Part of the mystical three. (Holly, Bane, Matt)

Jason, chases friend. he is smart and is controlled, also a gamer. Geek. He likes Janice later on in the story. He is roomates with Anthony.

Anthony, chases friend. He is more wreckless, but can be shy sometimes. He is also a geek. He is roomates with Jason.

Mathew, part of the mystical three, he was the one who tried to follow holly. But he failed. He came back to find chase. Him and candace don't like each other.

Holly, the most mysterious. She used to own sheeps coffee and is part of the mystical three. She passed on the shop and left. Her and chase used to hit poetry slam like things. Holly is a party girl. She is the stranger in the story that takes young Matt, and then comes to old matt's house.

Darren, the bum. Another kinda mysterious side character. He confused chase in the beggining of the story.
The kids. explaining ALL of their appearances.

Gordo: This is a mistake, I should have never given him a name. His real name should be matt.In the begining, before being taken away he is pretty much a normal boy. Except for his coin spinning. he reminds chase of matt.

The boy on the subway: This is the young bane before he was captured. It was a mistake to put the blue eyes comment. Maybe?

Girl who keeps bumping into bane and janice: The girl is always the young holly.

The boy holly is always with: This is bane. Always has been. Matt doesn't join holly and bane till later. He is mild tempered and wants to know what holly is talking about. He figures out that he is bane and goes searching for answers. Finally finding the old bane. They nickname the young bane "bay" to differentiate

Matt: Matt is the boy in the alley who talked to candace. Which is kinda funny because their old selves hate each other. Anyway, he is the boy in the beginning spinning his change. He got taken by Holly (the stranger) and made into the blue eyed boy he is now. He was found unconcieous by young bane and young holly and taken to chases. When he woke up his eyes weren't blue anymore. This is because the real holly has met up with matt.
Story outline. Key points and such.

Chase gets an introduction, as does the coffee shop. Janice and bane meet up at her place as usual and then leave.
Janice gets her view of the coffee shop.
A bum named darien keeps entering her shop. He puts change on her table and asks for a small coffee.
Matt, the little boy comes in spinning his change. Chase remarks on how much he reminds her of Matt.

The day ends and chase goes upstairs to try to type up her story. She doesn't get far at all. She has a weird dream. When she wakes up it's 6 months into the future (about) people are weird she questions the bum. Apparntly jason and anthony aren't roomates anymore. she wakes up and everything is normal. it wasn't a dream tho.

Young Matt comes in again the next day. Chase again remarks how much he reminds her of her old matt. The boy gets taken by the stranger (Holly in disguise) He never comes back to the shop. The boy and girl are sitting outside, but nobody notices.

She gets a weird note. She thinks its from darien, the bum. Later that day she goes to the park for a walk, where she meets bane. He is being weird. She figures out the note is from him.

Candace, late from a party sees a weird boy on the subway. Young bane. She goes to find holly, but finds chase instead. She stays a while.

Change of scene, anthony, jason, and chase are at their apartment playing nintendo. Nothin weird happens, just random playing.

Candace goes to another party, while that night chase tries to write again. A party is going on next door. She likes the idea.

Bane wants to go to black sheep, but doesn't, he bumps into young holly again. He has a flashback of him and holy at her rooftop party. Weird suicide holly thing happens.

The next day at sheeps. Janice is inside, bane comes in, (its raining) soon candace comes back soaking wet paint dripped all over her. She goes to take a shower. The boy and girl are across the street conversing. Bane and candace meet. It's a weird meeting as bane is holly's greatest friend, and candace is her oldest. But they never mingled. Bane thinks he knows her, but cnadace informs him they have never met. Of course holly talked about her.

Chase has another flashback dream. Except it's in the past. she floats threw the memory of them at a poetry slam like thing.

Jason, anthony, and chase, after an msn convo go snowboarding way up north. They go together, jason being controlled, anthony being nuts, and chase being speedy and getting nice air. Anthony breaks his arm. (end of the seasonish)

Normal day at sheeps coffee. Talking about janice and candace switching apartments. That night she calls them, they are being giddy and suggest a party...On the roof, in the middle of winter. Chase makes some calls and makes it happen. Janice goes home to her new apartment (candaces old one) She finds the boy and girl in the park. They converse about the kids not coming to the sheeps party.

Boy is in an alley following a cat, candace seems him from her apartment. They have a weird conversation. Candace discusses her thoughts with herr voices.

The party. They hang up posters and in the daytime they set up. They take all the remaining snow and crap off her roof. The dj sets up, all food was going to be sold downstairs in sheeps coffee. The party begins.

Janice candace and chase stay at sheeps serving food and coffee.

Bane is on the fire escape and meets up with young holly and young bane. bay (young bane) is upset and confronts bane.

Holly tellss bane to go get chase. Matt comes. Him and chase go upstairs to talk. Kinda an argument, kinda not.

*Mystical three chapter. Explaiing bane, matt, and holly. *

bane comes and gets chase, suprised to see matt. His pretty much best friend. get it? They meet the kids. They find a young bane, they explain that their is a young matt. Chase realises it was the boy in the shop. now they just have to find him, and the adult holly.

Candace view now. She is stuck behind the counter. Jason and Janice are off somewhere.
*************** party end.

Chase wakes up, upset she missed her party, she tells matt (who is still there) to leave. She starts realising the little kids and holly adn the stranger.
Janice starts talking about the kids, because she saw them talking to bane. But she didn't want bane to see her so she ran. Candace asks about the blue eyes, and says she thinks she saw one on the subway.(she did) Janice talks really fast. Candace asks where janice was, janice says with jason. (just walking around)

Another flashback about matts gf sara, and holly and chase. and braiding her hair.

The next day chase sits on the counter and braids the young holly's hair. Bay sits in teh corner upset. Janice avoids the place, because of the kids, she hangs with jason. Candace came but avoided matt who was in here more often with bane. He talks about how he saw sara today, alone crying. He sounds like an asshole (lol) he runs out and gets hit by a cyclist. The cyclist runs off, karma ne?
Chase brings down her laptop talking to candace and janice on msn. Candace is working, janice is busy (with jason?)

That night the boy and girl bring young matt unconcious to her house.

Also jason anthony and janice get drunk. They go home (to jason and anthony's apartment) very drunk.

That night matt has an intruder in his apartment, he throws a book at her, knocking her out. It was holly.

The young matt wakes up, chase gets confused his eyes aren't blue (wonders if their is a little chase running around lol) She tries to call bane, but he doesn't pick up. She calls candaces cell. Chase explains, candace decides to come over. She tells chase that janice is over at jasons. (ZOMG)
Bane arrives at her door (rather coincedental) looking for janice(erm...why?) He gets confussed, nobody told them they switched apartments. she informs him. She tells him chase is looking for him. Bane pets her cat, charlie :D

Matt finds out its holly and freaks out.

There is some more yet to come. Also, please excuse the roughness. this is a rough. :} Any comments? Anything forgetten?

That's all. Any opinons would be great, last chapter coming soon (I wrote it down in a notebook a long time ago....Wait! not last. just #32.


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Hey again.

If you haven't already, please read this:

Hey! Readers??
What started as a write everday type thing turned serious. Not serious enough for me to go back and fix all those damn mistakes. (I love them) But serious enough for me to stop slapping shit down.

Seriously, I've been going back and pulling out all these plot holes, and inviting them back. Suprisingly I have some fun stuff to pull from. I'm just having a hard time writing it. Remeber that cut to the future? Still have to figure that out.
Besides re- reading the ENTIRE thing. Forgetting stuff this is so old.

I'm a diffrent person nowadays. Really, I've been thinking real thoughts. The stuff I wrote in the past was a great start, but it's nothing compared to what I think I can do. Hahaha, man this sounds lame.

So...If you read Butterfly Coffee, PLEASE leave a comment telling me. I need some support in all of this. Just a comment saying "Hey! I do read this! Keep going!" Would be all the help in the world.
And if not? Won't stop me from writing this thing. One day it will be found.

I hope.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Chapter 33. small mysteries.

“Bane?” Candace let him in watching him pet her cat like he’d been here before.Technically he had, but not in ages.
”I’m leaving actually, Chase needs me… she called around and I’m the only one who would answer my phone.”She smiled and slipped her coat on. Full of change and bits of crap found on the street.
”Can I come?” Bane was such a puppy, he wasn’t going to tell her why he came here, but he was defiantly going to follow her
”Uhm… it’s about the kids. And minature Matt.” Candace looked at him uneasily, chase would kill her if she wasn't there soon.
”Mhmm another mystery, I’m in.” They had a silent walk down to sheeps coffee. It was a perfect mission getting there, no scary cars, no scary people. No bad omens whatsoever. Till the end of the world came.
”Locked? How does she expect us to help her if we can’t get to her. “
”keys doll, keys.” Of course Bane would have keys


”I’m gonna crash here Sooo Jason take the couch” Her drunken smile led her to jasons bed and flopped down on the bed.
”Hey, my bed’s big enough…”
”Couch.” Janice was drunk, but not stupid. ”and don’t touch my boobies while I sleep”

Their apartment was cheap, in other words small. It had a kitchen, and a living room, and one large bedroom that the guys shared. They had gotten the rent by telling the landlord they where a gay couple, she told them nothing loud and gave them keys.

It was really some shit about single apartments, not to make an idiot of their landlord. So, we have dear, drunk, Anthony, very drunk in fact because he is actually a sad, sad geek. With no sense of direction anymore, he flops down on Jason’s bed. Now occupied by a short Asian girl named Janice. Who is also drunk, and asleep. Jason not knowing any of this, but of course he has taken the tiny couch in their living room. Hilarity ensues, laugh if you like.

“Chase doll, I found Bane!” Candace is here, didn’t I lock the door?

”In all fairness I found Candace. “ He calls. It would have been better if it was Matt.
”Up here, lock the door behind you” I say the kids looking at me funny.

”Candace won’t like it here. She doesn’t understand.” The mini Holly looked up at me.
”She’s right for once, Candace and Janice don’t understand.” The mini Bane backed her up. ”Shut up” They where so strange.

Eugh nothing more to write.....Maybe next time...
ooo guess how many plot holes there are in this story.....BILLIONS!!!

blah I suck go eat foood now.

Title of chapter? wtf?

I am not very good with promis...I would have gotten it up sooner...blah

Saturday, December 31, 2005

New year..06 here we come.

Ergh The last story instalmment was posted..In july? wtf!!!!
(So im writing one today..even though i have no fuckign clue what to write..)

Erp...2005 was a really...strange year. It was a year of firsts. (Yeah..that's all I'm saynig who knows who is reading this...)

And I totally forgot about this blog..I onlky remebered it yesterday...I totally forgot about my here's an update on life:

School: Well not doing to good...blah.
Trying out for not one art school but 2. Both which are absoulutly wonderful! One is more of a cyberarts type program while the other is a huge artschool. m going for visual arts.
Cyberarts is kinda cool, becuase withcin the school is a bunch of old friends who went there for a giftie program. (and a couple enemies...)

Right...Uhm I went snowboarding in quebec it was awesome. (Big mountain *drool*)
But I can't really speak french. so it was bleh.

Hmm I've been doign a lot of digital art..and I'm supposed to be doing work for my portfolios...such a bitch..

And all that other crap. SO butterfly coffee will be continued. Rawr!

(ALSO: found out that all of butterfly coffee is 17 701 words...about. Tis cool. But no nanowrimo that just put nanowrio in such perspective....)

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Randomness. wrong blog...

Girls just wanna play
need to see your handle
just wanna test you

can you open my bottle cap
can you turn on the tv
can you pass remote control

can you play it all night long
dance real slow hands on hips

down to your knees
kill the floor
we're all japanese

show me temples rivers
little beer god bars.

can you paint a wonderland
showe me a coaster
when i scream hold my hand

WTF is this? ALTHOUGH not word for word...I THINK there was stuff after that last one too....I was thinking it up...but doing it to a slow version of the discovery channel song. ( you an me baby aint nothign but mammels... )
...cept not that part.
And why this blog? its the one i reached first.

I was going to type up something yesterday but we went out for dinner.
and school started up again. so I guess i can start what i said i would on Word doodles. FOR the moment i have a new boyfriend. nothign lasting, but he is cool.

did i say that? to word doodles this hsould go....

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

ch 31 : good read for a bloody nose

*** my computer was wiped clear of everything (almost) and a the moment I don't have microsoft word ***

(this would be matt)

somebody, is in my apartment.
somebody, a stranger.
thats bad. I should get up.

his bedroom door opened and a dark shape walked in


I'm just sitting here. is that a chick? I cant hit her.


matts hand creeped to find sumthign heavy to throw at the person. who meanwhile just
stood there, arms at their side. his hand found a book. large print, lots of pages.
(harry potter 6? hehe nope )

"lets hope this hits him " he thought and whipped it at the dark shape in his

they didnt move t the sight of the book. A slight crack was heard dark liquid formed in the middle of her face, as the hood slipped down. she fell back and whispered.
" i do enjoy, a good read "


"holy shit" and chase kept repeating it over and over.
holly and bay just stood there staring at awe. and slowly his eyes closed
" what does this mean? why arent his eyes blue? WHAT HAPPENED! "
at which moment the two stepped back, scared. and chase found a chair to sit on.
and wondered why at all this was important.
bane, matt holly.
was their a little chase running around?
his eyes where a muddy brown like the older matts eyes.
not blue anymore.

" I'm calling bane. if he wakes up handle it." she grabbed her cellphone and met the breeze wiht open arms.
sitting on the stairs of the firescape she dialed banes number. and after a couple
rings, she got his annoying ass answering machine
" hello?

oh sorry, I'm not here, leave a message "

"argh! "

janice didnt pick up either, but who cared janice didnt like the kids.
Candace might know, she was the one who saw matt first.
with his... mother?
why does this keep getting more complex

(( becuase the writer is just making it up as it goes ))

" candace pick up your damn phone"
'ring '
" holy shit I know you are there "
'ring '
"hello? " answered a cheery candace. which should really scare anybody who knew
her. and only the devil knew what time it was.

"matfoundnoblueeyesnobodypicksuptheirphonestupidfuckingnight..." and chase trailed
off soundind like a mouse who might have had a wee too much sugar.

"SHUT UP AND SLOW DOWN " now that is the candace we know ( and love... )
" well holly and bay found matt"
"ohh the one I saw? "
" yeah, yeah. well we lay him down and then his eyes opened, and they weren't blue
anymore. "
"" she almost dropped her phone but instead lay down on her couch
" I know! and it scared the shit out of me, and bane didn't answer his phone, and
janice didn't either " and chase moved her feet back and forth fiddling waiting for the world to blow up, or at least restart.

" oh janice! Janice went home with jason " and she mumbled it like a little girl
stuck in 5th grade

"HOLY SHIT I"LL KILL HER " this night just keeps getting worse and worse

" calm down, I'm sure they didn't... Anthony was with them!" which just led to worse

"crap, could you come over? check out the little kids " chase looked back through
to her living room, she would hate if the cops showed up to three little kids, one
unconious- maybe she could offer them coffee...

" go to your apartment, alone, in the middle of the night?" she was putting on an
innocence i could smell from here.

"stop being so freaking lazy! your not scared of the dark miss party pants " these
lame insults where starting to take a toll on chase

"poo. fine. Give me 15 minutes"
chase pushed the end button and collapsed on the stairs.

candaces doorbell was broken. was. but it rang anyway. creepy.
"the doorbell? who the hell? " she walked over to the peephole and saw a familiar face.
" bane!" and opened the door. candaces cat had awoken and waltzed over to him. he bent down and scratched the fat cat behind the ears.
" why hello charlie, haven't seen you in a long time"

" shit shit shit shit " matt crawled to the end of his bed and looked at the stranger.
" holy shit"
he brushed the hair out of her face. and wiped up the blood using one of the many
shirts thrown to the floor.
" holly. "
and he jsut sat there and wiped the blood from her broken nose
"I'm sorry "

(( OHKIE your writer is crazy.
and i like typing swear words
and maybe mkaing this up first then typing would have been smarter.
hehe you see the name thing? how their is a matt, and a candace, and candace avoids ( hates) matt?
( to all the people in my real world )
oh and shoudn't chase be " chaise ?"
well woops.

wow that was some horrible writing. i am so sorry.
i jsut wanted to move butterfly along.

chapter 32 > whenever the hell i feel like it.

Monday, June 13, 2005

ch 30 cats run from showers

ch 30 cats run from showers

I sat on the counter, legs crossed, pretending to braid holly's hair.
Technically the smaller holly was sitting before me, but I imagined the
taller holly, the founder of sheep's.
she kept giggling as she sat in front of me, her hair in my fingers. I
really haven't done this in a while.
I wasn't even close to these kids. Bay and holly, bane and the boy
decided on calling each other differently fro a while. The boy is bay. And
the more Manish(full man? Hell no) is Bane. And the third one I didn't
get to know.
Janice had avoided sheeps altogether cause of the two little "brats" and Candace came near every so often but avoided mat like a cat avoids a shower.

Now that I think of it, Janice hangs with Jason now, and Candace with them.
They totally ditched bane and me, who was here on a regular day basis.
which just makes me remember Anthony. Who is probably sitting at home and
playing his little online, worldwide shooters.(which I cant cause my
internet is down down down) he was a geek, he deserved it.
I guess, kind of sort of And bane was being fun again. He left me little notes everywhere. Under the coffee machine he left me:

"where the sacred smell of coffee past lies."

But, the only thing that bothered me, was that after the party, where butterflies were on the roof( mostly moths whatever) they didn't come back.
not a single one had come to sheeps. Had they all died of the cold?
" yo doll"
"hey hun"
matt strode in bag on his shoulders doing little twirls.
The one customer ignored it. She twirled her coffee and focused on the boys
across the street. Or the road kill, you never now the psychos in here
"Guess who little ol me saw today? "
"god almighty? "
" Noooottt reeealllll" he was humming and twirling acting like a school girl
in love
"so your dreams came true, Paris Hilton gave you her number?"
"Paris? That slut -just no. I saw Sara!" he twinkled her
name. Can"t describe what twinkling a name is, just think about it.
(not bathroom humour)(more like fairy dust. )
"She has an UGLY boyfriend, who is way more of an ass than moi,
she's about to dump him! AND I know him!"
"Hum? " which was along the lines of "what?"
"It's and old friend of mine, and he has a girlfriend!
He"s two-timing! He is pure scum! What she deserves!"

He was so happy he sat on my counter and started singing, which made my
customer leave. He leaned over and kissed my cheek, then on the other side
then a light kiss in the middle.
Which meant nothing; we had been friends to long.

"I am free from eternal depression cause of her" his happiness
was radiating., just not on me.
"Brilliant" I pushed him off the counter, and wiped it down.
Twirling like a doll he ran out of the shop.
A biker hit him. Not the big Harley rig either, just some guy. I ran out cause he was stuck to the
ground, the biker nearby.
"You ok?" which was stupid to ask. So I leaned down and figured
he was still alive. I looked at the guy.
" You okay? " but of course neither answered, men.
" Hey do I know you?"
He got up giving me a nod (no) , then giving a hand to Mat. He grasped his
hand but only enough to sit on the curb. While he got on his bike, the
handlebars a little twisted and biked off, speed of a cat, after a shower.

"I know him"
"sure babe, whatever, now lets grab some coffee."
"Whatever you want", I picked him up and he dusted me off, he gave me a stiff
hug and we walked back inside. We sat on the counter drinking, talking
"I'll be right back" my plans to capture my laptop where
foiled by customers.
I whipped my apron at him.
" serve coffee, take money, not difficult"

"sure babe, whatever"
stairs tow by two, my door was open. What a surprise. It was resting on my
couch, power cords beside it. Then I walked downstairs with it in my arms,
almost dropping it . trice.
" you okay?"
I had used the same phrase, twice. within 10 minutes, for two diffrent sittuations. hum.
it's not like he hadn't served coffee before I just didnt want him to scare people. He threw a cup in the air and caught it.
"fine babe"
I set up my laptop, away form anything pour able, hot, or electrically
unsafe. Which was everywhere. Plugged in and strange sounds later. Tapping.
Clicking. And tadah MSN!
Janice was on. Candace was on. Anthony was busy. (which meant he was on)
bane was set to lunch. And Jason was on.

Ctchme : chase here, hullo
tanjan : hey hun
ctchme : where you’ve been? Your table misses you
tanjan : busy
ctchme: with Jason?
tanjan: :p

ctchme : yo candy
candy : mhmhm here
ctchme : English
candy: hullo
ctchme : coffee?
candy : later babe, I’m busy
ctchme : doing?
candy : typing up a paper… on cotton
ctchme : hehe socks
candy : C O T T O N
ctchme : then panties?
candy: ...

I'm working and you are relaxing on msn?" I closed the
"not msn uhm... i'm typing" pulling up a notepad "tahdah "

he tied the apron round and over and a not in the back.
"bye bye" and started typing in on my account.
"MATT " and i slapped him round the forehead. (once my hands where out)
I slithered out and went back to coffee

matt had gone home, I didn't know where that was, but it was out
there. my cereal looked at me while it whirled around in my milk .
he he my milk, my cereal my apartment. I was my own person, it makes me feel
Two knocks.
I looked at my window, then at my door. Outside, up my steps was
a small girl, who had long hair. And a small boy, bay. And mat, unconscious,
the small one.
" crap, where did you find him? Get in here. "
They carried him in. and we wrapped him up in blankets, then tossed him on my couch.
we sat at my table, drinking. Don't think of me that way, it was juice.

they had really blue eyes. Not like baby blue, but turquoise. It scared me
to think that people paid armloads of money to get colored contacs that
exact shade. And they had them...naturally? I didnt even know.
They talked together in whispers, leaving me out.I didnt care. Matt moved, I walked over, moderate pace. His eyes had opened.
except, they weren't blue.

Candace had walked home and fell on the fist soft thing she could find,
this being her couch. Her cat stayed away.

Janice was walking down a street with two young men wondering how she would
get home.

"Her looked beautiful, even in the streetlights, the sentence Jason would be
whispering to nobody tonight.

Anthony looked at his fingers, waving them around. 5? Or does the thumb not
count.tequila was guilty.

a bum staggered, and fell back into his spot. He would never wake.

Bane, his thoughts where strange, strange indeed.

And across the world, in the daytime, a family of four thought it would be
fun to give a cat a shower.

"im back with a very strange chapter. more soon k?
and in the summmer!!! "

and after spending twenty minutes scratching out small html codes from this thing ( all " and ' ) i tryed posting regularly and it worked, no problems! yeah!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

I'm still here

(posted in both butterfly, and sheeps) (why those names? SHOOT ME)
jsut an update...but no story. hehehe

okay well um..the browser i use to view the internet won't let me
I'll be doign it via email.

I applied for " the ultimate blogger"
should be fun to watch, because i know i wont be chosen

hmm....okie I will write the story..becuase i cant ditch it.
but more usually I'll be working on sheepsco

also this blog...story....well...screw that...I''ll mbe writing more about
my life...because thats just hte thing to do nowadays, is it not?

i would like to mention something about where i live, and the fact that i
should carry a camera mroe often. i have see n some of the coolest things
around here over hte past three weeks.

3 toilets outside a mega rich mansion. all the smae model, with the same
white srectangular lid sitting beside it on very green grass.

1 pair of shoes that has stayed int he exact same spot, through rain and
more rain, for three weeks! in an un conspiceous spot beside a parking lot.
on nice green grass.

update on shoes: they have been moved to mow hte nice green grass. crap....

among other things i have seen.
more bloggind to come, i havent forgottne you, ..... i think.

face="Arial Black, Geneva, Arial, Sans-serif" size=6>href=""

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

NEW template, new life.

okay, new template. new site.

were butterfly coffee is being written, again. see this is all due to the act that i hate most of my story, and how it flows all weird and how bits nad cool pices are nto being carried through (bum, going ot futre, notes form bane, stuff like that) so i will be typing it again to make it all make more sense...does naybody miss the black template? well I don't I kind of like this one...its green.

ive been workking for two hours on fixing up this site and its sister site sheeps coffee.

ch. 30 will be up soon.

then work will begin on sheeps....

Sunday, April 10, 2005

ch 29. sara, she was... nice

(should be doing homework...someboydy smite me.)
(no edit....shoot me....if you cant read it..the better.))

Holly was sitting on the counter, a feight we had all inherited. her hair was unbraiaded excpet for the few small strands that i was doing at the front.Loose strands of hair tickled her face. with evry giggle another strand let loose. eventually causing more giggles. Buisness was slow today. janice was sitting in a bena bag chair wiht a bunch of guys, wther or not they where her friends- knowing jance, complete strangers. THey laughed like we did, so all was well. I held the threee hairs of Hollys braid with my right hand, picking up my cup wiht my left. with a triumphent yell inside i manged to actually get coffee into my mouth , and not on the shirt i was wearing. Oh it was a nice shirt, Jancie had bought it for me. It had one of those quirky sayings oni , that you could only buy off the web, which she probabaly did. i finished the braid, and started another. Mathew had walked in, but not with the usual straight hand glide folled by his feet, head raised high. and there was no sing song of "hello chickas" the bell clattered and he lifted his hand up and stopped it.

"Mat? " me and Holly ask in unison. she swivels her legs over the edge of the counter first, followed by me. her legs are longer than mine, by a lot.

he walks towards us, Hollyy jumps down off the counter. like an actress she coutns the secoonds itll her next line. these type of thngs had to be timed perfectly, or the audiecnc wouldn't clap.
one, two, three. "mat, hon whats wrong? " he stood tere. slightly looking up at me in the eyes. and a subconcies thougth emerged "look at Holly"
hooly leaned in and gave him a hug. He held an odl sweater in his hand. clenched tight. oh, now i knew. It was Sara (dedicated to ma nickname..that stayed for what? a month or so...) so she had dumped him. I saw it in ehr for weeks, but i didnt know she would actually do it. she sat him down and mouthed the words "coffee, now!"she picked hte only two words i understood in mouth-a-nese. the special language between her and Candace(and janice too) i suppose a beer would be better, who drowned away their sorrows wiht coffee? (dont answer that)
I raced upstairs..I had some beer lying around right? i checked my old was this shit? i found a cople stasehd behind a cerel box on my counter. it didnt look old..and didnt smell that funny. so i brought it downstairs.


the teens in the corner, along wiht janice gained intrest to our conversation as they heard hte clattering of hte beer bottles on the tables.
i looked at htem, sending evil minons of Chase at them,
" none for you, too short" shouldn't have added the last bit. they could all easly rest their elbows on my head.

I found more beer under the counter, stumbled onto Hollys secret stacsh i guess.

Sara was nice. She was a musician...what was it she played... the flute. a real nimble girl, play her too high...and you get a headache.

(flashback...ogn time ago.....crap have so much work to do..somebody polease just shoot me. or tie me up to something, and make me study. find a nice pice of candy and dangle it infront of me. (money will be nice too...) or jsut take away my comptuter..make me sad..make me type my essay. OR find somebodies secret stash of beer...and give me some.

goodbye, ill be back to type usmthing.....never....

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

ch 28 - maybe i don't

Maybe i didn't want wake up. maybe i was destined to stay inside my dreams. If i got out of this bed. and opened my eyes. i would have ot face holly. and Mathew, and the two Banes.

If i got out of this bed i would have to figure it all out. i would serve coffee to people whoa re grumpy, making hteir moods slighlty above the level of grumpness until they of couurse get to work. i fell asleep through my own party. the big one. the big thing.

BUt i didn't care. that was the first sign of something. something definantly not me.
th efamiliar rattle of a coin slowing down as it was spun. this wan't part of the dream. this was part of that retchid thing called' reality.'

"yeah babe."
"get out."

chair puleld asied.e footsteps.door closing. that was easy. (inswert completly cliched line) 'too easy'

i figured in the corner of my mind(right near hell)) that doing nothing would accomplishnothing. and when your accomplishments add up to anything..well that really kinda sucks.

i found chang eon the table. well at least matt wasn't a dream. his child. he wsa so much like his original. (these are the names i started to call them. the whole situation was probably a dream. i was probably crazy. but htis at least calmed me down a bit.)

I always told myself, that i belive in magic. the butterflies. they where magical. i belived in them. but swhen it really came out, i was a wuss.

they both turned coins. it wa squite musing. i guess matts didn't stay up as long.

It was a cool day.and, yeah janice had been saying something. soemthing impportant to her. i was watching the butterfly. yeah it was saying somethig important to me. the day had passed. and i hadn't noticed at all. the little boy. yes him with the blue eyes. he had walked in. and he had played wiht the coins, like that day long ago. But something disturbed his play. the tranger who camei n and grabbed him by hte wrist. the two children sitting across the street.

no wait, the children weren't there, whre they?
Oh and mathew had gone.
and hte stranger..she was..could she be?

"I'm telling you, those brats where there. Not the first one i saw. i told oyu right? the one on the bus?" she stopped to take a bite of the red sugar thing that had entranced her. " Those two, i told htem not to come. I speciffically told them not to come. And I stodd there, and i told them to go away. leave Chase alone, and you know hwat htey say? the nerve of them too..." she took another bite. now preleasing her agner to it. eventualy get a sugar rush form it..her words whre acelerating at an incredible speed(i can use big words!)
"No Janice. what did they say? " candace was sitting across form aher. corosslegged format drinking a gingerale. twisting off hte tab of the can. she was more intrested it in than janice . for the simple fact htat she had no idea what janice was saying.

"well the girl. she looked at me with theose pathetic blue eyes and tells me that she is helping chase, and Bane. And! she knew my name! she completly knew it. evil stalker. the boy wa lit up too. haha the girl wasn't keepiing him too informed. " she took another bite and then a sip of candaces pop. the tab fell in. scary part: candace was actually sad about that.

"ok I'm about to get iup in htis kid's face. did i mention how cool her hair was?"janice suddenly switched sides. hmm her mood swings where enhanicing. sugar rush." I mea n it was reallly coool. it looked like htat month htat Holly had her hair in theose little dreads. so it looked jsut like that. which got me evbven more aangry. some little kid ripping of holly!" the thought acoured to candace..when had janice and candace been good friends?

"so then fire escape starts shaking. And i see bane. and if he saw me he would kill me. so i left the blue eyed freaks to argue."

" you where serving drinks with me. and then chase went upstaris. then you left wwith whatever. and i was made ot serve drinks ionstead of dancing all night? "
janice was speechless.
"well..... who did you leave with? " a totalyl un- candace question. and jancie was ready wiht an answer.
"I left with jason. Chases friend. we walked around, that's it." a totaly un-janice thing.

the day ended up in well, a totally un people kinda day. but, the day hasn't ended yet.

((( i like dtyping janices whole word blurb.cuase she's uspposed to be all HIGH...a thing which i am not. This post kinda sucked bu tthe story is sitting at hte top of a hole and i need to get it away fromt hat hole, over the hill it faces and back on to a steady lsope of typing. see you to fdo my english.))

(( also.. i idn't eit looks so ugly..the typing is really horrible. I worte this at such a bad quality that i don' t wish to post it..but i have to because the one i had instead of this sucks.))

Saturday, April 02, 2005

yes i really did

that was a joke..aprils fools..hehe i really did pull that one..that's kinda sad. im going to let them live....i will type sumthing up/...hmmlets see the audiotion..4 stations
drama art dance music.

basically we just o stuff in each.
(art:drew 2 things plastecine sculptur)
(dance: bit of dance...duh..)
drama: drama game..tablou.....uh improve.)
( music: sing play piano(any way possible...) su,m guy in my group did trumpet for 4 years so they told him to play was really cool. he willfor sure get majooooor.)

It was fun. they looked at my art...but i didn't get to watch them lookat my art. ):

Hope i get in to this really really crappy art schoool.
cause hte onl thing it has goung for it is it's art program.


okay read bothy put na end to this madnes..cause they are the same..jsut diffrent.

(before there wasan aerror that deleted the first i typed a new the end it posted them both...damn blogger....)

Friday, April 01, 2005

uh this would be my desktop.notice the very nice artwork from tenkaycommotion(webcomic/manga) the photoshop icon(trial ran out tho) the many many things opened in my toolbar. the fact that my computer is about to explode from overheating.. Posted by Hello

lets put an end to this madness.

lets put an end to this. i Have decided kill all of my charecters off. because there really isn't a point anymore.

there deaths shal be ironic or not irionic.
they will be all be posted within about a week...(how many are there?)

thats one or two a day charecters a day. suggestions would nbe nice becuase im not feeling particulary evil iright now.

lets start wtih the guys.

anthony and jason.

fbi found htem smuggling video games and viruses over the interent. they stormed the place. anthony tried to run. so did jason. =rember kids you don't need t o be fast to get away from the dogs..just faster then your friends. anthony ws faster hten jason. the problem is htis slution only works with one dog...inthis situation tho, there were multiple. the two where put to jail and eventually killed by a guy nicknamed killerhabit.

i will be posting a death tommorw, and the art school auditon thing.

going ot a party today. yayaya

lets put an end to this madness.

I have decided to kill of all of my charecters.
their deaths shall be posted one by one. death by death. ironic or non ronic they all shall die. I'll probably destroy the town too...

any suggestions would be nice as my mind is kinda non evil fro the moment.

hmm lets start with anthony and jason.

the two where found playing super smash brothers. when jason beat nathony fro the fifth hundred time. he was mad so he deced to throw his his controller at the screen. at which his hands went around jasons neck. the controller was still lopped around his foot, hit the tv and sent a nice shock up to nanthony killing him, and jason in the process.
(anthonies arm was broken but you cant still chooke with one hand.... )

I will do the rest some other time. and i might start a new story...btu knowing mhow lazy i am i'll only get up to 20ish posts. then stop.

well have a nice day. and I'll type up about the art school audition tommorow. (:

(going to a parrrrtah tonight. yayayay

Friday, March 18, 2005


well..i havent posted in a bout aweek. i left the story hanging.. i havent editied my posts..i should at least apoligise.

well elts see..i have bene doing track in the morning s.. its winter now you know...rainy cold tho. which includes walking tos hcool early s hell running through hte halls only to go back to the gym for more " physical fitness" (torture)

this puts no reason for me no to type uup my blog.. i mena my legs dont work my hands are fine. i am tired..i have forgetton about my poor blog.

so i give you..3 posts a week. ill get back to the stoy as soona s i post a little thing about snails...ill get back in to the groovw. ads for know? its march break. i have nothign to do. no friends to visit.. my legs hurt cant leave hte house and i m catering to two scik people. ( well.. one sick and one wiht a broken knee)
(same diffrence)
(thats an ozxymoron..i know)
(morons are cool)
(im a moron f0r the moment.)

never going shopping with my frineds again..that was absoulute hell. htey begin wihth ditching me..ot play in spirit i decide to chase em..end up n hte mall. go around twice..find htem in the food courst. the same food court we went to at least 5 times !

does complaing give me an edginess? well i dont ccare. ill probably ty to never do this again. cause it tires me out and makes me feel Evil.

((oh and for some odd reason.. my ribs hurt.. 5 or so on each side. hurts to cough and laugh and bend ...jsut hurts.))

(( forget hte above..cause only Josh is reading this...))
(which is kinda sad..cause i have two internet able best firends....))
(( : )))

Saturday, March 12, 2005

ch-27-wings a flight

(i just had a totally awesome night!!!! (in school..freaky eh) runnign around wiht buddie...all wearing balck and white. music night sucked. the night hto..the night wwas awesome.))
(kinda high....rant o shcool in very big sick and tired of them so i tokk em off and ran in my socks..people say I'm crazy.... bu t i know otherwise (: ))

tow lonley shapes took to the sky. never alone for always otgether. but lways in the ocnfines of their minds. a moth and a butterfly. the originators of hte tale. MUsic below them, dranw by the lights. but gone when htey saw her. and him. then the children.this was osmething not belonging to them, nothing htey could help. Bane saw them as wonderful things. Holly always had too. Thne the small one, Chase discovered them one day as well. Mathew never noticed. the butterfly shouldnt ebven be here. it was cold nad it was hte ngiht. yet the moth was free to fly.

"where hte hell did she go?" i was standing behind hte counter. serving drinks evry now and then. Chase had left me. Janice had one upstairs. she was a dancing queen.and me, th e one and only party girl. was sitting serviing coffee. i could hear the musci. i would begin to dance. then wlk away. but i couldnt so i danced in my mind nowing htat if my body felt the beat it would walk away with it.

a thought came ot me..what if Mathew was molesting her..he hadn't been here for a while who knows what thoughts are going through his mind. and he hadn't come back wiht Holly.... have i heard any recent reports?

Nah, MAtheew was inoccent. had a nice respect for girls..most of the time. i went back to my work...beisdes. Chase could probably kick his ass.

((i was writing on thursday. and this is what i wrote. iut is short becaus ei cant seme to finish oit kno.w hectic week coming up. have ot finish my portfolio(to get into a small art school) with the help of my talented art teacher..MAX.... also in the mornings i shall be doin gtrack and field (triple sooo mine.)(or so they say) so thats art 3 or 4 times a week...track in hte least judo is over. the good hting? faboulus march break is on friday(or is it htursday?)

Hey, 'babe' what are you doing over the march break?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

ch 26- dreams are just.

(finnaly posting this chapter!) (instead of doin gdrug project.....(:
(and no editing. My typing got somewhat better....Live with it. )

"Bane what if this is all a dream. Wake up form htis illusion. Rember Holly? she there.In reality. jssut... wake up. " the little gril was os calm. her eyes where drawn elsewhere and hte voice wasnt coming form her, but somebody inside.
" This is no illusion. You, go get mathew. he is upstairs already. get the girl too. meet us here; soon."
the boy, the mini-me he had the same face. same power. his eyes where leswhere. so calm . it was creepy.
" Holly, i rember her. She wouldnt wake up before her illusion finished." he mumbled and walked up the fireescape. his hand on the rail like an old firend. he had climbed theses same stairs over and over again: they stll scared him.

"Mat, chase. downstairs." he walked into the apartemnt. they looked at him. both in awe.
"lets go they are waiting" mathew was looking at BAne. they hadn't seen each other, in what; 2/3 years?

"Bane, who are 'they' ?" but she got her jacket none the less.
" mat, gety your coat" chase demande, and he did. they wwalked down the fireescape in silence. two out of 3 where there. Chase was the whole one. while BAne and amthew...just 2 parts of a fraction ( chase is a loner..holly mat and abne are all together..heeh get it?)

"they are here."
"good" and those blue eyes looked isnside of him. into bane. they where one person. technically.

" hello chase. and mathew,its nice to see you, grown up." a smile capured the girls face but only long enoguh for them to notice. then it crept aaway.

"Hello holly. she caught me you know. sitting at sheeps. i am sorry. i failed."

Bane and chase were having their share of confusion. Matt new?

"MAtt how did you..." bane wa looking at him a werd look on his face like he jsut saw a murder, a bloddy murder.

"your the littel boy. the one who spun change but how?" chase was being calm. why was BAne the only confused one. he was tryign to understnd, but ouldnt. he was the smart one. he should know.

"yes, that was me. kind of. but i dont rember much anymore. "

" Holly, Bane...and Mat"she said "... and the stranger" she concluded.

chase uinderstood for the most part. but if they where all tchildren(with blue eyes) tehn where wa dhte aduly holly? why where there both BAnes. the scheeme of events that they had explaiend reasoned htat only one could exist a one time.child, and adult. the aparty was over. hte kids had gone. the teens had left her roof in a mess. the food was all eaten. the musci was packed into a truck the wind still blue. peopl ewwhere still up walking around.
"I missed my party."

((its a bad post, but a post nontheles..clears thigns up for you? cant type much right now, brain not working. ))

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

another side story. sorry

bunnies rabbits and hares.

I will not start talking about how they are different. To me they are all fuzzy hopping creatures that have been exploited to a point of pure disgust. A rabbit laying eggs… handing them out… That whole hare family thing on a hill…. I will also not mention the many acts of cruelty or harshness towards these creatures, or the fact that they are skinned and eaten. Instead I will type up a quaint tale of a rabbit. But not a real one. One of those big custom wearing rabbits whose supposed to be cheery but is really some guy trying to get money.

Rabbit guy

“hey look it’s the Easter bunny!” and another little brat has noticed my costume. My hand reaches out of the a large hand for a second and another tick on the inside of the rabbits suit.
“ hey Mr. Easter bunny!”
“ hey you! Are you ready for Easter?" I’m good at voices, I really am. I could have gone to some actor thing. be in some cartoon. But nooo this work was physical…talking hugging. Acting like an idiot all day.
“ yeah I’m ready!!!” and the little creature plants a hug on the giant rabbit suit.
“bye bye bunny!’ and the little kid walks away happy with his mother. I scratch another number into the column under hugs. The crying column only had one. That one kid, he walked up an gave me a hug. He wasn’t happy that day. And he started to cry. I promised myself by the end of this month that I would make kids cry!(cruel) I would be an evil rabbit, get fired and finally get a job. All this talking and deciding was ruined with another child. This time a small girl.

“ hi Easter bunny. D o you like my hair?” I was happy; I was smiling she couldn’t see my smile but I was smiling. Why was it my grumpy mood had been destroyed so easily? Her hair was in braids. With pink bows.
“ yes its very cute” I put on another voice.
“Thank you. I like your ears. They are looong” I laughed and gave her a hug.
“happy Easter”

the day ended, a day of hugs and voices. And I came into the employee change room, and took of thee rabbit gear. Nobody asks me about their hair, or compliments my ears. I make people cry, but not with a suit. I never gave a hug as big as what I did each day on the hour. For now, I like being a bunny.

((another side story. i need ot think baout butterfly coffee. so sorry for leaving hte cliffhanger. the above is well about some guy in a bunny suit. ityped t up instead of going outside for lunch(cold) and i was goign on ch 26 when...i realized i couldnt write that chapter then. so i started typing about bunnies and rabbits..and hares. for no reason whatsover. my mind has been completly braindead for a long itme. i need to pull out a work im really proud off. not for this. not for my blog. i need to do somehting i can be proud of, soemthing that iwll give me a mark. cause my marsk arenet nearly as nice as they should/ could be. i have some work ahead of me tonight.

Friday, March 04, 2005

ch 25- the magical three

Holly, mathew and Bane. the magical three.
One was the party girl, brave and with out doubt
second was the brave, the sport, the love.
and third, he was the intelligence. thee one to defiy

those htree. they where ther own party. they did evrything together. without one there were downcast, but not entrily. one day in the small town. the own that had grown magical the one full of people and energy. their power source left. holly had gone. sheep's left to another. Mathew hte brave set out to follow her. birng and end to the power struggle. Bane was forced to choose, the place he loved, or his friends he admired. he chose the later. and departed

they left thier disciple, chase all alone sititng in hte ruins of an energy deprived land. Bane was walking and he thougth to himself. we are leaving this town to find her. but why not rebuild her. we can make bettter. wiht light and coffee. alas this is my quest! he raced back , no worries over his head. to find chase srill alone. please rebuild her eempire. they did. sheep's was back. friends and light. the town was reguvinated. not to the maximum of ocurse. but chaase was young and coul d handle this energy.

until of ocurse that dreadful night. where the party was happening. and old times caught up. the young met the old. the 3 children of course. had ocm in contac wiht eyes saw allthe horros that would become. bane had seen his minuatre. his mind had cracked and allt he good he had cause was breaking apart. chase the disciple saw him again, mathew the brave. but in ehr mind she new she had seen his small blue eyes. and holly, where was she? she could see Bane and what he had become. she had seen chase, all of her friends. nand only her blue eyes remained.

holly was nowhere. the 3 where there. Holly and mathew, and bane of course. but bane was special. his child nad mind, resided in one place.while mathews child was gone. his old self resided. and hollys natural self was nowhere.but her blue eyes nd child from where indeed there.

this was the story of the 3. where they are now, at this moment.
MAthew the brave. his coins all gone. no more blue eyes. taken away by a stanger
And bane, with both if him on one oplace. blue eyes and not blue eyes. confused and broken.
holly and her blue ees., sat very sad. ehr true self was somewhere. somwhere else.

((wowowowowow weird post! its in fantasy story mode.... the story of the magical three. i don know hwy its like this it jsut cameout. this explains the little kid thing....kind of.))
((im at school right now. sittin gon a mac. updatng my beatifulll blog. the one i needed time with but this came out in a creative outburst. haev fun..byeebyebyee))))

ch. 24-the night sets in.

I was sitting on the counter, Candace passing me drinks. We where the hit of the town. We where stars. The whole on fire feeling..
”Next” and I was giggling.
”Small coffee. And an old friend?” (Lame line eh)
”whu?” I was still happy, but my mood slowly caved in as I saw the words coming out of his mouth,
”Mat?!” Candace looked at him. She knew him too. I saw it in her eyes.he walked around the counter. Aiming for a hug. I stood back.

”what took so long?” this time it was Candace talking she didn’t like him it seemed.

“Holly, she’s not coming back. I don’t have her hidden in my pocket. Don’t bitch on me.”
”Mat, I cant believe you’re here, come we need to talk. “ I grabbed his arm heading for the stairs.
”can you keep it steady” I was asking Candace.
”yeah fine… whatever”
I dragged him upstairs, the real stairs to my apartment, not the ones to the roof, and the party

”hey chase I didn’t know we were so personal” he was putting on the Mr. macho attitude. But he wouldn’t get far.
” forget it Mathew.” I walked in, him at my heels.

”Why are you back?” I went right into the 3rd degree. ”
you left for how long again, let me remind you a couple years is a long time!” I was angry with him. Why?
” I had to leave, I left to follow Holly. I couldn’t find her. I talked to bane back then. He didn’t know anything either”
” leave Bane out of this”
”he left too remember? And as I remember you didn’t feel so bad about it then
”shut up. Bane…me... Different back then! You 3 left me. The magical three left me all alone. At least Bane came back.”
”I came back, I’m here aren’t I.”
”but why right now, why not before.?”
”I couldn’t, I don’t know why. I cant explain.”
” you should have stayed.” I was angry, I was confused. My good mood crushed by mat, by holly. bane in my mind was the overwhelming force. He did come back, why? He was there.
” come here chase”
he wanted a hug I didn’t walk towards him. I sat myself down at the table in the kitchen. He sat opposite. And very slowly. And elegantly. He took a quarter and in between his fingers. He began to spin it.

((sheesh a crappy post… sorries. I cant really write this week, that’s why all the missed posts. Let me think about the story for a bit I don’t want to write anything off balance))

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

ch 23 - party beanth the escape

Party, party, party, party, party.
You could tell what was on my mind. It was Saturday morning. It was very cold and very wind and Describing the scene on the roof would be chaotic, but I will try.

We were hanging up decorations. We included: Candace, Janice, Jason, Anthony tried to help….with one hand. A bunch of my other friends where there too. Mikey, the honorary music guru( otherwise known as dj) set up a tent! Yeah he got a cool tent with floppy things on the sides so he could be nice and warm. Amps where set up ins strategic spots( no just as a far as we could carry them. and as long as the wires could stretch) I put up shiny lanterns around the perimeter of the roof. Food was sold downstairs, free food was dumped on a table upstairs.(but for now I was inside) BANE!!! Where was he? I asked around. Nope, nobody had seen him. Fine his loss. I poked my self with a pin trying to tacky up the lanterns..yeah, he was really missing all the fun,

” thanks people…for whatever you did. now..go do whatever the hell you want, partay is tonight!” people yelled and cheered. I looked at the roof. It had really transformed. I climbed down the firescape as everybody walked down the main stairs.

Bane was sitting at the last piece of the black monster.
”Helping would have been nice”
”I liked sitting here” he told me, innocent eyes and face looking back at me.
”So you coming?” I asked, I knew the answer, at least I hope I did…
”of course, I wouldn’t miss it” he said it, but did he meant it. I hoped so.

I knew I would never take over Holly, Holly and him were inseparable holly being energetic and bane being her relaxant(no, not that) me and bane where friends… but not like them two.

”Holly would have come, I sneaked up stairs and saw it. It looked beautiful”
”thanks, if only we knew where holly went.” Bane looked to the sky. But he wasn’t a believer in anything like that, he knew she wasn’t dead. Holly was a survivor. And somewhere out there she was causing havoc and butterflies. Parties, healing another town of boredom. Then leaving them too.

Dancing had begun, music was roaring,. Mikey was doing a good job. Food was opened. The smell of it filled the night air. People came up to her and gave her hugs on the success of it. It was beautiful. The night was not cold. People danced in jackets then stripped them away into a big pile. These people really knew how to party. Dancing remained all night. People where going at it completely different. Not little groups dancing together,(*ahem* our school dance (: complete stranger to stranger(keep imagining Zion scene in the matrix. I loved that scene. They where all so…energated(not a word)) people came inform downstairs then up some stairs and too the roof. Me and Janice sat behind the counter, with help form Candace serving coffee. People filled up a jar of money..Hehe all for us. I had opened the garage door… a thing I would never do in the winter but the time called for it. There was two heaters try tying desperately to heat the room, but it didn’t really matter. Their efforts where futile. Coffee did the better job.

Banes view… Bane is a cool guy

Holly was there al right… chase looked like her. Holly had long orange hair, tangles anyway she wanted. Different whenever she wanted. Chase's Hair was…black. It was cool. She had some real cool blood in her form anywhere and everywhere. but nobody decided to care. Her hair was fully down, and it was beautiful.

The fire escape loomed before me, and I climbed down. Escaping sight but I could still hear the music. The little girl…I bumped into her once. She was standing in font of me at the end of the escape. A little boy stood below me. He looked up. And starred.
“This is him” the boy looked at me.
I was ‘him’?
”No, but yes you don’t understand! “
”This is what becomes of me, I know it’s true. Tell me!”
”no this isn’t right!” the girl was almost in tears. Her calm outlook had shattered.
”This is him. This is me! This is Bane!”

I was completely confused. It seems I had interrupted something. I stood still. these kids where… not kids. The girl knew something. The boy knew me. Did I know him?

”Its not like that! “
”then what is this. Stop hiding this from me. You have been leading this on too long!”
”you are already him! You are a child! He was never this. “ she was flustered. Her eyes where a strange colour but you could sense that they where red underneath. She was almost…almost angry.
”Tell me your name! Stop hiding it from me!” the girl looked at him. She was in a place completely elsewhere. Her eyes had grown larger. She looked at him, she turned.
”my name, is Holly”

((confused? Meet little boy and little girl. Beautiful eyes. Her name is Holly, and the boy’s Is Bane. and what of the third boy? Mathew? Well, he is still to be left in the dark.))

((finally! Got the joke! The” why did the chicken cross the road! We all know the answer isto get to the other side. two meanings to the answer. “other side of the ROAD” and “ THE other side” ( death…angels…chickens with 2 pairs of wings) (:

((note to self….updating really late….its 10:54 as I finish editing it!))
(( now its 11: 03 as i update it..... 9 minutes to add spces and font))(( was reading forum as well))

Friday, February 25, 2005

ch 22- take me away, take me home.

Candace finally gets her own VIEW

”take me away, to a land of blue skies and green grass. With trees and birds, with harmony and peace.” I was singing something strange, as the voices in my head began to argue,
” go to the party! You must you should!"
”but what about Hooollly?” the whiney one.
” if holly knew she would forgive you” sensible? I didn’t even know anymore. Where was the evil side of me?
” right here babe, go to the party, forget the girl, the other one too. Free food remember? It’s a party…like any other. Dance laugh leave.
“ your always on target aren’t you?” I spoke allowed. I had problems, but the voices weren’t going to bother her now. Janice hadn’t shown up yet. She had left ages ago, who knows where. I was sitting in her room on the internet. Stuff was thrown around in her tiny apartment. I took my coat, it was lying on the kitchen table among other thing’s. It was a forest of crap growing out the table. Nobody knew its original colour anymore, what was it now…couple months she had moved here and it looked like this place had been owned by her for years. you can almost see the art of her childhood spread among the walls but nothing was under the fading green. And with that, I left. Walking back home? Ahh of course my apartment, I was the true new resident.

I lived downtown before, with my roommate. I borrowed some of her cds one night for a party, came home totally out of it. no cds I n hand. Those cds never came back. And she apparently liked them a lot. So I got kicked out. Beautiful eh? So much for the “nice Canadian gig” so I crashed at chases…for a long time. Then got an apartment…but Janice liked the apartment. so we switched. She lives closer to her work. or is it school? I don’t know. And I live. well I don’t really care.
Coming home to somebody waiting would be nice. Instead, My cat looked at me with sudden eyes.
”You expecting food?” I opened the can peeling the lid back, plopping ‘chicken dinner’ in her bowl…ugh ants again. How the hell did they get up here? This was the 3rd floor! (Apparently all people in my story like to live on low floors.)

My cat was happy. was I happy? Yeah! pretty much my mood was still saturated by Janice’s futile attempts at a mini party. “ mini “ meaning me and her.
A picture was forming in my mind, not a fantasy that little boy with blue eyes. not something perverted or anything(ahem) What had it been? A couple months? Before the new year, so last year(technically).
He was standing below her window. What the hell, she looked down. Yeah that was him, except his mother wasn’t with him this time. what a coincidence…? He was looking at the graffiti on the walls, his blue eyes in awe.
My feet made little noise on the metal of the fire escape as I stepped out and looked down. It was late, why was he here?

“ Its late, go home” I yell to him. The night air is cool and fills my lungs and all he does is giggle. Was he giggling at me? Why all theses questions? Where were the voices in my head? Damn you little bastards buggers, always there when I don’t need you. And at my time of need you fly away. I should just fire them and hire a new staff.

“its late, go home” he said to me. Repeating my words.

“I am as close to home as I will ever get”
I shout down. Am I having a conversation with a boy who goes up to my hip? More questions.

“ so am I “

and he walked out of the alley. Strange kid. Strange day. Chase is having a party, that’s what Janice said. I wish holly could come. Where the hell was she?
“Ask one more question and, You will be banished form eating sweet things” back so soon Mr. Evil voice? He he another question. I hacked away at my own computer. Ignoring the death threats coming form my brain.

Blue eyes (through boys eyes)

”its beautiful” he whispers. The tall grey walls on either side masked by layers of spray paint. he sat for a long time. ”
silly cat why did you lead me to this marvellous thing?” he asks sweetly and in a whisper to the cat, with a stripe.

”it’s late go home” he was being watched?

He looked up a girl. Form the bus. Ahh yes. She had a nice mind. Filled with horror to the very depths. but kindness in the darkest cave.

”Its late go home” I echoed her voice.

“I am as close to home as I will ever get” once more., by this time the kitten had slinked off. His time to leave.

”so am I” and the little boy walked off.

((wow late post… ashamed of myself. Hope you like this one. By the way, after “ apparently all the characters like to live on low floors) I stopped and that was ad ay ago. then after that it was lunch and I was in the computer lab(on a Mac)(ugh) and typed it up. nothing much to say except: I walked home, and it was snowing. I ate ice cream and listened to music. I looked over at the bus passing by, and I saw a friends face looking g back. life is cool, live it out to every coincidence.

no Josh..i will not join a cult.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

ch.21 - one walk,big diffrence.

(ugh last chapter pissed me off just conversations. hate typing people talking…))(((continue chapter 21) ((yey chapter 21! That’s 21 story posts! Me feel proud)(and \ nothing has happened yet…. (:

its weird, when your driving and you see something completely incredible. And you reach over for a camera but its not there. Then you curse yourself. If things where there when opportunities called for the world would either have a lot more murders. or a lot less. But not to worry about human population. There it was. An actual snowman in a tree. I wonder, how did it get up there? In the tiny tree, on the ends of a branch. Did it simply climb, or get a hand up. It was probably hiding from small dogs, but then again a tree wouldn’t be the smartest decision. I snapped back into it. I was in a car of course.

Janice’s view:
”ugh, chase was being all weird. I as telling her about Raphael” she played with the word, rolling it over her tongue.” and she totally spaced. I was talking and she was just totally out of it. Sometimes I wonder what’s inside her head.” I was cross-legged on my bed. Candace was sitting on the floor. Laid back position # 3042-f.
” she’s crazah. Just drop it.”
I didn’t want to ‘just drop it’ she was being totally bitchy. “Whatever”
They sat and talked laughing like little girls.
“Hello?” Candace picked up Janice’s phone while I tried to wrestle it form her.
”Its for you” and she carefully handed it to me, like a butler. Then she started jumping on the bed, like what butlers probabaly do when nobody is home..
”Get off!” Holding the phone in one hand trying to whack Candace off….
”2 little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and broke her head! “
laughter. the room was filled in laughter. Over on chase’s end I could hear her laughing. Then we started to sing. ”Oh shit” Candace was on the floor, the phone hang up. The cord around her feet.
Then she started to laugh
”you okay babe?”
”I’ll live” i called back chase. A party? Here? It would be strange. They didn’t hold parties at sheep’s anymore. Not since holly left.

”I’ll be back” she grabbed her coat, and walked to the door. Leaving Candace sitting their by herself. Until of course, she found the computer. Janice walked through town. She would find them. The boy and the girl. The other boy, he had gone. He had been caught. But they where still our there. There, they were on the swing set. She walked towards them

”look its her again”
”yes, yes I remember”
the boy said his small voice echoing in the silence. Janice had made the mistake of finding these kids. The allure of them pulling her ever so close almost to the point of no return. She soon found out about them.

”They are having a party, at sheep’s. And I don’t want any of you or your freaky friends there!” she didn’t yell but the tone of her voice was defiantly harsh.

”he he, I think she is talking about our friends.”
”yes our friends. Janice you’ll will learn soon enough not to make fun of those smaller of you.”
He said at first a giggle. but he turned against her.
”bye-bye now.”
Said the girl. Always remaining calm. Her eyes looking at Janice. Her hair swept behind her as she and the boy walked away, giggling. Her hair, it was in small loose dreads.

the silence was stalled by the single click of Janice’s thoughts, and the soft walking of two children in the distance.

( Janice’s mind has clicked, Has yours?)

((has it? Well I didn’t know about the boy and the girl. and their little secret. And like how it came out…because once again it was another random thing to do. All will be revealed in the end. Short post today? Sorry I had homework. I saw a snowman in a tree today. I really did…it was the most magical thing ever…ii need to draw a picture of that. ))(also where I mention laid back sitting position #… that goes out to questionable content…a webcomic! oh and I can’t find where they say it. but I swear they do. and If they don’t it was put somewhere…but is I still like the webcomic…so goodnight…and toodalooo.

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ch. 20 -2 little monkeys.

her feet were cold. She knew they were cold. there was a perfectly knowledgeable reason. The room was cold. And why was this room cold? It was cold, you see its winter. Her phone lay at her side like a trust sword. She dialled her Excalibur(swords?…please. shoot me). Candace’s voice pitched in after the 3rd ring. This wasn’t Candace’s phone
”Janice. Now.”
”he he hey chicka” Janice was on the other end her hair being juggling between her fingers… Candace making weird faces at her. they sounded like 14 year olds….. Giggly.
”you know what?”
”no I don’t know, what?”
”we should have.. a party”
”hasn’t been a part in years chicka..Watcha thinking?”
“One of holly’s parties. On the roof.” Chase was so stuck in lalaland right now she might never come out.
”uh… girl its minus thirty out. And it will stay that way for a long time! “(canadien winters. SIX months…jokes.)Candace was jumping on the bed that Janice was sitting on
“ 2 little monkeys jumping on the bed one fell of and broke his head…” Janice’s solo performance made me and Candace laugh…then join in. we all started singing. I finished the rhyme…the phone hung up.
”Ugh my life is run around coincidences…. strange ones. “Chase lay down. Where was the moth. or the butterfly? Why did they come in the winter. why did they come to her. The phone rang. Like a horror movie she crept towards it almost expecting the prank call
“ I’m in your house” no Janice’s voice instead.
”hey what happened?”
”Candace fell of the bed. amazingly…phone cord got pulled out.” Candace’s laughter could be heard
”you two. Are crazah…is she okay?”
”she’ll live”
”see you tomorrow Janice”

Need this party. She didn’t care. Black sheep coffee would break its curse, the part would go on. She made some calls. Got her old friend Mikey to do the music. She had some old friends to make food…. Two senses down. Three to go. Flyers. She hooked up her printer. Shiny thing.(hmm how should I solve this one…okay. chase has a laptop (birthday gift) and a desktop computer) chase rushed it…just a quick sketch out of the poster. Time and dates, The dj the food. They all did on Saturday. Saturday was a good night….she left her printer on through the night. Waking up to refill it.

Would this be all in the form a cheesy movie? Would she drop it from the sky in a helicopter. no the old fashioned way. handing out and hanging up posters. Holly could do it…chase could it too. She walked up and down alleys tapeing up her colourful posters everywhere, she saw the strange cat again. she followed it like a spy following a suspect. Cats don’t like to be followed if they see you they’ll stop. This one didn’t care. She stumbled into the alley. like Alice in wonderland. The colourful one. Bane was right, graffiti all the way to the 3rd floor. It was beautiful. She sat on one of the dumpsters staring at the buildings. she was like the caterpillar on her mushroom, but if she ate what was in her seat she would probably mutate into something…. This must have taken a while. Different artists loading on the paint. Climbing the fire escapes making art, risking their necks. Chase was thankful for people who didn’t complain. Cranky people who get very pissed off at a bit of colour.

I walked to the coffee shop. The town seeming all the more…colourful. What was the big event this time? He grabbed one of the many posters of the wall. Blue, blue seemed nice.
” Chase…?” still groggy. he only got half of what the poster said. So he read through it twice then rushed off towards sheep’s(I half plus one half = whole).
? Party!Holly would be proud”
”bane…I’m not a kid anymore. I can throw a party.”
bane looked down like her a little sister. And chase looked up at him like an annoying older person.
” Just be careful chicka.”

” a life full of coincidences, a life to live…” the rest was scratched off and I couldn’t make it out. I put it away, with banes other little notes.

((Chapter= screwed up…chase is cool. her life is coincidences…al playfully played out(like mine..) serendipity…))((she’s also pretty cool. Hmm…bane is older than chase. cause he is equal to holly. and holly is older than chase(bane and holly same age. older than chase) Janice is the same age as chase and the other dudes are in university or something……))
( cold day for a butafly……)
(banes little notes. mean nothing. bane is just. strange. Lets leave it at that.


for..Becca. a chareccter list. ta dah!

chase(chicka)(main charecter) (bean chicka-IM)
SHes the main charecter of hte story...(cant say amin..thats kinda..) she owns blakc sheepp coffee

janice (friend)
shes the girl who comes in at the morning and has her mocha..weatcehs people..strange girl.

bane strange(magical?)) who goes to the coffee shop and he controls the butaflys.

anthony + jason
( thumbtack and
snowmen) (roomates..friends of chase)
hmm..they are roomates and frineds and they liek to snowboard. the whole shebang...

shes the raver chick. (crawled throuhg window) candace knew holly..amdn is now frineds with janice....uhh frineds with chase..and lie in an apartmnet nearby

scary childern( girl-long hair, boy, and spinning change boy.)(beatiful eyes)
strange kids..they ahev some importance..... (:

darren/ darien....
hmm scary hobo guy who bought a coffee..maybe i should bring him back.....

did i not mention anybody? is anybody confused? i ahe labbeling htem as"friend" and "main charecter" but i did anyway..meh who cares. post up klater tongiht.

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ch 19- set in motion

A normal day. I haven’t had one of those in a while. Just yesterday a Sunday we went to the hill. Anthony broke his arm at the bottom. he sped up and went off the jump he landed and rolled. And the arm didn’t go were its supposed to. But today was normal. The sun was shining but not too bright. The wind was there but not a gust of it at once. No rain or troubles bother the sky. it was one of those days were all you could say about the weather was" nice."

My regulars came in on their regular time. Bane told me the weather was nice. a butterfly flew in. one everyday. It was strange but I hardly noticed nowadays. I had a small lid of sugar and water. Set on the counter. away from prying eyes. The butterfly sat there, Drinking the sweet stuff. Bane sat and told me of his weekend. He had gone downtown to hear a reading of a wonderful book with no plot whatsoever. And not even a title and it sounded as he was telling me a fairy tale. For jack and Jill went up the hill but Bane didn’t come tumbling or broke his crown. He got the strange book signed by a nobody none the less... he also had found the most marvellous alley. filled with graffiti thru to the 3rd floor. And he would not have found it if he had not followed a cat. A small black one with a brown(not brownish or slightly brown. a brown strip!) stripe. this kitten had sat outside my balcony every other day. strange how these weird things kept attracting to me, then following my friends. but no time to point out anything I was having my coffee and talking to Anthony on the phone. he was doing all right . he had gotten a cast. it was a small one he hadn’t broken much. he said it was green and he had drawn graffiti on it(I haven’t witnessed those graffiti skills, for the safety of my eyes.). it looked cool. But that’s what he thought. Jason was on the phone in a minute. telling me how he had to rush to classes and he would stop for a coffee. Janice was talking...I think. the blue one, the butterfly it flew in a circle. near Janice’s head. for Janice was talking. and all draw near when one so great has something to say.

I only listened to every other word she said, something about a cat and a dog.
A man named Raphael like the chocolate but more.
he danced to the moon and kissed. And went back down to the earth just to meet his wife.
my mind was lost and not within Janice’s words.
but the beating of my heart the gracious wings of the butterfly.
It told me its secrets and dreams.
How it wanted to fly to the moon and back and fly in the night with the moths even if it was not allowed. And how it did like being a caterpillar and flight was compared to heaven. It was reading my mind it was taking notes on my eyes. I could see inside its body fragile parts working together. Just to make it’s heart beat and it’s wing flutter.

It flew out the door and away with the light breeze. Jason had indeed stopped for a coffee. He chatted and said hi. Only to grab his coffee and a treat smile and leave. Not everybody was busy like him. A lady had sat and talked on her phone. I only caught some seven words for my hearing an paying attention skills had been gone since I was 3. Blue and red no and the walls. Maybe another word or too... Candace had dropped in, always random times of the day. Wearing something she found or borrowed. Or cut up with scissors. She ordered a coffee and sat with Janice they had a small conversation laughing and whispering. Getting the jokes nobody else would for ages. While I drank a cup of the finest. Black sheep coffee with a hint of cinnamon. People walking in and out buying a shot or two of expresso then muttering off. their system had gone through another refill.

Am I getting to a point?
Can you guess it already?
Well there isn’t a point there shouldn’t be a point to each day should there?
Do we really live each day to fulfill one thing.
I heard the noise of change hitting the table. Was he really back? The little boy who spun his change. His hair had grown out a bit and he was wearing a hat. but he sat at the table spinning his change. It didn’t fall anymore just spun round in circles. He covered it with his hand and came to the counter. He gave me some change and pointed out one of the cookies. I gave him one and he sat down. Almost looking for a minute but eating it in two(minutes). His quarter spun and spun. Somebody walked in. their expression and movements suggested anger. The yell helped too. Hope this wasn’t a robbery.

It was a women and she walked to the boy. His change falling and clattering to a stop on the table. she took him by the wrist and he grabbed his change with the other. She dragged him out. the little boy frightened, shaking like my insides. What could I do. Nothing so I just watched. Janice had left ages ago. Apparently she has school or work. I didn’t know.

”What a pity, they got Mathew”
“Now who will go and look”
” why I think its your turn now.”
“Yes, I think it is.”
a stranger saw these two. They had beautiful eyes. That’s all he remembered.

((didn’t post yesterday...didn’t even post” imp sick go away” I guess it doesn’t matter it wastes space anyway this chapter is strange. and I really like it. Nothing much to say…uh… I finally got Photoshop from a friend(and my one and only reader) and I can successfully use the smudge tool. I’ve been making fire and things hairy all day.(Photoshop is hard) hmm that’s all for today. See you all one Monday…hmm couple more things actually: went to chapters and bout a billion books.including flight…, and eats, shoots and leaves. And when I finish reading the latter. my posts. might actually be readable. Toodaloo, goodnight, goodbye.

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ch.18- hitting the edge

((the snowbaoarding chapter....))

”ya suck!” we all yell form the ever going ski lift, as a poor skier falls on their face. We start laughing. While the other 3 people (6 people chair) whimper in fear. Their skis dangling below them.
“ So you didn’t buy the new board,” Jason sounded upset.
“Don’t have the cash eh” (eh….eh… Canadien…) Anthony raised the bar.
“last stop mates” he glided off and to the begging of our run. Deep breathe.
“Welcome back winter” I pushed him aside and I did up my miraculous bindings. They were Flow bindings( hehe for you non snowboarders: flow bindings are in which you don’t have to do it up all the time. You slip your foot in. click. And you’re set.))((I want…)) Anthony had click bindings as well while Jason struggled with his old ones.
”oh come on”
he got up
” lets go” I set off the top was just moguls so I caught of air. The speed that took me away past the fla and too the next steep part. I stopped and looked back. Anthony had just about started and I watched him jump off a bump. He sped up. Jason started s well but went around then straight down the hill. We met up
“ let’s go” we hit the slope, me being speed and air. Anthony being completely crazah catching everything speeding down the hill past me sometimes even. And Jason, he had the control. He can do anything if he really tried. His carve was the best of the 3 of us.
“that was awesome!” cried Jason we went back up again. The night was successful. For one or two runs we hooked up with some riders. The whole 7 of us going down at once. Plowing out the skiers and noobs. I sat down the hill and watched Anthony speeding down. He went over the edge and landed smoothly. That was the end of smoothness. He hit the next bump on his edge and went flying. He landed up the hill form me ,closer now. His hat and goggles a few meters back. I crawled up
“ that was completely and totally amazing” he mumbled
”yeah…” and crawled up for his hat and goggles.

Jason passed us going for the lift.
“see yas tony” I boarded off leaving him sitting there. I carved and hit the edge, controlled it and caught up to Jason boarding the lift.
” you want to jump?” jump...what did he mean
” off the lift there’s snow, and there’s a low part coming up” I looked at him. smiling. and lifted the bar.” after you” he looked a the upcoming pile. The lift stopped. Coincidences. I loved them. We jumped off . into the snow. We landed. Jason with a grunt. He let out a yell.” that was awesome. I looked up..a good 2 meters. (metric system.) we boarded down Jason looping around me. He was like a leaf dancing on water. He didn’t have to try. He just glided on the snow. He carved below me, so did I around him. Now I was playing his game. Anthony caught up to us after a few runs. We boarded together again.

“ last run” the tired liftie looked at us. "have fun guys” the last run. We stood at the top. We tried going boarding when the season was in session. Especially together. As the occasion formed hardly.
“see you at the bottom, don’t wipe out. Head for the parking lot.” Jason went off first. He was hitting jumps now. He was concentrating. I loved when he did this. It was amazing watching him. “how long has he snowboarded?”
“ I don’t know, never asked eh, Anthony” not pro nouncing the h…Antoni. He went off.

I rember my first day snowboarding. I was younger, much younger. They gave me a board form the rentals shop. I had a teacher. He taught us how to glide and put our bindings on. He made us go down the hill on our edge. a lot of times. Then we learned how to carve. Everybody got it. Except me. I came after the lesson was finished. And practiced I got it. I came to the next lesson, carving.

I went off. I hit everything. People always say” last run...don’t try so hard. your tired just relax.” I need to savor my till next time. I gaive it my all on my last run.

(not much to say today…still sick. But its okay. Hmm my friends shit got stolen today when she playing volleyball. Now im pissed. We all think we know who the crook is too. We cant do much. They didn’t even know each other.. I hope they catch that chick… redhanded. do something. Hmm i haven’t snowboarded in a while..i just want to go…soo badly. See ya tommorow.))

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


((this is hte winter. candace bought a small place in chases town. she got kicked out of her roomates apartment. she also dosnet party as much after being drugged.....(ugh..drug videos in shcool today) Bane...has nothing to say right now.

snowmen: getting a new snowoard this year?
beanchicka: i probably should....
chase could see her snowboard lying against hte wall of her bedroom. it was peeled and cut and had lasted for a long time bt this was its end.
snowmen:you better, you one is like a saftey hazard
beanchicka:anthonys on, add him?

thumtack was added to the conversation.

thumtack:hey guys
beanchicka: yo where did you go again?
thumtack: rember? thing.
snowmen: excuses excuses....
thumtack:not saying anything.
beanchicka: you going snowboarding with us when you get back?
thumtack: when i get home? no need to do thw write up.
snomen: come on! we havent gone together all season.
thumtack: fine.

i wasnt buying a new board. bnut telling him i wa, that was fun. i ouldnt afford it right now so i didnt . i drove to my mountain(which actaully isnt)board strapped onto the roof. anthony was singing in the back. and jason had taken his own car.
"To die unsung would really bring you down"
"woah htis is helmet....they are long gone. "
" helmet are the lords young lass."
"lords? to who? themselves..."
" plur babe, plur. "
"Die young is far too boring these days" and more singing in his long waly voice.
anthony, tlaking like osme raver. plur: peace love unity respect. sumting like that.
a car passed us, boards loaded on top . like fifty of them. anthony opened his window and yelled. one of those long ones"wooooooo" only to be replied by an equally long one. males.

"calm down. ha, watch them speed.htye zoomed ahead. "
"speed up! where going..slooooowwwww"
i heard the sirens..did htose guys just get hte day light...amazing. we watched all 4 windows roll down as we passd by. the guys in side whining.
" woah, that was..unlucky."
" meh it happens."
"damn all know evrything"
me and anthony talkes the rest of the wya. uhg drving up for son long , sucked. hated all htose poeple with kmountains in their backyards evrysince.

((ill write snowboarding tired and sick and have tons of work i hsould be doing. crappy posts all week. i should bnt be writing while im sick?? offense wiht the asian crack. most of my frineds are asian , and my only past time of being hte one white chikk in the group is to mkae fun of them as often as possible. helmet- lords? no not really. but htye arent bad.))((and nooooo editing...too much weird convos to ever do that...))
((Im convos...font next one...ugh))

ch 16- Dominoe effect

Why is it that people have no clue what destruction lies in their future. What they have done in the past is like a domino slowly catching up to them pulling life away at every step they take… and even when our paths cross and those two last black bricks set each other up. One of those days, they’ll fall. And by then the destruction builds up a furry of life and death released among those I used to love. and here I sit my box of toys. Dominoes lying where there used to be boys. And all because a simple wish to love another…..and…

she paused at ‘and’, she had made the thing up after her original piece, just an extra. But she couldn’t finish the sentence. People clapped and shouted, she sat down. This wasn’t some weird poetry reading, this was a retelling of life and death… holly and her crew where they’re at a small place nearby. Chase walked off the stage and sat back down.
” that was a good one chicka” people looked at her. they really did like it.
” Nah I thought it was kind of clichéd…you know…life death…”
“it don’t matter, you hear, cause were all in the same rat hole.” Emotions and words were tossed back and forth across there table. Holly rifled through her purse.
”found it!”she stumbled on to the stage half drunk. Her hair was down and was in loose dreads. her black attire looked more punk chick if you people chose to use labels.

with every word you weave your heart connects to mine and when the knot is tied closing up all loose ends we can live in harmony. You can read my mind and you dwell further in making yourself at home in my physci. And with the thoughts I find inside I mould a picture out of clay to find the thing you most desire. Surprised to see my clay face imprinted in your mind. The stitches are tightening. pulling our knot. Soon we shall mould, become one. And our thoughts will unite. Making something no clay can recreate. Don’t read my mind. It’s already yours.

Holly walked off stage and headed for the back. Chase went after her while the crowds cheered. I held her hair in the cramped stall.
” that was really good, it filled up the room” holly puked. She must have felt like shit, even if the rest of the world felt her vibes. Holly walked out of the washroom chase at her arm. ((Screw it no more mysterious crap…too much of that shit..)) holly walked back to the table, getting props form those sitting down.
“That was awesome.” the paper was crumpled in holly’s hand. She dropped in into her bag . I took it. It was like uncovering secret cave that hasn’t been walked upon for many years. I unravelled it. Just to see a taste of holly’s writing. Nothing was there. Not a single word. ((Mysterious crap? screw…holly just mad it up…so there..((actually I made it up so there))

((( ugh see my post about not typing?, well I really felt like it…uh this post is supposed to a long time ago. Holly and chase are writers and like to go to little readings.))((still sick and feel like shit…was being mean to people all day)))
((rename chapter 16- the biggest excuse to write angsty little poems in paragfrapph form" ..hmm thats better.....)))